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  1. Thanks to both of you. Happy New Year as well! Mind Hygiene...I like that. Cuts through all of the intellectualizing. I sat once since I read your post. Just 10 peaceful minutes on my cushion. What does that Yoda quote mean to you, @Kit_L? I like it, but I do wonder if I am missing something in its apparent profundity.
  2. Hi @Kit_L, just wanted to say thank you for your input. You (and others) have given me a lot to mull over. I appreciate you taking the time to give me such a thoughtful response. I have taken a break from meditation for now, because when I asked myself "why am I meditating?" or "what am I hoping to accomplish with meditation?" I came up blank or overwhelmed. I think I've complicated things quite a bit by reading as much about meditation as I have. That's not to say that the literature hasn't been edifying. It's just that, at this point, I think focus would be far more productive than "dabbling
  3. Thank you for your thoughts. Your last answer is interesting - does robustness disqualify specificity with respect to a meditation practice? And, given that you mentioned that you are primarily drawing from life experience, do you think this holds true in life? For example, would long distance running not be robust, since other forms of exercises would ultimately lower one's running potential (at the upper limits of ability)? It seems that, in order to pursue any single thing to an exceptional level requires sacrifices along the way. I just wonder if different styles of meditation also require
  4. In my last post, I mentioned that I'd applied successfully to serve at a Vipassana meditation retreat. The acceptance email I received, however, turned out to have been sent prematurely. The reason that my application was declined was because, since my own Vipassana meditation retreat in January, I had practiced various other forms of meditation. I'd gotten the impression in the past that Vipassana meditation centres are pretty strict, but I didn't realize that this strictness extended to one's practice away from the centre. As well, I have been looking for a meditation community in Victori
  5. I have signed up to be a server at a Vipassana 10 day meditation retreat beginning at the end of November! It's in Merritt, BC, about 360km from my home. I'm thinking of biking there!
  6. I have found a meditation centre in Victoria that is doing in-person sits! I'm not sure how jarring it'll be to step into a "curriculum" part way, but I'm sure there will be something I can learn, and it will be great to connect with some of the local meditating community. Recently, I have been finding inspiration in ballet rehearsal videos, and I've been able to activate new muscles and encourage greater relaxation through the plié movement. My shoulder continues to slowly heal (dear god it's slow), and, at the moment, my back is mildly tweaked. But it is all getting better, and, more
  7. Meditation I am currently reading Seeing That Frees, by Rob Burbea, a book recommended to me a while back by @Nathan. When I first heard of this book and read a bit about it, I found it intimidating; the concepts of both emptiness and dependent arising sound esoteric and abstract. However, that is proving to be anything but the case. The book is eminently practical from the first few pages, and I am frequently seeing myself reflected back at me in the myriad descriptions of dukkha and in the examples used to elaborate on them. Movement I recently completed a 3000 km bike trip around
  8. Long time no see, amigos! I am currently putting together an application package for a massage therapy program offered in my hometown. One of the requirements is a short essay that outlines why I would be a good fit for the program. The essay should include (according to their criteria): why I want to practice massage therapy what experience I have with massage therapy (this is vague, so I guess either as a student or as a masseur) what I have to offer the massage therapy program edit 1 - I have updated this essay to reflect suggestions that @Nathan provided me with
  9. Meditation Report Soon after completing my meditation retreat, I decided to go "back to basics" and build my concentration with exclusively breath work. I am slowly following along the guidance offered in Jonh Yate's (Culadasa's) The Mind Illuminated. This book contains a bewildering amount of information, and sometimes, the sheer detail of the instructions provided is overwhelming. However, the "interludes," where, instead of talking about the meditation technique specifically, the author examines different analytical models of mental processes, are fascinating, and, much to my surprise
  10. I just looked up Pelican pushups...wow! Gotta have some strong shoulders for those!
  11. Now I'm wondering, what is a bicep push-up exactly?
  12. Butt activation continues! The previous exercise circuit's effectiveness dropped a bit, so I started exploring different ways to activate my medial glutes. A new exercise I'm doing is a side lying leg lift, but slightly modified. Instead of having my legs in line with my body, I have my hips flexed at a 90 degree angle,about half-way into a fetal position. Then, with my ground contacting leg bent 90 degrees at the knee, I straighten my upper leg and perform the leg raise. Even in this exercise, I found it difficult to isolate my medial glutes. Many other muscles tried to compensate
  13. Hits during jogging? I also have some pretty stiff ankles, and they're probably one of the limiting factors in me not being able to bodyweight squat. Some of my friends in Korea are able to make a 30 degree angle between their lower leg and the ground...I often wonder what that kind of mobility would feel like. Still...outside of the BW squat, I rarely feel that my ankle ROM is actively harming me. I see you are wearing Vibrams...those are great for ankle strength, stability, and ROM improvement.
  14. The learning of my body continues. I have a hunch as to why my butt has been so resistant to relaxing. My gluteus medius muscles are quite weak. Weaker than I really knew. They've also been quite hard to isolate in both stretches and strengthening exercises, the TFL often taking the bulk of the work. So, I've been experimenting with different glute activation exercises, and I found a circuit that has over the past 4 days significantly improved my ability to activate my medial glutes and increase my active range of motion. There's still a lot of interference from the other lateral hip muscles,
  15. You are so hard on yourself! Embarrassing to whom? You're doing so many good things for your body. I think you can afford a bit of confidence. 🙂
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