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  1. Thank you Pogo 🙏, that was really interesting to hear a breakdown on some of what was said in those articles👍
  2. Has anyone on here read a book by Dr Phil Maffetone called "Health and Fitness" https://www.amazon.co.uk/Big-Book-Health-Fitness-Prevention/dp/1616083794/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Phil+Maffetone&qid=1586183137&s=books&sr=1-2 I've been reading it recently and was surprised to read his views on stretching. He's not in favour of it at all. He has a couple of blog posts with his thoughts on it: https://philmaffetone.com/dangers-of-stretching/ https://philmaffetone.com/gait/ I think his opinion is more about stretching related to running, but wondered whether anyone knows more about this? The following article has more on this; again, with regards to running: https://www.bikyle.com/Stretching.htm
  3. Thank you again Craig. I actually have the Master Shoulder Flexibility course but had forgotten that I had it! I'll start doing the exercises in that course regularly
  4. Thank you Craig. Is there an alternative to the partner pec minor stretch to get similar results? as I don't have anyone to do that with.
  5. I've been told that my shoulders tend to be hunched forward a little and that I need to try to work on them to loosen them up. If I were to do exercises such as the stick series for the rotator cuff (external and internal rotation) how often should they be done? Daily or less frequently? Are there any other exercises I should do to rectify this?
  6. Thank you Craig, I've taken a look at those videos and will give those a go and will also aim to be more aware of whether my elbows are tucked in when doing press-ups.
  7. I occasionally get fleeting pains in my shoulders, especially my right shoulder. I have had this in the past and there seems to be a correlation with when I have been doing regular press-ups, which I have been doing recently. I've also been doing more pull-ups. What stretches should I be doing more of to counter-balance this?
  8. Yep, I was guilty of trying to progress too quickly which is what brought on the issues I encountered last weekend. So a good lesson learnt!
  9. Pogo, there was a reply just now from the guy that trains the instructors. Here it is:
  10. here is the above link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Clip-Air-Clipair-dilators-congestion/dp/B00TQXHAXW?fbclid=IwAR3ggP6RIAhOSovZWNnUhF39Kd8WA11x1RP07O9qozuY6S73qzQ2Ql62aPA
  11. Pogo, here are a couple of replies from OA instructors.
  12. If you're on Facebook you might want to join the Oxygen Advantage group. The group is mostly for instructors of OA but also includes some people that have read the book, taken courses etc. I'll ask the question on there that you stated about not being able to draw air through the passage due to it being air-tight. I will be taking the instructors course in August and already know a few of the instructors. My BOLT score is over 40.
  13. On Sunday night/Monday morning I ended up in A&E with severe pains on the left side of my ribs and shoulder blade but had no idea what had caused it! A little explanation as to some events that preceded it. On Thursday night I played an hour of 5-a-side football after not having played football for about 4 years or so. I'm 55 years old and every other day I run 5k and the days in between I do a 30-minute walk. I also do various stretches from the ST programmes a few times a week, including the Daily 6 quite often (although not daily). I expected to have some serious aches the following day but was surprised to find I felt ok, with only very slight aches. After I got home from the football on Thursday I had gone for a 30-minute walk to warm down, taken a shower and then had a 20-minute meditation session so wondered whether those things had lessened the aches. 2 years ago I read a book called The Oxygen Advantage and over the past week I've been listening to the audiobook of that book. It gives suggestions on a number of ways you can improve your health, fitness and running times amongst other things, mostly by using various breath-holding techniques, including techniques that allow you to replicate high altitude training by using breath-holds. (I Know Kit and Olivia both did an Oxygen Advantage workshop a while back). On Saturday I went for a 30-minute walk and decided to do some of the advanced breath-holding techniques as I walked (up to now I've only really done them while sitting at home), and did them to the point where there was as is described in the book as a strong hunger for breath; as long as you're able to breathe easily again within a couple of breaths you haven't over-exerted yourself, and repeated these around 6 times during the walk, but never at any point did i feel that I'd done too much and again felt fine at the end of the walk. An hour or so after I got home I started feeling pain around my lower ribs on my left side. By the evening the pain had increased and on Sunday was quite uncomfortable and had spread to my left shoulder blade. By Sunday night it was very uncomfortable and I decided to go to the doctor when I woke up the next morning, but I awoke at 3am in agony and called 111 (which is the UK stepdown from an emergency call) and after describing the symptoms they sent out an ambulance and soon I was in A&E having blood tests, chest x-ray and ECG and other tests. When the results came back and a doctor explained them to me she said that the results of the x-ray and blood were all fine and showed no signs of any problems and the only thing they could it put it down to was a muscular injury from the football from not having played for a few years... although I hadn't mentioned to them about the breath-holds as I hadn't connected them at that point, plus I really didn't fancy explaining to the doctors why I was doing breath-holds! By Monday night I was feeling a lot better and much better still yesterday and was surprised at how fast I'd recovered and the only sign of anything was that I still had a pain in my left ribs if I took a very deep breath. This morning I went to see a friend who is an osteopath and he examined me and couldn't find any signs of any muscular injuries or any abnormalities anywhere, and after a while he mentioned that the area around my spleen didn't seem quite right and it was at that point I remembered that in The Oxygen Advantage one of the results of the breath-holds is that it contracts the spleen and when I told him about the breath-holds I'd done during the walk on Saturday it then made sense to him. It helped that he had also read the Oxygen Advantage book and so was familiar with the concepts. He then advised to simply take things easy for the next 2 weeks before returning to the breath-holds and/or football and to slowly build up to the advanced breath-holds while walking or running. So the reason for writing this very long post is 1. to see whether anyone has ever come across anyone causing themselves an injury to their spleen? and 2. just as information for those interested in areas such as breathing techniques
  14. I've seen mentions that it's good to hang where possible from bars, trees etc. At home I have a pullup bar that fits onto a door frame and so often hang from that a few times a day. Because of the height of it, it means that my knees are bent and feet touching the floor behind me. Is there a way of using this that will give me the most benefit? Such as not letting feet touch the floor, or having legs in front of me etc?
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