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  1. My overpronation is mainly on my right foot. I think left side is alright. It has changed since doing the anti-pronation excercice. For some reason I was walking excessively on the outside of my feet even though my knee and leg were kind of collapsing toward the left side of my body (I think, because I was wearing insoles before changing to minimalist shoes). That is still happening and causing trouble especially in my lower back. (Mostly left side) and neck, also left side. Even though knee and hip pain are gone for the most part. Now I am walking mostly on the inside of my foot. So still pronating. Knee still collapsing toward the left side of my body. I have been doing several exercises. This one. Sort of making a fist with my foot repeatedly, which seems to strengthen more of the inside of my foot. Standing on one leg, and doing single leg squats. Also while carrying weight on the opposite side. Ocassionally I do several stretching excercises. Now, at the moment, none of these things seem to further improve the situation Are there any other exercises you would suggest? Should I go back to wearing insoles? Or should I simply give it more time? I am a bit worried, that I might cause further damage, by not wearing the orthotics. Cheers
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