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  1. Hello everyone. So 2 days before i did 3 sets of cuban rotations with 2x 2kg dumblls for 10 reps (a little bit of pain on the bottom part when internally rotating - ive just incorporated them for the past 2 weeks. 2 sets of 5x chinups to warm up, 5 sets of archer singles, 2 sets of 2x 1 finger assisted chin ups and stupid me later in the evening, got curious as to how much i can do a weighed pull-up with so i did a chin-up with 22kg added, no warm-up just the middle of the night (i weigh 72). the initial lift was pretty easy, getting full elbow flexion was the hard part but i'm assuming that doesn't stress the shoulder as the bottom part. Anyways i went to sleep 2nd day felt completely fine and only did some leg flexibility, 3 sets of jeffersons and some pike compression. I went to sleep and i usually sleep on my stomach with my hands in a half swastika position like so https://imgur.com/a/MNXKP2e . I'm going to describe the best i can what changed. The hand pointing upwards if i were to flip vertically, is usually a bit internally rotated and completely rests on the bed like this https://imgur.com/a/SmPtn2C . Now what changed is - i slept turned to the other side, and i noticed when i woke up that the hand pointing up if i were to be flipped vertically, was a bit more externally rotated and there was a space between the two resting points of my arm ( the elbow and the chest). With a little bit of imagination i hope you can see what i mean here https://imgur.com/a/LjCpbml . It's from the bottom of the bed horizontally. So i woke up, noticed those things and found out that my shoulder is in very much pain (around the infraspinatus, teres minor area). Push-ups are very painful and making wide circles with my hand hurt in the behind my body part. Lifting hand straight up hurts a little bit. Bicep tendon is fine. Scapula is mobile and strong. Oh and if it has any correlation, i just got back into planche training and have had severe DOMS in my serratus anterior for the past 4 days. Any idea what this might be? Thanks in advance!
  2. I've been trying to do @Emmet Louis's latest piriformis stretch from youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WC1k2l5Sfw and it feels great on my right leg however i can't get my right leg behind when i do it on my left. I asked Emmet if it could be hip flexor he said it most probably was, i stretched the flexors and no improvement. After searching on his AMA on reddit a guy asked a similar question and Emmet said he should do reverse clam shells. Now from what i understand this is internal rotation and when i tried IR exercises i did seated figure 4 L7 from squat mastery and i always felt the stretch strongly deep in the inside of my hip capsule, like it's the femur being forced, if that makes any sense. When i do the reverse clam shell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNb1YLHKvYI i feel it in my piriformis. Questions: 1. Am i doing one of them wrong? 2. If not should i do both of them? 3. Emmet said in the piriformis video regarding the 1st stretch that when we're dealing with connective tissue and joint capsule we need to sit in that stretch for longer 90s-180s. Is that the case with either the seated figure 4 or the clam shell? 4. A bit offtopic but I've noticed a SEVERE imbalance in piriformis and hamstring, both being considerably shorter and weaker on my left and if this is the case, a big difference in IR, my left beating the right in this case. Should i simply ignore the one that's superior until i get them equal? I know Kit suggests doing one more set for the bad one but if i were to quantify, the ratio is far more than one more set of stretching behind for my bad side.
  3. Hey, a friend of mine that's a girl has this problem. where vertebrae get stuck together after she's doing some basic forward rolls on a soft mat. Doctor said he has no idea why it happens and that she should stop doing them. She would like to continue doing them. Anyone knows what might cause it? She's 18 and normal weight, no special fitness level. If it's of any relevance, her hamstrings and adductors are quite tight compared to your average girl. She's got poor pike, pancake and side split flexibility.
