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  1. Hi Kit/Olivia Please excuse the late reply. Thanks for the messages much appreciated. Yes, you are correct I did come back explaining why I can't. I do understand where you are coming from, it is just my belief about this system and i struggle to change it. I was after a very simple effective structured training. And that is all there is to it. I have failed too many things in the past with trial and error so simple structure does it for me (that is my current belief). That may change in the future who knows. One this is for certain, anything complex triggers over analysis fo
  2. I've just seen your response Kit. After I've just submitted mine. Thanks you so much for the information, now you making me feel bad! Let me get through this Gravity Yoga first. Jak x
  3. Hi Olivia/Oliviaa Apologies for offending you in any way shape or form. I assumed a forum is there to discuss things and one should not feel like they can't ask or respectfully question anything, or should not feel like they cannot express honesty, like I do now. I'm not interested in putting people down who have just been honest and there is certainly nothing wrong with my response regarding beginners. You deemed it 'sillly'. Its nothing but a genuine response Olivia. That is why I gave you examples of some things I can and cannot do. There are different levels to anything you
  4. Hi Adley Thank you for the message and kind words. Thanks for sharing your experience. Over 20 years in counseling is quite amazing! I agree with you with regards to men finding it difficult to accept themselves and especially be kind to themselves. I've struggled with it for years. I've sent you a personal message to thank you as you have taken considerable time to reply and share your experience. Thanks for the kind words, there's more than enough individuals trying to put ppl down, with a lack of any knowledge about what people go through, especially mentally. All the
  5. Adley Thanks for the insights. I can see ST has helped you massively. It is also clear that you have some challenges with how to use the system, which helps a little knowing I am not alone in feeling this way. If i can ask, how have you developed the mindset of 'relaxing' into a stretch? No matter how much I try focus on the breath, it is very difficult to relax into something that is uncomfortable. Perhaps I am not giving it enough time. Rather, just like you did previously I am forcing it. What is your current routine now then if you son't mind me asking? How may days a
  6. Hi all Kit - Thanks for the advice and information, I do appreciate it. I am sorry again, please understand I still PREFER something in concrete, something planned. What you are saying is that i need to create the plan, and that is great, the issue is the list is far too long - I feel i need to do all of them if not MOST. They are all 'difficult'. I have already mentioned earlier on regarding times and sets to hold stretches for - the lack of this, this does not help me. I am not willing to wing it and just mess around and guess. Please understand kit that this massively triggers my
  7. Hi Kit I'm gonna stick with what I said earlier regarding structure. To from A to B I believe I need a plan. I cannot just do these stretches just 'winging it'. With no objective I will not improve. I've had a go and you have so many variations it's just too complex for me regarding how to to plan all this out. Everybody is different Kit regarding how they think. There's just to many stretches to fit in each day knowing which ones to select is impossible. I wanted simplicity and structure and something achievable even with just 15 mins a day. I can feel that all of the exercise
  8. Hey Kit. Thanks for the messages. I understood what you meant in the previous message to be fair. However thank you Olivia for the input. Your last comment there does confirm what I thought you meant. Makes sense and nothing to hide here...spot on for those that want it change doesn't happen fast enough. That is me. I will come back to you shortly. Thanks all Jak
  9. Thanks Kit and jaja. I'm just gonna have to stop overthinking. It's not easy! So when you let go of any thoughts about the process, what does that exactly mean? I'm putting in effort so I can gain results (with GB). When you don't see results it's pretty tough to take. Honestly I don't know if it's me being impatient thinking I'm not being impatient, the program or a mixture of both! Thanks for the support guys
  10. Hi all Hope all is well during these funny times. Firstly apologies if this has been covered in this forum. This is my first post I was hoping I could grab some advice regarding routine with master the squat. I have read this following a few times: However I'm just not good at understand how to program it all with my current schedule. What I don't understand is to form a structure with this series. Im currently with gymnastics bodies stretch series and no matter how much hard effort I am putting in, I just can't seem to get better. I then emailed Kit and Olivia early this year
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