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  1. Thank you very much @Jim Pickles for the detailed answer! I went thtough all the points, but will come back at them later. The student in question was around 40, it was a small hump. I love the idea of going from the feet up, checking each joint. Do you incorporate exercices from Olivia's Slow Flow?
  2. Thank you for you input @Nathan! I often asled myself whether more mindfulness of posture would be enough. I remember the gait of a friend of mine, former dancer (she did classical dance in her chidhood), she kept carrying her head in the characteristic way of dancers, very elegant. Maybe this is was due to a teacher repeating for hours to keep her posture straight. I do not know for adults. Habits can be hard to break... Maybe talking with this student could help to find a solution in order to think of her posture more regularly.
  3. Hello ST community ! During my last workshop, one attendee asked me about a small bump she had at the bottom of the cervical spine. This is something that I already noticed for some people, but never got asked for. After chatting, @Kit_L suggested me to bring this topic on the forum 🙂 A quick search brought me to that thread from a couple of years ago: So, if I get it right, this hump could be eased by: flattening the thoracic spine strengthening the neck extensor stretching the hip flexors and the pec minor having better habits regarding the posture of the head (e.g. not hunching over the smartphone...) Have you already worked with people presenting this hump? Do you have other suggestions? Thanks!
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