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  1. I love the phrase "forearm hygiene" 🤭 Interesting idea. I have to admit I'm a bit skeptical if you had your wrist bent upwards all day long like I see some people type that those exercises would be enough to ward off an injury, but perhaps you're right! P.S - While I don't do the wrist stretches very often, I do love the ST finger stretches. I've lost count the number of times people have asked me "am I okay" when I was doing them. I guess they must look a little odd or unfamiliar from another's point of view.
  2. Hi Markus, I'd like to push back a little bit on what you said. On the one hand, I agree that staying in one position for hours on end is unhelpful, regardless of position. On the other hand, if we presume that regular movement is a part of someone's daily activity while working, following that, I don't think it's the case that all workstations are equal. Some chairs are objectively worse than others. The way your wrist rests at a keyboard can be objectively bad. The sheer volume of people with various office RSI issues can attest to that. I would consider regular movement as table stakes. After that, the interesting conversation is about how to prevent or minimise harm with good ergonomic furniture and positioning.
  3. I have had an interest in this subject for a while as I tend to spend a lot of time at the desk too. After making a few of my own workstation hacks, I looked for something professionally made. A company called Levus (https://levus.co/) is making a unique recliner-like chair for working at your computer. I bought one in October and it is due to arrive late January. This is their first product and their first batch so ETA is a moving target. It is pricey, so for some that disqualifies it immediately (basic model is $2100 euro, incl. shipping). My view is that for preventing poor health a few grand is a great trade if you choose a time horizon longer than a few months to a year. I want it mainly because of how it lifts my legs to near level with my heart. I am 30 and have had a varicose vein surgery for one of my legs. I can tell that the last year at my normal workstation has worsened that leg again and it is a matter of time before surgery is needed again. My working assumption is that a workstation that reduces the amount of force required to pump blood up my leg to my heart is going to do wonders for varicose veins. Recliners I use seem to support the assumption. It also is probably pretty good for your back, and the hip angle is quite a bit better than a normal chair, so for those wanting to reduce that hip flexor tightness, this would make them marginally less tight! If anyone is interested, I can report back in when I receive it and give my thoughts.
  4. Hi Marty, In my experience, coffee make me more tense, less relaxed, and often worsens my sleep, dependent on both dosage taken and time of day consumed. As relaxation is helpful to stretching I have chosen to forego coffee most of the time. My view is similar to Nathan's. Self-experiment. Pay attention to whether you are tense/relaxed on the days you drink coffee versus the days you don't. If it is important to you, try keeping a log. I find this is useful for discerning more subtle patterns over time.
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