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  1. Got it! I will do that and see how it feels. Thanks a lot for the help, the program so far is feeling great specially the twists and side bends really hit my straight T-Spine.
  2. Thanks. I will keep working on the seated position and later return to the other. Just a double check when you say "open out the front leg's knee angle past 90º", you mean extending the leg moving the foot forward or keeping the foot in place just let the knee travel forward over the foot?
  3. Sure, the first one is the one where I feel the pain on the low back/glute on the leg extended back and I don't feel the stretch on the front of the thigh and hip flexor. The second is the other exercise that I mention from P1, on this one when I pull the leg back I really feel the stretch on the hip flexor without any pain.
  4. Maybe I'm also extending to much the back leg, the thing is that I don't feel the hip flexor stretching on this position so I keep letting the hips going forward. Can I replace this exercise with the one from P1 where we do the stretch seated and move the leg back? On that one I really feel the hip flexor and upper quad without any pain.
  5. Hi, I started the ABSS and on P2 during the lunge stretch for the hip flexor I felt some sharping pain on my left lower back, nothing crazy, it just went away soon as I moved a little bit. It's not the first time that I feel this on that position, always on the left side with the left leg extended back. Looking to the video I noticed that Olivia has the hips and pelvis aligned, in my case I noticed that my hip on the extended leg is a lot behind the hip with the leg on front and also the hip with the leg extended is also lower than the other. I'm missing some muscle activation or something?
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