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  1. Yes, thanks for reminding me. I remember Kit or Olivia saying this in one of the mastery videos that the Calf or Quads respond well to longer contractions. I was just wondering about playing round with it, as I am starting to feeling a good level of comfort and relaxation with the stretches in part 3 of the ABSS series, especially the advanced piriformis, Lunge-hamstring. I was wondering whether you could use it as a way to progress a stretch or would it just be better to change the posture like what is mentioned above? I guess the point at which longer contractions and changes in posture stop being beneficial is when it is a bad pain (like a tingling pain or a numbness after you have finished the the session or the next day).
  2. Just curious about something. So I was doing ABS Prog-16 last night and when exploring the tight lines in the hip flexor stretch. The side that felt super tight when compared to the others was when my toes where pointing away from my midline. I was just wondering why (in terms of anatomy) does such a small shift in movement cause a large change in the feeling of tightness? Also why 5 s holds for contractions? Does anyone play around with the length? Is it worth increasing the length of the contractions as the stretch feels more comfortable or conversely focusing more on relaxing for a longer period of time?
  3. Are you doing the butchers block on your knees or feet. I have found messing around with both helps me massively. The max that I use on the butchers block is about 4kg. Also try a mini band instead of a barbell/stick or weight. I find the mini band to be the most brutal for some reason. Not tried it in a while.
  4. I am interested in trying some of his stuff out. I need to check his zero to barbell stuff or knee program. I am not confident about starting to do barbell quarts until I sought out my knee issues. It is just still bodyweight leg work for me at the minute. Although these posts are inspiring me to do some barbell squat after finishing the current phase of my training.
  5. I did this little routine today, as a bit of an exploration. Mainly changing different elements of a few traditional backbending exercises. My main goal is to improve my bridge, the tightness for me is definitely in the thoracic spine and lats, this is mainly where I feel the bridge and also in the abs. Warm Up Stick mobility followed with some mini band work. https://youtu.be/QzgaMjqDRo0 https://youtu.be/NefMiJ9q1DQ https://youtu.be/48SQ4_56y38 https://youtu.be/BSz7DRy2788 Camel variations Using a chair https://youtu.be/se672DyJp6I Using yoga blocks https://youtu.be/5vShGqfV4DE Full camel https://youtu.be/08-TtQN2Yd8 Bridge Variations Bridge rotaions https://youtu.be/TFuxRddVQQU Bridge Handstand stretch https://youtu.be/AIlQTzlt-w4 Feet elevated bridge https://youtu.be/_la67PBXABw Feet elevated Bridge with yoga block between legs https://youtu.be/ViW4QyNd-Jk Changing angle of wrist, first time that I have tried this. Hands elevated Bridge version 1 https://youtu.be/Kq_w0NqkZT0 Hands elevated Bridge version 2 https://youtu.be/QjQMEfG5yYk Hands elevated Bridge version 3 https://youtu.be/vdViGDKzsRU
  6. I try to mix up short routines in the morning, so I can find out where I am tight. To be honest since I have started practicing kicking that has really exposed where I am tight. I am trying to mix up a few different things to help with the side Kick, because it is probably a combo of lack flexibility, strength and balance.
