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  1. How can this be applied to the ankles? What is a good exercise for closing the angle for dorsiflexion using reciprocal inhibition?
  2. Thanks for your answer! I will be sure to warm up well and see how it goes!
  3. Hello! I am sure this has been answered/discussed before but I could not find it in the forums after multiple searches. I wonder what happens when I try to stretch for new range of motion in the mornings. Not first thing in the morning but after about two hours of waking up. What I mean by "new range of motion" is stretching with contractions/loaded etc, not just static stretching or limbering. I know that flexibility is worse in the morning and gradually increases until night time. So what should I expect if I do my stretching routines in the morning in the short term and long term? I want to do this because it fits my schedule well. If the disadvantages are a lot though, I may reconsider. (If there is indeed a detailed answer/discussion in another post please provide a link ) Thanks!
  4. Hello! I am working to get overhead flexibility as my main goal and yesterday I found out that pec minor is not really the issue, as I believed, but lats. The stretches I've been working on are from MTS, the ground pec and ground lat stretch. The problem is that it's been about two months now that I do this lat stretch and I don't feel like I am getting new ROM. I can feel a very strong stretching sensation and get comfortable in it even after one or two contractions but I feel there is a limit to this particular exercise for me. It stretches my lats, but up to a point only, and I don't see increases in ROM. Today I tried the Ring Side Bend stretch and I'd like some feedback about it. I get into the position and I feel it strongly in my obliques and little in my lats. When I relax more I feel it right on the spot where the muscles teres, triceps and lat connect (behind the armpit) and little bit more lats. That sensation is quite strong and has a very slight burning feeling too but it's not unbearable. I am not new to strength training but my grip strength can only last so much, like one minute each time I hang so how should I approach this stretch and make myself comfortable in it? Aside from that specific exercise is there anything else that is recommended to try on my lats to finally get them supple? Maybe another exercise? Maybe a cue? Maybe I got it all wrong and I need to focus elsewhere on getting overhead flexibility? For reference, the way I realized I need to emphasize lats is this: I appreciate any advice. Consider me a beginner
  5. Yes sure, you can move it. Thanks for your uplifting words! It's a beautiful feeling discovering something after much experimentation.
  6. Hello!!! I am a regular user of reddit's /r/bodyweightfitness and /r/overcominggravity, and I have read something recently that peaked my interest. So, Steven Low, author of OG, answered a question about stretching and mobility and he mentioned "specific strengthening"and that it is very important for keeping new ROM. When I asked him to elaborate he said that after you stretch you need to do some specific mobility/strengthening in order for the nervous system to feel that the new ROM is safe and thus prevent it from retightening. Now, a little bit about my situation. I have bought Master the Shoulder back in November and took me about 2 weeks to learn the stretches and make a routine to follow. So I did and then I followed it until a week ago. Basically what I did was the intense ground lat stretch and the ground pec stretch as well as a bunch of other "minor stretches"(not from the program) and mobility BEFORE stretching as suggested. I did them consistently, 3-4 times a week whenever I was not sore, did everyday some limbering movements like the rubber cord sequence and Yuri's sequence, relaxed, deep breathing, enough time into the stretch, t-spine mobilization, soft tissue work etc. I know I stretched "right" because directly afterwards I really had gained ROM but the problem is it kept retightening back an hour later or the next day. I shot videos every few days doing the Emmet Louis' assessment for overhead flexibility and for a month or so I saw maybe 1-2cm progress, I can't really tell. A week ago I kind of reversed the order of some stuff that I did. I am always warmed up after doing my strength routine so I can go directly into my stretch routine. So this time I stretched (pecs/lats and the rest) and afterwards I did some wall slides, hanging scapular circles, rubber cord sequence and Yuri's sequence. So, stretching and THEN specific strengthening, I have been doing this for a week now and I have to say, this was the missing key for me. I can now stretch and "lock" the new range of motion! And I am seeing measurable progress! I'd like the opinions of other users and I have a question for Kit as well. I will speak only for the Master the Shoulder as this is the one I am going through now. The order of the exercises in the program is the opposite of what I described above and I understand this because they serve as a kind of exploration and warmup. But doing them like this did not work for me, I know that everyone is different and different things work for different people but this is an important aspect of stretching I believe. What's your view on this? Disclaimer: I am not saying the stretches are bad! Quite the contrary, the Mastery programs are the best resources I have about stretching! I am just making a case for the exercise order in MTS and why something different worked for me. Demetris
  7. Thanks for your answer So are those drills actually helpful in your opinion? Something I forgot to mention is that I do indoors rockclimbing twice a week, but very light sessions. Can rockclimbing and climbing shoes hinder my progress? Also now that I've seen all of Master the Squat, what are the most important stretches for flat feet? If another program has helpful stretches I'll be happy to get that as well. Can the strengthening exercises from the flat feet thread be done every day if I am not sore, and if so will I see progress faster? I noticed that my feet shortly afterwards regain the arch but only for a short while.
