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  1. Hey you guys, In addition to doing a lot of the programs and slow flows here in stretch therapy at home, I also regular practice Vinyasa yoga. I've learned a lot from Kit and Liv about stretching the outer hamstrings and just wanted to share and talk about a pose that hits the outer hamstring very well, and that's Humble Warrior pose. I was practicing yoga yesterday when the teacher led us to this pose. Starting from a warrior I, you bind your hands at the base of the spine and bow towards the bent leg, and getting your shoulder on the inside of the knee to slightly push it out some. This creates an amazing stretch on the outer hammie. You don't necessarily have to have the hands bound behind the back (unless you want the shoulder opener), you can do without it and still get a good stretch. Just wanted to share that discovery, although it makes sense why it works since the knee is bent. It isn't much different from the lunge variation Kit shows where he wraps his arm around the bent leg while in a lunge position. The only real difference is that in humble warrior the back leg is in a standing lunge with the back foot at 45 degrees. Just something else for us to play with in our stretch therapy routine, I think humble warrior would be a great option to add a strength and balance aspect to the stretch while performing your basic contractions. Enjoy.
  2. Yeah I know, my quad/hip flexor muscles are still traumatized by the strengthening exercises he told me to do from it two days ago šŸ˜†
  3. I've been working on my front splits. I have been doing Liv's Front splits exercises videos and her slow flow program for hip flexors and piriformis. I haven't tested my splits out in awhile. I have some photos but I don't know where to upload them and I was told we couldn't upload videos or photos in the forum, but uploading a photo on my Vimeo page doesn't work, please let me know where I can share those photos. I've still got maybe a foot to go, but what are some techniques of going into your front splits? I will add that I've had some tears in my inner groin area or medial hamstring, that occurred high up in the groin last year. It only happened on my right side with when extending my left hip flexor and flexing my right hip to stretch the hamstring, and as I slid my right leg forward I felt a little pop. It took a long time to heal šŸ˜° and I haven't had this injury since but I want to be very cautious and make sure my technique is safe and correct when practicing my front splits, especially as I get closer. When you get closer to your splits, is passive stretching even effective anymore? Or is the more effective stretching going to be PNF and loaded stretching?
  4. Update: I did the outer hammie exercise last night and I had zero cramping even when I didn't wrap my arm around my leg, but when I did use my arm I made sure I was actually using it lol. And I felt my outer hamstrings stretching so much more this round, I think maybe the calf stretch exercise helped a lot with allowing me to get there, as I've always been very tight in my calves. I have a question, when I do the calf exercises (I do what Liv recommends, 3 sets of 30 pulses both sides), I never feel sore the next day, in fact I never experience DOMS after intense stretching for my calves and I have no idea why....I know I'm getting a deep stretch so it just doesn't make sense to me.
  5. Here's the link for my video. https://vimeo.com/377683884
  6. No, there's no reason that I need avoid soreness, but I wonder if the cramping causing soreness in my hip flexors and quads would just make me tight again in my hip flexors after spending all that time stretching my hip flexors and quads? Maybe it's not enough time to really be counter productive but perhaps I'll just do the hamstring exercises first and then the hip flexors and quad stretches lol. And I've said this 3 times now, but I'm going get that video today haha
  7. Ok so I didn't film last night but I did Olivias slow flow class for hip flexor and piriformus, and I did the bonus content on outer hammies, and I did see an improvement when I wrapped my arm around my hamstring and pulled myself closer to my thigh, making my belly touch my thigh. However, there was still my quad activating a little bit. But actually it feels more like a cramp than a quad activation. That's probably more accurate to what I'm experiencing than what I said before (my quads firing), because it is very uncomfortable like a cramp and I have to come out of the position for it to go away. I'll send a video tomorrow when I get home, maybe it is something in my alignment, but when I followed Olivias cues in the video, there was less cramping. how can I fix this? It starts cramping up right when I'm feeling an amazing stretch in my outer hammies šŸ¤£
  8. Thank you! I'll post another video soon on Vimeo and I'll leave the link in this forum for you once I do as instructed!
  9. Thank you, Liv wasn't holding her leg to her chest in the video so I was just mimicking what she was doing, although I've seen Kit do that in other videos before so I did try that, and it still felt like it my hip flexor was cramping, I don't know...my body doesn't always comply lol Maybe I wasn't holding it snug enough. Thank you!
  10. Let me know if I need to shoot a better video, hopefully you can see me ok and what Iā€™m doing
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