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  1. Cool topic There are so many different sorts of intent to play with in movement and stretching. At the moment, I'm struggling with a bit of lower back stiffness, but trying to feel weight in my legs while stretching seems to help soften the back.
  2. Thanks @Kit_L Having my guard passed is basically being forced involuntarily into the modified plough. Previously, I enjoyed it, but now my body has lost the required mobility, and it's not much fun. Given your resemblance to John Danaher (or vice versa), I'm sure you know this. I couldn't find the comments you are talking about , so I'm not sure if that's user error at this end. I've got mastering the pancake though, so I can probably work through that and find a few favourite stretches as a start.
  3. 2 random additions 1) Lachlan Giles is a high level BJJ player and a physiotherapist, so he has some good material on the prerequisites for BJJ: 2) I've really struggled with a sore back at BJJ this year, particularly when getting stacked up in guard passes. In my case, its down to poor movement habits. Working from home, I get a lots less incidental movement and my back has tightened up. IMHO, no training makes up for shitty movement habits during the day.
  4. Hi All When I do the first pec stretch in ABSS-Prog-8 (arm stretched up wall at 45) I get quite intense pins and needles in the fingers by the end of the stretch, as well as a bit of neck tightness. Both subside when I come out of the stretch. I found this by searching the forums: ...and I've added a easy version of this as part of my daily practice. It feels like the pins and needles aren't doing any harm. Any tips on how to progress this, or any reason for me to be concerned? Thanks Dan
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