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  1. In response to Kit The model I showed displays exactly what I think is happening to my body but less exaggerated my hips are about a quarter of an inch unleveled and my right foot rotates inward with the flat foot on the right side also and the right hip is the lower one. I also want to point out that when I was younger I used to play alot of soccer and I usually had really powerful kicks with my right leg compared to my left leg and also I would unconsciously tend to lead with my right leg when I walk, so maybe the right leg is alot stronger than left one and that's what's causing the hip drop. But thank you for the glute exercises I will try those
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Fernando and I have read thru this post and don't see anyone that has posted my particular problem so let me start. I have only one flat foot which is my right foot and my left foot has a decent Arch. But what also came with this imbalance is I have what is called a lateral pelvic tilt where the left side of my hip is higher than the right hip which has the flat foot. I have been doing the anti pronation exercise and it has helped made my right foot stronger but still no Arch as for my lateral pelvic tilt I have improved it greatly with streches I have done but I also understand that I may have this problem because of a glute imbalance so I am here asking for advice if any of you guys have come across this problem and also if you recommend any glute excercises that are effective and will help strengthen the weaker glute. Thank you for your time for reading this post.
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