  4. Hello again. A little story first. I've been having this debate with two zelots from my Krav Maga dojo - good guys - but sometimes i feel as though they can't think for themselves. You see we have the grandmaster, 65 years old, one of the first apprentices of the creator of KM and he as well is pretty fanatic about his master. This is why in 40 years of doing this, he never changed anything, even though i'm sure he could see room for improvement and the warm-up that we do is very outdated. We do static stretching for the hamstrings, leg in front and pancake (70% of the people are 110 degree angle at the hips) 30 push-ups which people on average can't really do 1 correct and 50 sit-ups every time. Needless to say the lack of back work creates severe imbalances and 30 push-ups is a gargantuan number as a warm-up if done correctly for most people. But i digress! Anyways this guy told them how in his youth, when he was also teaching in the army and in whatever schools and also training for himself, he'd rack up 20 hours of training a day and 4 hours a sleep. His wife confirmed, saying he barely saw the children before the age of 5. Now i'm not sure what he counted as training, since there are some wrist locks, some knife defense, defense against being threatened with a gun from close range etc. which don't require that much energy. I told them it's pointless to train kicking/punching/jumping/rolling on the floor for that many hours and that it will actually make you slower after your fast twitch muscles get tired and the slow start being used. They disagreed and one of them told me how using the same idea, he got the following skill, by training 2 hours a day daily on top of his training at the dojo and how even that was too little! So the exercise is from the japanese seiza position, you jump into a front kick, landing on one leg and holding the other extended. Also worth mentioning we kick with the ball of the foot like this Okay so i told them you can get it training 3 hours a week in like a month given that we already have some conditioning, we can jump from seiza and land on 2 legs. The 3rd guy in the party, who can't do it, will be the guinea pig. Any ideas how to train it the most efficient with sets and reps?
  5. Yeah, i'm already doing those. I wish there was something similar for the long head of the bicep. It's probably given me more trouble than anything else. I'll take your advice and do singles + some weighed pull-ups adding weight every 2nd workout. I'd go for the easier route but my dad told me it's impossible to gain any real strength/muscle mass without going to the gym and lifting so i have it in my head to prove him wrong.
  6. Well i can do advanced tuck front lever perfect form for 7 seconds and tuck planche for 15s for a couple of sets, so i'm not all that worried about conditioning (it's been close to 2 years of experimenting and failing and i started with big fat legs and a teenage girl upper body). It's just that i don't want to train weighed pull-ups because a) boring and b) i heard that people that can do OAP can do ~62% added bodyweight on their pull-ups but the reverse is not applicable and even more than that, the people doing weighed pull-ups will have to spend considerable time to get their one arm as well. So i want to train in the correct movement pattern from the beginning :). Regarding pulling movements, i can do 5x5 chin-ups, pretty comfortable with 12kg added (i'm 1.83cm, 72kg). I didn't test out my max since i trained only front lever the past 6 months, only recently i realized that my elbows were not that strong in bent arm and my biceps was not really growing from planche, so i jumped back into pull-ups. I never go past 5x5 in anything since the initial purpose was strength for K.O. punching. It's not easy trying to do gymnastics and calisthenics at home with just the internet as a resource A LOT of trial and error. And after every error, a lot of time trying to fix tendonitis. It's really hard to program when you don't know the weight difference that's pulled/pushed, between different levers in static movements or in this case changing from 2 arm to assisted one arm. Btw, thanks to you Nathan and the tendonitis page on reddit, i finally got rid of my elbow tendonitis in tricep extensions. On top of the negatives, i followed that guy, ex GB, Joshua Natterman's advice on hydrolyzed collagen 20g with vit c 1h before workout and since then, even if i felt my elbows being sore, it never quite flared up to a full tendonitis. It's either that or i just got stronger. Anyways, thanks a lot guys! Much love!
  7. Hello, i hope nobody minds me asking this here, as It seems people here are knowledgeable in all manners of strength and flexibility. I'm trying to get to a 5x2 or a 3x3, something like that, of archer pull ups, however i'm having difficulty with progressing. I can do about 4 sets of 10 seconds archer negatives or i can do singles of archer pull ups but only for about 4 sets, maybe 5. How should i go about training it? Negatives give me serious DOMS and sometimes a little bit of rotator/long head tendonitis. Is there a difference between 3 reps of 3 second negatives and 1 rep of 10s? If i do singles archer, how many sets should i go for?
  8. Thanks! Love you Kit! ❤️ Erm in case you read this, when you mean form as described, you mean balancing off my leg like an office bird and not hinging excessively at the hip, right?
