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  1. @Kit_L Thanks a lot Kit for all the info. I will follow the exercises that you have told me. I will keep track of the progress and update here in time. I have to find a gravel surface, there's a park nearby. Will have to try and see if there's some rough surface there.
  2. https://imgur.com/a/adoGnQ2 As you can see my big toe is spreading out. Do I need to do any exercise specifically for this? For the exercise/walking barefoot, can I increase the frequency to doing it almost everyday? @Kit_L
  3. Thanks @Kit_L for the detailed explanation. Regarding the orthotics, let me rephrase. Is it ok for me to wear those during office/work hours? Will that affect the healing process? Because, I tried to walk without it for one day, and it seemed to hurt a little more than when I wear it. Also I seem to have my toes starting to point outward. Would this help for that as well?
  4. Thanks for your reply Kit. English isn't my first language. Sorry. Let me explain. .I am unable to do single leg calf raise. (Using my left foot - where the flatfeet/ankle pronation is prominent). I am however able to do the calf raise using my right foot alone. I feel a "click" inside my left glute/bottom when I walk/stretch my left foot at times. Would it be ok if I walk using the 5 finger Vibram or something similar which has some sort of protection for my feet? Also, at the moment am using orthotics insoles for my shoes for support for my feet. (An orthopedic doctor suggested it.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfAJa0yNliM - I believe it's this one? Also, since I can't lift my body using my left leg up alone, what would you suggest? Thanks.
  5. Hi Kit, I went through this thread about flat feet and pronation and I have some questions. I would actually prefer exercises to do solo, rather than depend on someone. (As I am living solo.) I also checked if you have any branches in Japan. It does, but it's quite far from Tokyo (where I stay.) As for the thread, I saw the Practitioner Hip Flexor stretch and the solo Hip Flexor. However the one I will be able to do without a partner is the anti pronation exercise, as my knees hurt even when I bend for the other ones. Am 27M, currently in Japan. Weight is 81kgs, Height - 5'10" My Symptoms: 1) Was trying to do a single leg raise on my left side, and was unable to. Although I can do the right feet properly. 2) I feel a tick on my left glute/bottom (flatfeet/pronated leg) when I stretch/walk at times. 3) I have minor backpain, slight ankle pain and knee pain. (I can't squat without having knee pain - This could be because of gout - point below) 4) I have had high uric acid (Which I believe is the cause of the pain.) - Am going to see a doctor for this. I was told by Kit that it will take time for me to see improvement. My question here is how will I know whether what am doing is right for my body and within what time frame can I know that? If there's any exercise that you feel might help me out, please do let me know. I have searched online and I get TONS of results. I don't know which one I should try. I have been trying for almost a year now with varying exercises, with no good results. Would mean a lot if someone can help me out here as it's affecting my lifestyle a lot. Thanks.
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