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  1. This is the best way to reach Dan. https://www.instagram.com/mr_high_kick/?hl=en The martial arts planet link is old, and doesnt reflect his current programming so far in my experience.
  2. Its not similar to Van Zandt at all. The program is "over-hyped" . Joint Circle Warm up. Then Strengthening exercises. This is straight of of Tom Kurz Secrets of Stretching video (His second tape). 100-200 hamstring curls with ankle weights (he does it from standing, Kurz lying on a bench face down). 100-200 adductor flys with Ankle weight The above is done in one long set each. The alternative is to use machines with heavier weights 20-30 reps x 2 sets Then what he calls "Static active lifts". You basically lift your leg to the front while straight (from standing) and hold it for for prescribed time. Starting at 6 seconds for 3 sets. Each new day of practice you add a second of time, once you hit 10 secs start over at 6 seconds but with ankle weights. Then from the side, and from the rear. If you pay extra for his advanced program you do it with ankle weights... Protocol for his timings are "There are two tension-relax durations you can use. Both are equally effective, however the second one is more demanding: • Consciously tense your already stretched muscles for 5 seconds applying about 30-40% of maximal tension. Relax for about 3 seconds and increase the stretch. Tense the muscles again for 5 seconds, now with 50% - 60% of your maximal tension. Again, release the tension, wait for 3 seconds and try to increase the stretch. Repeat again, now with maximal tension held for 5 seconds. Then relax and increase the stretch. Now tense again with maximum power and hold the stretch for at least 12 – 15 seconds. Your set is now over. Change legs and repeat the set. Rest about 30 seconds. Repeat at least 2 times for each leg. • or this protocol -----Consciously tense your already stretched muscle and hold the tension for 10-12 seconds, applying 30% to 40% of maximal tension. Relax and increase the stretch. Repeat the 10-12 second tension two more times with 50% - 60% of your maximum and then one last time again with 100% of your maximum. Your set is now over. Change legs and repeat the set. Rest about 30 seconds. Repeat the at least two times for each leg." The stretches are off a table or bar. So single leg for the first 3 weeks. So front splits start from a front kick position on a table or bar, and do isometrics into it. side splits do it from a side kick position. This way you get to practice apply tension to only one side inititally, and you dont have to freak out trying to support all your weight on one area to begin with to reduce fear reactivity. The basic program doesnt have the Static active lifts. and goes for 4 weeks. First 3 weeks are as written above (minus static active lifts), last week is same protocols, but this time you assume front split position and side split position on the ground and repeat. you must do the program 4 days a week, they recommend mon, tues, thursday, friday. and simple relaxed static stretched for 15 mins every other day. Nothing to weird or strange in the basic edition of the book. Its like a cheap copy of Kurz Secrets of Stretching, but with timings and reps provided... Advanced version. (pay extra for it) Joint circles Strength Exercises Static Active lifts then same protocol of isometrics as above but only do the single leg isometrics work for 2 weeks, and in the 3rd week change and do splits off the ground. and that you should achieve the side splits in 3 weeks on advanced version 😅 4 times a week, static stretches everyday for 15 mins relaxed on off days. basically nothing for the upper body Advanced version then goes onto to say that your "wang" will grow and get 1-3 inches bigger from following this method etc...its kind of weird to have this in a stretching book.... Does the program work? I suppose it could have merit.. but side splits for guys who are +30cm away from the ground in 28 days on the basic version and 21 days for the advanced version I feel is very misleading, and basically impossible for those in that starting position. is it worth the money? I am going to say no. If you want to understand the program and the science buy Stretching Scientifcally by Tom Kurz instead. If you want cues and pointers and a bunch of stretches to apply stretching scientifically, then get Pavels Beyond Stretching seminar series... All the info for how to do the splits is available free online. All you are paying others for after doing your own research is reassurance of a method, or to blame someone if you fail to achieve your goals 😉. This dudes program is not like Dan Van Zandt's at all. Side note, I am following Dan's new program, and for those who may be interested, Dan is doing his PHD in BioPhysics specializing in flexibility ( he has a B in Kin and MS in Kinesiology). And he will be releasing a new book/program soon ( I am not sure when, I dont think it will be out before Christmas), the guy really knows his stuff. and only uses good form, emphasizes prerequisite strength protocols, before allowing you to actually progress onto doing splits training after a few months (how ever long it takes for you to meet his standards). he only recommends science back protocols. And doesnt like hyped up BS pseudo scientific methods. Dan's method is Make sure your body is healthy and capable of practice. Get strong. Use your strength training to enhance your flexibility. Then reinforce it with specific protocols for splits. ( I have not started this phase, but will in a month after I finish foundation phase) I have healed my injured groin (strained it really bad 18 months ago, just standing in 120 degree split was agony) Healed a hamstring strain at the origin from attempting Ballistic Stretching 2 years ago. All using Dan's method, no physio and other programs helped at all. Never felt better, legs are so strong, no joint pain. Science backed programming by a 3 time world champion who is finishing his PHD. Cheers Gray.
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