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  1. I would like to share a few of my own sensations practising this Hip grinder and hope for some pointers to understand this exercise better I feel it ever so slightly in the calves, my left QL and a lot of glute activation with the tail tucks. I am wondering if I am missing something. What sensations or manifestations in particular should I been feeling/looking for if I am doing this exercise in good form?
  2. Interesting. I believe this is the key to the puzzle for my side splits. Came across this isometric splits protocol this week and will begin working on this. One question for people who have came here and done this. Is it absolutely necessary to go right into the end range of motion (where you will start feeling quite tight and sore and possibility pain from hell) and do the Isometric holds there?? Will this be as effective even if I shorten slightly from that end range of motion and do the contractions there? If strengthening the muscle is the goal, slowly building this up will work right? Many thanks!
  3. I am guilty of making the most strained face whenever I am doing a stretch or something remotely tough. Being conscious and smiling might be a solution. I wonder if staring into space might help. There are moments when I am on the bus or by the coffee shop, when I do find myself staring into space (rain drops or people watching). Fully conscious but in the 'zone'. Those moments feel utterly relaxing and nothing distracts me. I wonder if that's related to what you guys call conscious meditation. Might be something to look out for next session.
  4. Thanks. I had forgotten about the heel hook CR technique! My Hamstring flexibility in the standing pike is decent. In my mind, i am beginning to understand that hamstring flexibility with hips internally rotated (or neutral as in Pike) and externally rotated are subtly different, probably involving the adductors differently. I shall keep rolling between those two range and explore the tension. I think playing with the pelvic tilt in various poses, Flat Frog, Frog pose, Half pancake, cossack squat is starting to awaken those deep groin muscles very slowly. I must say they are in the dark recesses of the body and are very stubborn to release!
  5. Just a question about Nathan's point on internally/externally rotating the hips with the middle splits. Is there a form we should prioritise over the other? I understand from that link that with internally rotated hips (feet pointed forward), there will be lumbar extension, and with hips externally rotated (feet pointed upwards), L-spine will be in a more neutral position. I have been working with Dave's variation of the Side splits props variation from Master the Pancake. Really enjoying it. Now down to about 140 degrees. But when i try to externally rotate the hips (feet pointing upwards), I find myself having very limited external rotation. I can probably externally rotate one hip at a time gently and not both at the same time. Wonder if there is a specific exercise to work on that external rotation? Or is it a case of regressing and begin approaching it middle splits from the top down with an externally rotate hip.
  6. Ah yes, the Hamstrings limitation. I understand now. Thanks very much!
  7. Hi All. I am currently working through all the exercises from Master the Pancake. Quick question about the Lying Hip Circles. I find that whilst i activate my hip flexors and pull my feet towards my face lying down, at some point, beyond 90 degrees, my pelvis rounds and the hip lifts slightly off the floor. I suppose that is the natural aspect of the movement. Am i right to be saying that the cue to keep hips to the ground is to prevent overcompensation of the opposite hip lifting too much when drawing that circle with the feet and having that slight pelvis lift off the ground whilst actively getting the feet to my face is okay? Many thanks! Shihan
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