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  1. Here's the link for my video. https://vimeo.com/377683884
  2. No, there's no reason that I need avoid soreness, but I wonder if the cramping causing soreness in my hip flexors and quads would just make me tight again in my hip flexors after spending all that time stretching my hip flexors and quads? Maybe it's not enough time to really be counter productive but perhaps I'll just do the hamstring exercises first and then the hip flexors and quad stretches lol. And I've said this 3 times now, but I'm going get that video today haha
  3. Ok so I didn't film last night but I did Olivias slow flow class for hip flexor and piriformus, and I did the bonus content on outer hammies, and I did see an improvement when I wrapped my arm around my hamstring and pulled myself closer to my thigh, making my belly touch my thigh. However, there was still my quad activating a little bit. But actually it feels more like a cramp than a quad activation. That's probably more accurate to what I'm experiencing than what I said before (my quads firing), because it is very uncomfortable like a cramp and I have to come out of the position for it to go away. I'll send a video tomorrow when I get home, maybe it is something in my alignment, but when I followed Olivias cues in the video, there was less cramping. how can I fix this? It starts cramping up right when I'm feeling an amazing stretch in my outer hammies 🤣
  4. Thank you! I'll post another video soon on Vimeo and I'll leave the link in this forum for you once I do as instructed!
  5. Thank you, Liv wasn't holding her leg to her chest in the video so I was just mimicking what she was doing, although I've seen Kit do that in other videos before so I did try that, and it still felt like it my hip flexor was cramping, I don't know...my body doesn't always comply lol Maybe I wasn't holding it snug enough. Thank you!
  6. Let me know if I need to shoot a better video, hopefully you can see me ok and what I’m doing
  7. I’ll just recap my experience with the bent knee hamstring stretch. 1st thing was I was feeling the stretch at the back of the knee, the 2nd thing that was happening during the bent knee hamstring stretch; my hip flexor also began to fire up and contract while doing it, especially as I tried to keep my belly in contact with my thigh and stick my butt out. I don't know why it's contracting, at first I thought maybe it was because I did the hip flexor exercise prior to the hamstring exercise, and it started firing up because it went from a deep stretch and then directly into an agonistic position. But last night I did all 3 sets of the hamstring exercise first and then hip flexor exercise, and it still fired up. See video below for form check. Thank you FullSizeRender.mov
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