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  1. Hi All, Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I recently had a scan called an EOS, which functions a bit like a high-tech X-ray with much less radiation, and the advantage of allowing the patient to stand in a natural pose and have a whole body scan as opposed to just having one limb X-rayed in a lying position, etc. My Doctor sent me to get it due to a torn LCL and his concern over me being bow-legged (varus knee). But when I got the report, I noticed that it is very good at identifying precise leg length differences in both the femur and tibia. After reading Overcoming Neck and Back Pain, and how much this leg length difference is emphasized in the cause of back pain, I thought it might be interesting to post her, in case others were not aware of the availability of this scan. Cheers, Wei.
  2. Thank you both Kit and Nathan for your replies. I'll try and address all the questions and responses you have both given, in a fairly systematic method. 1. Adjustment to Advanced Piriformis: I think I have understood your instruction Nathan. I've attached two photos (update could not attach them, will try in a separate post). If you could confirm if I have understood correctly, would be greatly appreciated - Old way - this was how I used to do it - New way - based on your instructions, this is how I just tried it. The foot is almost floating in the air, instead of being outside ankle down on a mat. Like this, the lower leg and upper leg are both supported by the bolster (instead of old way which had just the upper leg supported by bolster). This feels much better, though not totally pain free. Note however that when I do it the new way and still try to do the compression where I sweep the foot like I am trying to pass the little toe through the floor, this still hurts as it is applying the same forces to the knee as before. The compression where I try to sit the butt/hip down on the bolster is fine, so maybe I should just stick to that one. 2. Strapping: I don't really know much about strapping, but I put the knee brace on it I used for Brazilian Ju Jitsu and this seems to help when combined with the new method as well. Can't believe I didn't somehow think of that myself. 3.Injury: Occurred when grappling, Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Long response following, please feel free to ignore, wasn't sure how much info to provide. Was trying to extract my leg from between someone else's (in a position called half guard where they hold their leg with yours). Knee took rotational/lateral force and there was a loud pop. The type of pop I have heard when I've heard other people's ACL tear in the past. Was pretty much painless and was walking around 5 minutes later, but the next day and for 3 days after was limping, then everything was fine when running, boxing, heavy squats, etc. My initial fear was that I had torn a knee ligament like ACL, MCL, LCL, but when I could do all these sports I figured it was ok. The one thing that gave me problems was sweeping my leg in a rotational direction, much like the movement that is required for advanced piriformis and particularly doing the compression trying to sweep the little toe through the ground. Unfortunately this movement is constantly required in BJJ, with the other guy/gal trying with 100% of their force to push back the other way. So there is no strength in that movement at all and it hurts. Saw an orthopedic surgeon here in China, and got an MRI and he said the knee joint itself is fine, but there are 3 partially torn ligaments in the tibiofibular joint, that bony knob at the side of the knee. I'm not a Dr, but based on the pain and limitations I have, I would tend to agree. Because I was late seeing a specialist, I continued to box for the first 8 weeks of the injury (after a 10 day rest at the start), but no BJJ because that hurt. After 8 weeks we did the MRI and the Dr proposed a full leg brace for the next 6 weeks. When I asked him if this would fix the problem he replied "Probably not, but might do." Maybe a mistake of mine to not listen, but I wasn't prepared to sit on the couch for 6 weeks doing nothing, for a "might do something, might not" solution, so I'm back to full activity, but the knee still bothers me a lot during Brazilian Ju Jitsu. 4. Recovery: I am doing nothing to rehabilitate .the injured knee, as the surgeon proposed nothing but 100% rest with the knee in a full leg brace. I consulted with a physio online in Australia and he said that for ligaments, there is no rehabilitation, just rest to heal it. At the end of the day, I have found it difficult to get the advice I have been looking for in China. I feel like the surgeon I have seen has difficulty communicating with me due to language and cultural differences. I will be back in Australia in August and I have made appointments to get a second opinion. The culture in China is not one where sports are important, and I feel like my Dr here does not understand that continuing sport is important to me. I am not so arrogant that I believe I am smarter or know better than Doctors, but I was also told by multiple surgeons that after 5 surgeries on my right hand after a surfing accident in 2010 I would never be able to box or do Brazilian Ju Jitsu. And I did both this week. So I also realize that surgeons are humans and can sometimes be wrong. Thanks again for the advice, it is really appreciated, and apologies if I have provided too much information Thanks, Wei.
  3. Dear all, I'm really enjoying the E1 Advanced Piriformis stretch in Master the pike. Unfortunately, I have torn ligaments in my superior tibiofibular joint (that little bony bump on the side of your knee), in my right knee, which means it is painful to do this stretch on my right side, as rotation or lateral movement in that knee is sore. As such, I am doing the advanced piriformis exercise on my left side, but on my right side I am doing E5A. Seated Piriformis from Master the Squat as this seems to be the only piriformis exercise I can tolerate, as I grab the knee/quad so there is no rotation/lateral force in the knee joint. I am wondering if I am opening myself up to left/right imbalances by doing this? Thanks!
  4. Hi Nathan, Good suggestion. There are a few people at my gym that I've seen stretching diligently, could always try to ask them. Thanks. Wei.
  5. Hey Michal, @morswin, I just joined these forums and since my most pressing aim is to be able to actually do a Granby roll (can't even roll over my shoulders and get my feet on the floor at the moment), I did a search and your post popped up and I found the replies to it very helpful. I also bought Master the Squat first, then Master the Pancake, but I literally bought Master the Pike 15 minutes ago and I discovered that E6. Modified Plough is basically inverted guard with the legs together instead of apart. I think I'm about 4 years too late to actually be able to help you, but I thought I would post anyway, for any other poor inflexible BJJ player, looking to improve flexibility to Granby roll or play inverted guard. If you're still working on this, I would buy Master the Pike, as I've got both the titles you have (Squat, Pancake) and Master the Pike seems the most relevant to BJJ to me actually.
  6. Just wondering if there were any other Stretch Therapy practitioners in Shanghai, China? As much of the material says, partner work is extremely beneficial, and I was sold from day 1, as I've found that with Brazilian Ju Jitsu, finding a dedicated partner, spending an hour session with them helping me half the time and me helping them half the time, is one of the most efficient ways of getting better. I was curious if there was anyone in Shanghai that would be interested in partner ST work. Of course I could probably ask someone at my current gym to push me here, sit weight on me there, now and then, but I think working out with someone dedicated to the methodology would be even more helpful. So just putting feelers out on if there is even anyone in Shanghai? I don't even know if anything would come of it, as my schedule is pretty busy right now and it might be hard to make a weekly commitment, as well as the fact that we would need to find a place to train. But just thought I'd put the question out there. Cheers, Wei.
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