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  1. Hey @jaja, The workout log is very helpful. I read the whole log and the progress seems very inspiring to me. I have recently started working on my overpronated feet. I came to the conclusion this is a chain effect in respect to body posture. Your workout seems very promising. I'm looking forward to work on my posture too. Did you solved your Bruxism issue?
  2. Hey @Kit_L, I'm a little bit confused regarding anti pronation exercise. How to cheat my weight on the outside effectively? My concern is whenever I go up either I end up doing a simple calf raise or exaggerate it. I'm asking this to avoid any unnecessary mistakes. I saw the video (anti pronation exercise) many times but it seems impossible for me to understand the cheating part. I think my bunion has started. I see a bump on the base of the big toe on both feet. I want to know your suggestions.
  3. I walk not more than a mile each day, regularly. I have uploaded a slow-motion video. @Kit_L, Please check my form- I do that exercise 2 times a week, 2 sets of 6 reps with a rest of couple minutes in between. I have made a video on that too. It is a basic video, I recorded it with available resources. Do you see how my legs start shaking? Sure, I'll be specific from next time. I'm not a native English speaker either.
  4. Sure, I take it lightly. I walked barefeet on a medium pace on forefoot. I have been doing the anti-pronation exercise as well. Rather than I do habitual things. I had sharp pain in my left ankle while I was walking. I thought it will just go away but things went south. The pain is located at the medial aspect and at anterior part of lateral aspect of the ankle. It is consistent after taking afew walks. I doubt this. Please take a look at this again.
  5. Hey @Kit_L, I think my problem is pretty related to the title, so I thought there's no need to create a new thread. I have posted here. So, yesterday after walking barefoot, I felt a pain like pins on both outer and inner ankles of left foot(on which ankle pronates severely but weirdly thing is it has an arch). It was like stretching something. I have felt this before but it went away after happening once or twice. But this time it is pretty consistent. Starts After walking a bit. Improves with rest. At rest, no pain at all. Is it an overload pain? I'm 183lbs and 5'8". Can it be tendon overload? Some history, Can it be related to too much walking on balls of the foot? Actually I had a plantar wart in left foot(now removed) few days ago, which made me walk on balls of my foot most of the time to avoid pain(only on left foot). Sorry for rambling, I'm just trying to figure out where I went wrong. @Jim Pickles, do you have any experience with this?
  6. Hey @Nathan, I agree on your point. Contracting muscle against resistance will strengthen it. How is it applicable in case of external rotators of hip? I'm very confused. When hip is flexed, say while sitting, when we externally rotate to 90*, we stretch the external rotators but when we apply resistance and then externally rotate we are strengthening the same group which were being stretched, what is happening here?
  7. Hey @Nathan, You are correct. The same movement that stretch them will strengthen them. But I want to know why does this happens. Isn't this a contradiction? We have been stretching the muscles opposite of their function. But it gets opposite in case of external rotators of hips. What are those standard C-R exercises? Cheers -Ritik
  8. Yeah, I know about cat-walking. I never did it though. I used to do some crab-walks at Karate classes when I was young. And I know how difficult it is to maintain a balance while focusing on movement. So, I assume that it would be more advanced. I'll be waiting for the video.
  9. I'm not even able to do 5 reps without making my calf shake like hell. So, I will give it some time and focus more on quality reps and my form. No, I never do anything in pain. I never feel any pain while doing the single legged calf raises or while walking barefoot. I have knee pain when I wear slippers at home. I have been using a knee support which just takes away the pain. But when I don't wear those, my knee becomes super painful. I will share an image where I will walk very soon. The track I'm talking about is full of small stones. I don't get it. Is it like walking on forefoot i.e landing on the big toe and small toe simultaneously?
  10. What if I do isolated exercises for external rotation? Will they speed up the process? I prefer landing on midfoot say my big toe and pinky toe. I progress with 10% increment every week. How much average mileage would be preferable? Currently, my main concern is knee pain, sometimes it becomes very achy and very irritating. Can you help me with this? I know flat feet causes knee pain but some people develop severe flat feet and never experience any knee pain.
  11. Hey @Kit_L and all, I read the whole post and found it super informative. Especially, the first post. Definitely a gem! I had just two options : wear orthotics or get surgery which involves placing a screw in your foot preventing it from collapsing. I feel hope is our ultimate weapon. Now moving on, I want to ask some questions regarding barefoot walking. I have recently started barefoot walking on a concrete surface which is very rough and little bit uneven. Will that work? I avoid direct Heel contact. I do about a mile daily and also the excercise from the first post 2x a week.
  12. Hello everyone. Ah! Finally I found a forum where there is hope for flat feet. I saw the videos on the first page. I found the exercise quite difficult. @Anthony L 's answer was very helpful. Hey Kit, do you think hip abductors too have effect on foot pronation? I have weakness in hips also. Little tightness in hip flexor and erector spinae.
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