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  1. This whole situation got me thinking how much I didn't know about my body, since I could easily pike down and touch the floor I thought that my hamstrings were super flexible and now just rotating the pelvis while doing a bent leg pike is like I never stretched my hamstrings. I am happy about this though
  2. You're the best Kit, I highly highly doubt anyone else could have helped me out with my body, my childhood has been way too sedentary since I was addicted to videogames(and guess how many hours a day I was sitting with a bad posture?:p). I will do everything you told me, and gonna be reading more on these forums,(it's a goldmine, I am wondering why there arent that many people writing in it). I am definitely gonna be reporting back in 2-3 months. thank you a lot again Kit, I hope one day I will be able to come to one of your workshops. (Come to Italy!!!) lol.
  3. That makes sense. I will stop doing those positions, thank you.
  4. Here it is. Another problem I have is that after seated forward bending my lower spine tends to hurt and feel compressed, if I put my hands in punch position and put them under my glutes and raise myself my lower back will crack and actually feel better. the same with plough pose but that is rather more painful after it. I have no idea what could be causing that, do you?
  5. I feel the sciatica mostly on the back of my glutes, I have been feeling it very often these days. My legs get the pins and needles sensation for the minimal things, for example just crossing my legs when I am sat on a chair, or just sitting cross legged on the floor, I can't hold those positions for more than 1 minute. letting the spine remain neutral didn't help. I am gonna look into scapular work. I will work much more on the piriformis, strangely I havent felt much from that stretch in the squat mastery program but gonna implement the stretches from other programs. Thank you a lot.
  6. Hey thank you for the fast reply. I started focusing on my anterior pelvic tilt and have felt it much more in the hamstrings all over the legs.. My hip flexors are tight.. Ever since doing the stretch in the squat program they have been feeling much better. From a lot of time my lumbar spine has been in a little bit of pain after I did seated forward bends, especially the pancake, as my abductors severely limit how wide my legs can be. Now the pain is little but still there, maybe the hip flexors? I am doing strenght work 2 times a week, along with qiqong everyday and hatha yoga, my strenght work is very similar to the recomended routine on reddit, as I made it with the book overcoming gravity 2. For my shoulders I do handstand work on the wall. Then doing pullups dips rows and pushups. I have injured my knee by going too fast on pistol squats but now it's getting better. I have never been assessed by any physiotherapist, and those little times I did it was useless. I forgot to mention that I suffer from sciatica pain, in both sides, altough my left side is definitely more annoying than the right side, stretching triggered it much more.
  7. Thank you for the reply Danny, when I do the side splits I mostly feel the abductors(the ones at the sides of the hips). I have bought all the mastery series and read posts about stretching by Kit. My shoulder dislocates by will, like in this video It has never been a problem and never was uncomfortable but recently my shoulders the upper part that is connected to the neck hurts often, and when I roll my shoulders they do very cracky sounds and hurt a little bit.
  8. Here is a picture of my pike. I want to note another problem I have, it is abductor tightness, it tends to be very tight and when trying to do a middle split it is the only muscle that wont make me go further.
  9. Since I was a kid I could dislocate my shoulder very easily without any pain, they dislocate even just if I get in a certain position when sleeping. Now I'm 17, when I do circles with them they make cracks, just doing the shoulder dislocates exercise makes them crack to and dislocate(not the nice stretch). How to fix this?
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