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  1. Thanks for your comments Kit. I guess they are what you were wearing at a workshop I attended last year... I like that they don't look like exercise pants, and I'm sure my dad will too. I've already ordered some for him. No black or charcoal in stock, so "coffee bean" it is..
  2. thanks Craig, the Prana ones look nice. I'll order my dad a pair of them. Nathan and Pogo, thanks for your input. Tracky dacks won't cut it with my dad. His legs are really skinny so he doesnt wear shorts out either. And i would not even suggest that he wear tights or "active wear". thanks for quick replies gentlemen. cheers
  3. Hi all, seeking advice on brands of men's long trousers that are suitable for wearing to a stretch class. I have a couple of men in their 70's attending (one is my dad). Last week my dad showed up in jeans.. If we do a stretch at his house, he is comfortable wearing shorts or trackpants, but when he goes out he likes to look dressed to "go out". I've googled the hiking stores but am bamboozled by the great variety of clothes available. Do you guys have a preferred brand?
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