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  1. Hi there, Recently purchased MSF with the aim of working through it as I believe I have some shoulder issues. I started H1 (and swimming for cardio) a month ago and am only on the tripod (progressive very slowly, exercising caution) and over the last 4 to 6 weeks had noticed discomfort and what could be described as 'tightness' in my left armpit. Also noticed some discormfortnin my upper arm area where it attaches to the shoulder. Have noticed it during straight arm movements such as carryling the shopping and driving, on the mouse at work. Have started seeing a physio and these are my observations so far: - Left pec switches on quite a bit during movements (sitting external rotation of arm with elbow resting on leg as an example) almost like it is trying to take some of the work. In certain positions (as in the example above) when it is switched on the is discomfort reproduced under the front armpit area. Another example is lying incline bicep curls starting from vertical curling up, discomfort can be reproduced under the armpit when performing this. If the arm is banded around the shoulder to pull it back the discomfort seems to be significantly decreased. - Retracting shoulders in the mirror and looking front on I notice my left shoulder gets lifted up significantly higher than my right shoulder almost like the traps are pulling it up and back. -Discomfort in the armpit area as well as a 'clash' is experienced if I attempt scapular shrugs standing with arms extended out in free space in front of me and focus on drawing shoulders back. As above notice traps in left shoulder trying to do the work to pull the shoulder back which has a net result of pulling the shoulder back it also up. My posture isn't great, both shoulders do tend to slump forward and round in when I stand due to desk work so I am hoping to remedy this over the coming months but I was basically at a loss as to what I should focus on in terms of rehabbing my left shoulder to avoid armpit pain. My physio is good but doesn't have the exeperoence and knowledge of Kit and this community. I will need to strengthen shoulders overall as I have poor body awareness. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks Kit for the detailed answer. 2017 couldn't come sooner in hindsight! Looking forward to this Beginners program, I have some friends who lift at the gym and complain about a lack of mobility so it will be great to recommend this beginner series to them also. I will purchase the programs you recommended. Happy to support the great service and effort you put into helping us all.
  3. Hi all, I had previously emailed this to Kit and he has asked me to post in the forum so other guests and members can benefit: I'm a 26 year old Sydney-based Engineer. I have a few niggling areas that give me trouble when I exercise (right lower back area and right wrist area when I used to do compound lifts at the gym; upper hamstring tendon when I run or do lunges due to a hamstring tendinopathy I sustained years ago). Before continuing and increasing the risk of sustaining further injury to these or other areas, I recognise the need to reset, work on mobility and also have a desire to build up a solid foundation of strength slowly and work from there. This is where Gymnastic Bodies comes into the picture. However, my posture and mobility is far from perfect and so I need to work on this the same time. I have just purchased Fundamentals, Foundation One, and Handstand One from Gymnastic Bodies. I would like to purchase your stretch videos on Vimeo but am at a bit of a loss as to where to begin. I was reading the forums and came across a comment you made in this thread: Link: http://kitlaughlin.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1057-when-to-start-with-st-and-what-it-can-do-for-us/ "And when I said 'I remember Kit saying that he thinks it would be very beneficial to do his work for 6 months to a year before doing GST to cover all mobility deficits we'all no doubt face ', I was talking about someone who was starting GST (so little investment) not someone with (say) a couple of years' work in..." I'm very interested in undertaking this 6 to 12 months of mobility work you mention to iron out any kinks I have before diving head on into the Foundation One course. I didn't see any of your materials recommended for this though. Would you be able to provide me with recommendations on what products you believe would be of assistance to me? Please bear in mind I am a complete beginner. Thanks very much.
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