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  1. It gets better...depending on if you go to the men's or women's page, you get custom gender-specific stock models to motivate you! And in the disclaimer...
  2. Also noticed this... I'm sure his personal clients would be glad to know that he's ripping them off...
  3. Who would want to work on mobility for only 8 minutes per day? It's much too enjoyable for that.
  4. What do you think in general of your experience as a therapist? I'm looking forward to the training and the work, but I don't know a lot about it aside from an introductory weekend course I took on relaxation therapy.
  5. Thank you for elaborating on your points. Are you a massage therapist? It sounds like you are, or at least you are working in a related field.
  6. Did you have to work up to the range of motion? I did some tests, and, with my knee completely locked out, I begin to feel a restriction in movement with my upper body at a 45 degree angle from horizontal.
  7. Wow...45kg single legged deadlifts? How were you holding on to the weight and maintaining balance? It must have been a barbell rather than a dumbbell, but I just can't imagine holding on to that much weight on a bar and not falling over!
  8. haha...what kind of weight is that? This feels like a really advanced exercise even without weight, but maybe that's just an indication of my own pattern of strength/flexibility.
  9. What do you do for a scalenes stretch?
  10. ...the Glute Rejuvenation Project continues... Along with many of the suggestions that @Kit_L provided above, I have also introduced single-legged deadlifts with near straight legs. This really effectively targets the medial glute for me, and I find that my medial glutes are totally fatigued after merely 4 or 5 reps! This doesn't occur, however, when my knees are bent.
  11. @Kit_L, this introductory version of the skater squat has had a profound effect on general tension in my hips, even after only a couple of days My gracilis is more willing to stretch out in single-leg side-split stretches. I am able to do a forward fold more easily than ever before with little to no strain in my lower back and little resistance from my hamstrings. Related to 2, my hip flexors feel more willing to get out of the way as I forward fold, and as a result my knees don't automatically externally rotate as I get deeper into the pose. I am able to more comfortably approach backbend oriented yoga poses (e.g. anivittasana). Piriformis stretches now feel like they more uniformly target the buttock region as opposed to just the medial glute area near the IT tendon. The posterior chain seems to be more in sync than ever before. I made a couple of changes about how I get into the pose: I lower myself with both legs on the ground. This helps me feel like I'm more aligned when I lift one foot off the ground. I sometimes use my arm to brace myself as the movement becomes more difficult. I'd like to eventually perform it as originally suggested, but at the moment, I feel like I need to build a bit more baseline stability and strength first. ~~ Additionally, the fish pose (reverse plank) has dramatically improved my sense of mobility in my shoulders. Quite shocking that the change was so rapid, considering how uncomfortable the pose felt initially. I'd like to get some progress pics up eventually, but this is all very encouraging. The butt You see Is the key For me
  12. Thanks, @Kit_L. I just gave this a quick go, and I gotta say, it's damn effective. Amazing how much of a workout can be had with no additional weight. Do you think there's anything to be gained to working with the upper range of motion (i.e. with the supporting leg locked or nearly locked and the upper body parallel with the floor)? I find that I have so little stability in this position. My hips starts shaking like crazy.
  13. Have recently been doing some work with the skater squat as performed in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAeU-4QDl1I I have found that this movement is most difficult for me to perform when my upper body approaches parallel with the ground. I am attempting to mimic the lady in black (~3 minutes) in this video, although I can't go as deep as her yet. Interestingly, as my leg straightens, I start to lose control and wobble all over the place, so I think, for me, it will be good to continue the range of motion until my leg is locked out rather than stopping just after my knee angle reaches 90 degrees. My range of motion is pretty tiny at the moment, but it feels like I'm really putting my ass through its paces. 🍑
  14. I know about the placebo effect, but I was having trouble reconciling it with how you had justified massage therapy's ineffectiveness, saying it didn't fare any better than a placebo. A placebo is, from my understanding, a treatment given that resembles the target treatment (e.g. a medicinal pill), yet is designed to be ineffective (e.g. a sugar pill). I couldn't imagine how, in this situation, a placebo would even be administered. This suggests to me that what determines the effectiveness of massage therapy is nearly all within the ability of the therapist to control. Of course, nothing can really be done about a skeptical patient, and if that is a significant factor in the therapy's success, then perhaps such a patient would be better off searching for a form of treatment less subjective, but it doesn't invalidate massage therapy as a form of treatment. Again, all this suggests that massage therapy can be effective. It seems to me that "scientifically verified" is an insufficient metric by which to assess the ways in which carefully administered massage therapy has helped countless numbers of people. Perhaps @Kit_L can weigh in here, since he practiced shiatsu for many years.
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