  7. Hi all, I have been doing stretch therapy now approaching a year and I am glad that I have stuck with it. I have dipped in and out of a few things, but Kit's is definitely my preferred way of getting more mobile and flexible. I have also messed around with a lot of other things during the year. Kit recommends that you move/limber on rest days from stretching if you are sore, so I have came up with the goal for myself to limber every morning. My aim is just to move and explore my ranges of motion in the morning and not push myself. I first experimented with limbering using Kit's mastery programmes: Master the squat and pancake. I used master the pancake first, as I overestimated my flexibility and also did not realize quite my range of motion. Master the squat is the one that you ultimately want, as it is a great programme to use for limbering, plus it also has some great stretches to use after you have finished the absolute beginner programme. Master the squat is what I would recommend to help you get some good limbering movements in your morning routine, but I have also made a youtube playlist of some routines from youtube that I might use or have used a little bit. The CARs are just a fancy name for joint rotations or limbering, which are already included in a lot if the master videos. I think a lot of the videos that Olivia does seems to feature good joint rotations, particularly the shoulder routine. GMB have lots of free content and routines that could be used as a daily limbering (there paid content is also good as well, they have a beginner orientated flexibility programme) The old Ido Portal videos are generally quite good, but good luck finding anything new from Ido. Tom Merrick has lots of free little routines that are good. He went from being super inflexibility to flexibility as a youngish adult, so I respect his advice and were he is coming from. Thomas Kutz dynamic routine from stretching scientifically Vahvafitness has lots of free content, his video quality is good. I have only used one of his videos. I don't really agree with everything he says, especially in his emails when he is trying to sell something. I am using something called Stickmobility at the minute, which seems really gimmicky, but actually it feels really good. Bit overpriced, but I am really enjoying using it. There is a guy who runs a website called Elastic Steel and easyflexibility, who has a lot of stretching programmes (the ones that I am interested in our his kicking ones). The programmes seem quite expensive, but the guy seems to know his shit. I bought one side kicking routine that was on offer for £14.20. I had a go of it this morning and it seems like a good little dynamic routine for the morning. So my current plan and schedule for limbering + stretching is: Kit's ABSS programme, but selected days that focus on hamstrings, calves or abductors. Limbering with either side kick routine (as my side feels particular restricted) + messing around with stick mobility (spinal rotations, straddle positions and unique full body stretches that feel really good) So these are my current plans and I am just going for consistentcy, with the movement every morning. What is everyone else doing for limbering?
  8. I practice ABSS prog 20 that finishes off, so I tried 1, 2, 3 and 4. 3 and 4 were new to me and felt really good, I felt my hamstring engaged in both and also felt a massive release in my hamstring. The lunge hamstring + advanced piriformis are my favourite stretches at the moment, as both seem to just have the right level of intensity. I can feel a significant stretch in hips, gluteus and upper hamstring regions, but no so significant it is uncomfortable.
  9. I played around with some handbalancing today and bridge Rotations. I followed it up with the ABSS beginners stretching. The advanced piriformis gave me a great stretch and I felt a good release in the hips and glute.
  10. Last night, I had a late night at work. I managed to get home and stretch. I did day 12 of ABSS. I definitely felt tightness in my calves and a new sensation when I bent the knee in the wall Calf Stretch. My squat felt good when I came down, however I was rounding a little at the bottom. My knee has felt a bit dodgy recently (it has been locking out occasionally) it locked out at the end of the exercise which made it difficult to come up. The quad stretches felt relatively easier and I did not feel much of a stretch here, but that might be because of the quad work that I have been doing on my leg days (sissy squats and kneeling quad extensions).
  11. I did some capoeira practice on my own yesterday and just started playing around with some kicks and ground movements. I had to be extra careful due to limited space. I followed it up with half of Liv's slow mo flexibility class and man that was tough. I have been reexploring the absolute beginner classes this week especially the lessons with hamstring and hip stretches in.
  12. Just been to capoeira class again. I am humbled every time I go. I keep finding those tight lines in my legs and hips that are restricting me from further movement. My handstand has improved massively. Now I need to go home, relax and stretch.
  13. Made some good progress with the handstand yesterday. My shape still needs work, but the balance is feeling better.
  14. I had a go of the lunge hamstring and single leg dog pose yesterday and that definitely feels like I hit a tight line along the hamstring and calves. Plus the fact that I would much rather do horse stance than these other two poses, probably means that I need more work on both of these poses. I have been feeding more tightness there than the abductors. Horse stance and other middle splits exercises feel a lot nicer. I am probably not going deep enough in the isometric middle split for me to feel it just yet. I got over the fear of practing the isometric middle split in summer, I even managed to hold some weight while I was doing it. So based on the curent tightness, I think a front split/pike focus on my leg and capoeira days is probably what I will go for. On the other days mix it up with shoulder stick mobility and maybe the odd bridge here and there.
  15. Hi all So I am trying to improve my capoeira kicking technique along with moves like the cartwheel. I am committing to doing the Thomas Kutz Dynamic Warm Up to help improve my kicking. I might also use some the isometric Stretches including horse squat, as there seems to be a lot of straddley movements in capoeira. I am thinking of using some stretches from the pike, pancake and squat mastery program. Squat and pancake are probably the ones that I have spent most of the time with, whereas there is much more to explore on the pike program. So my question is, which stretches in your experience seem to help with kicking and have you ever implemented the dynamic stretching routine from Thomas Kutz? If so your experience would be good to know.
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