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  1. Thanks. I just saw your response now. I will be trying out your suggestions in the next few days.
  2. I keep trying to get this, but no success. In this exercise never feel a stretch in my ankle, instep or quadriceps.(And certainly not because I am flexible in these areas.) Instead, I feel it in my knees, but not it constructive way. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the clarity. I have been sitting with this problem for a very, very long time.
  4. I deliberately didn't use a towel so that you could see my form clearly. I think I understand now. The towel should only go between the front of my shoulder and the wall, and not the top of the arm or chest that is not touching the wall. Is that correct?
  5. Nathan, Thanks for the response. I am attaching a photograph because I think you are right, it is clearer. Now when looking at it myself, I see that I was not very sideways, but that is the best I can do.
  6. This stretch is tough for me. When Olivia suggests a small towel, I find myself asking if maybe I need a bath towel. Yes, a small towel brings my shoulder sort of to the wall but the area just below the shoulder is very far from the wall. I am somewhat round shouldered, so maybe that is why. I suspect this stretch is especially important for me and would like to make sure I am doing it correctly. Also, how frequently should I be doing it? Thanks, Rina
  7. Thanks Nathan. Until you explained to have something available the height of my legs, I wasn't sure how to substitute the chair. Maybe not as elegant as on the floor, but this worked for me. I think my back got a good stretch.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I do add more cushions for sitting. I just tried putting something soft under my ankles as you suggested ( firm pillow). It did allow for more movement, but not enough to feel a decent stretch in my back. The ankles were still taking center stage. Any other ideas? Thanks
  9. I'm moving through this series well enough, challenge and mindful. It is hard work, but doable. Until I got to program 16. I cannot cross my legs, and I don't mean meditation sitting. I never could, even as a kid. (Which was a long time ago.) More than anything, I feel my ankles complaining. This means, of course, that the warm-up was completely lost for me. I couldn't bend enough to feel my back. Any ideas? Thanks, Rina
  10. Thanks to Kit, Cherie, and Nathan for opening new windows of thought. Rina
  11. Thanks Nathan. You really clarified the idea of limbering for me in a way that I have not grasped before. I expect to go through the thread on relaxation vs ROM soon. Kit, you raised something which I have been thinking about the last few hours. (Have to admit I never expected that a stretching routine has such whole life implications.) Wanting things to be different can mean many things. It can be certainly refer to nonessentials, but it can also mean taking important action to make something happen. Sometimes in order to achieve that, one must stand against the flow i.e. resistance. This is not something I would want to "surrender." How can one integrate all of this?
  12. Thanks so much for the comprehensive reply. I feel like I learned so much from just a few sentences. I will do the relaxing first thing in the morning. Should the stretches be done every day? In my mind, that makes sense if each day we do different muscles and give others a rest. (But, I could be mistaken.) The problem is that I like ABSS and feel that starting from the ground up could be very good for me. I also get a lot out of the other programs that you have: squat, shoulders, whole body, slow flow etc. Then there is what I will call regular exercise aerobics, ,gym, etc. How does one organize it all effectively. (I hope I'm not asking too many questions.) A search for "embodied resistance" only came up with a sociological definition. Is there any place you can point me to understand this better. But the best of it all was your advice to" "slowly whittling this away, with a smile". "
  13. I have now tried the first of the relaxations. I loved it. But, if I thought I could move on to doing a stretch session afterwards - forget it. It took so much out of me that I need to take it slow for a little while. I've had this before from meditative/relaxing techniques. If anyone can shed light on this, I'd appreciate it.
  14. Thanks Kit and Cherie for responding. This is opening a whole new perspective for me. I have not tuned into the relaxation section. That is my next goal. I like the idea of starting my morning with that and some stretches. I can never seem to get that flexibility and suppleness. This might be a good direction.
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