  9. Hey i saw an older post from Craig i think where he suggested doing single led deadlifts with locked knee for 30-45 days straight and push through soreness. Well i started doing that and it's so far the only thing that got my hamstrings going and i've been trying every single method ever. The problem is, 3 weeks in, i've sort of reached a plateau. I noticed my jefferson curl got considerably better, but whatever i do i can't seem to go past 100-90ish degree with a slight arch in my back. So this is my dilemma - Every time i do the deadlifts, i simply go like this thing Meaning my leg stays straight and i balance off of it and the point where i feel the stretch is behind my knee. However, if i were to hinge on that leg's hip to the max, i can go down a lot less, but it's with a clearly arched back and feel the stretch in the upper part of my hamstrings bellow the glutes. I have extremely bad balance in that way and can only do it if i touch a wall. Which is the correct way to do them?
  10. I've been doing some of the rehab and it worked wonders. What's really weird is that i injured one elbow from hanging with one hand in the top of the pull-up position and that got better by doing overhead tricep negatives. Also really slow ring push ups on the knees seemed to be very effective.
  11. Alright, i'll just have to find a low enough bar and i'm off :) Thanks for all the advice!
  12. Hey Nathan, thanks for the advice. I already do the tuck version of skin the cat as a warm-up and have decent shoulder flexibility. Since russian push ups are easy for you, what would you say are some benchmarks in pushing strength that i should aim for? The reason i want to do them is cause they're at the very bottom of the super slow muscle-up at a bar progression and that's the coolest thing ever invented by man! Thanks again! That article you just linked should be on tv commercials for the whole world. It would bankrupt drug stores.
  13. Hello, i'm at a loss here. Tried to get russian push-ups for over a year now and recently tuck front lever pull ups and i'm pretty much where i started because of tendonitis. I tried tricep extension push ups on my knees as a progression but those gave me tendonitis as well and they feel very funny in my elbow. I can hold 15 sec tuck planche with fully locked arms and protracted scapula and 13 sec tuck front lever with straight back and straight arms if that has any relevance and can do 10-15 dips 10-15 pull-ups but i mostly trained straight arm stuff for the past 6 months. I have two questions: 1. Do pull-ups and push-ups strengthen the forearm in the same way as do lever pulls and triceps extensions? Cause then i can just go progression towards one arm pull-up and push-up and expect good results at the end of it, but i'm afraid it's the wrong route. 2. Is there any way to avoid tendonitis like this? It never gives me any signs, the lever pull ups were pain free and after a couple of days i start to feel a slight discomfort near the elbow and by that time it's already too late. Whatever i do, even if i take a break, the dull pain slowly turns into tendonitis over the next few days that lasts ~1 month. I always stretch my forearms before working out and warm up properly. btw this is the russian push up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4Vpme2Oi74 and this is the triceps extension https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYgVTinbx_A
  14. Thanks for sharing! No limbering at all. The problem is that i am so tight in my piriformis and my hamstrings that tailor pose, pancake and pike are all >90 degree angle so i have no idea what limbering would even mean if i barely hit 90 with heavy contractions. My whole plan is to get palms to floor pike and a decent angle in the pancake so i can start doing ballistic stretching for 500 reps a day, then i won't care anymore but i've been trying to get palms to the floor for a year now... I've noticed on you instagram you do nordic curls. Just to get an idea, after 2 weeks of training them, i could do 2 full nordic curls with arrow straight body. I never trained hamstrings in my life before, i just played dota 8 hours a day for the past 7 years, so it must be some stupid genes. I'm 6 ft 1
  15. Good point about stretching for 6 hours but it's veeeeery light stretching and i can't realistically counterbalance that by staying in the opposite position for 6 hours, i've got strength to gain, skills to improve and food to eat. And i see what you mean that doing little is better than doing nothing, but ever since i started doing loaded stretching (and it has been some time now), i'm stiff like a plank 5 days later only to gain little by little after the soreness goes away. It happens without exception, super stiff, super sore and for my hamstrings i dont even use weight and still get massive soreness. So if those little gains don't even happen anymore if i sit on my ass while recovering... total tragedy.
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