  8. Hello! This is my first post here, I hope I am in the right place. I have read a lot about the things I am going to say either from Kit's articles/posts or from other sources. A little about me, I am 20 years old, male, student, from Cyprus. I started strength training back in June and continued until October. that's when I realised that my mobility deficiencies won't allow me to continue injury free or at the very least, continue at all. Also a week ago after reading this article http://www.eatmoveimprove.com/2009/11/shoes-sitting-and-lower-body-dysfunctions/5/ I decided to address my deficiencies and that's where I need advice. My overall goal is a healthy, mobile body that will be able to take gymnastic type strength exercises with minimal chance of injury. To be more specific my short term goals are shoulder flexion flexibility for my handstands and to work towards restoring the arches in my feet as well as overall shoulder stability/strength. I decided that for the long journey of getting back my mobility I will be focusing on one or two "areas" at one time because otherwise I won't be able to give the attention needed. For reference I have Master the Shoulder, bought today Master the Squat and after seeing Yuri's sequence from MTS I also bought the Banded Shoulder Traction from Yuri himself (awesome stuff). The routine I've been following the past month that is incomplete because I keep building upon it is: The Foot Drills http://www.coachr.org/the_foot_drills.htm Yuri's Banded Shoulder Traction Wall Handstand Practice (3 times a week) Wide Ring Rows (for posterior shoulder strength) (3taw) Abdominal Wheel (for ab strength and potentially some hypertrophy) (3taw) One Leg Glute Bridge (actually following this https://www.t-nation.com/training/dispelling-the-glute-myth to help with flat feet) (3taw) Lying abduction (same as above, from that article) (3taw) Anti Pronation Exercise (from here:) And for stretches I do from MTS: E1 Cat Pose (both stretches) E2 Pec Stretch (on the floor) and whenever I have time I try the other stretches but not always due to time restrictions As for Master the Squat I bought it a few hours ago and haven't gone through all of it but much emphasis will be on calf stretches. Regarding this routine. I follow all of it as described on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday. And all other days except Monday, I do all of it except the strength exercises. I have some questions and I need some advice in order to work towards my goals as effectively as possible. 1) First of all, generally, what would you add/remove/refine in this routine to make it better for my goals? (again: flat feet and shoulder flexion/stability, at the moment) 2) Some of the limbering exercises in Master the Squat require to get in the full squat position. I can get there but due to the lack of arches my feet/knees tend to lean on the inside causing some slight discomfort in the knees after some time and sometimes crunching sounds, without pain. Should I ignore these? Will they go away over time? Or should I try a different approach? 3) I bought minimalist shoes from Vivo Barefoot. Can you point me to an article/video that demonstrates correct gait? 4) I am considering some running in my fivefingers once or twice a week. Is it sufficient? Will I see much difference? Thanks a lot in advance. Please if I made a mistake and this was not the right place to post this, move it or tell me to repost it elsewhere. Also if I left any important information out, tell me
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