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  1. First post for a few weeks. I haven't done any C-R sessions. However, I've regularly been 'keeping in touch' with my ROM. To my surprise, I've discovered some fundamental shifts in a couple of positions. I can now squat without falling backwards. My back still has a bend in it so a lot to explore yet. Every day, though, while walking my dog in the park I enjoy squatting when I feel like it. I am also randomly sitting in a very rudimentary pancake position on a slight slope in the park. My hips aren't quite rolling over like I've heard will eventually happen. But I'm feeling a relatively even stretch on both legs/hips without any pressure in my back muscles like I used to. In both the squat and pancake, I feel I've crossed some sort of threshold where spending time in the positions themselves will help me go deeper into them. In the lunge hamstring position I am able to rest my torso on my front thigh more comprehensively (particularly on the left side) with less restriction from the hip flexor. And I have done a couple of sessions where I've been able to stretch my left hamstring quite deeply (although not strict C-R) without any lingering tenderness in the following days. In the basic hip flexor stretch position I can rest my flat palms on the ground while keeping my torso relatively straight, even with my right hip flexor. This seems entirely due to my upper hamstrings, TFL and glutes on the front leg loosening somewhat and not necessarily any amazing ROM in the hip flexor of the back leg. In the past it was always the front leg that was the restriction for me. Having said that, my hip flexors do feel quite free (relative to what they used to). Downward dog seems like a great stretch for me at the moment where I feel it mainly in my calves. The SL RDL is feeling more stable on the left side than the right these days. It used to be the substantially weaker/less stable side. ---------- All that aside, I've been noticing a lingering aversion to the stretching feeling. Rather than fighting this, I've chosen to just stretch when I feel like it and be okay that I'm not doing longer sessions. I think it might be echoes of impatience. I'm feeling I will start regular C-R sessions again with a loose goal of putting in another solid 3-month block.
  2. For the last week of my summer holidays I binge-watched Game of Thrones. I would do some limbering every now and then. And on two days I also did the following: - SL RDL; left, right, left (10 reps for each set) - 5 x 10 Kettlebell swings (20kg) - Static goblet squat while holding kettlebell - Hip-flexor limbering - Lunge hamstring limbering into floating piriformis; left, right, left Then today I did that again (but 6 x 10 swings) and afterward I did a mini C-R session. All I did was the lunge hamstring then a deep floating piriformis; left, right, then left again. I was feeling more freedom to explore the contractions on the left hamstring side. I may have pushed it a little too much. But maybe not. I'll see how I pull up over the next couple of days. I also discovered that in the final lunge resting position if I flex the front ankle so only my heel is making contact with the ground it allows me to feel the stretch in the outer hamstring while also disengaging the inner hamstring (which is where I used to always pull up real tender from over-stretching). I liked this shorter session. The left lunge hamstring into floating piriformis is definitely the tightest area in my body. And, as I said, I'm feeling a little more freedom to explore. So rather than doing a 2 or 3-hour session doing lots of other stretches, I'm going to focus on these shorter ones focusing just on the tightest areas, particularly with work starting back up which means less free time. Overall I'm noticing more ROM in my left calf. Today I tried the very basic pancake position in the park on a slight incline. I can move my left ankle now almost the same as the right side. So that's encouraging. I'm also noticing more freedom in my left hamstring. At school today, I was sitting on a desk with my legs hanging and I tried some knee extensions. I could actually hold my left foot up without my quad cramping like it used to. Same thing lying down in bed raising my leg toward my head. And this correlates with what I've started doing during the contraction in the left lunge hamstring stretch - that is, engaging the quad with more conscious control.
  3. Today I did my regular limbering of hip flexors, hamstrings, piriformis, adductors, calves after the following: - 1 x 10 SL RDL on left side - 3 x 15 Kettlebell swings - Static Goblet squat position while holding kettlebell Later on I tried the following back bend variation with a wooden chest and heavy wooden table in our living room (even though it is perfect and was literally right in front of me, I didn't think of using the wooden chest until after I had walked around the entire house looking for possible stools/devices I might be able to use, which could be a possible metaphor for the lingering foreboding sensation on the outskirts of my mind that everything I need in life is right in front of me if only I might slow down enough to actually notice!):
  4. Mick

    Nathan's Nook

    Thanks for sharing, much appeciated! After watching a video snippet of you doing Jefforson curls a while back with what seemed like full range of motion in your hamstrings, I had assumed you would be able to do a front split already. Is it because of restrictions in hip flexors? Or could you do front splits in the past and just didn't maintain it? These are simply curiosity questions. On a more practical note, I have been waiting for a friend of mine to make a baby whale (he just finished my Sheena board!). But it might be a couple of months before he's done (or gets started!) so after reading your recent posts I just found a video recorded by Olivia - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrdKPJPrIlg - and tried it now. Definitely one I'll start doing regularly from now on so, thanks again!
  5. Mick

    Nathan's Nook

    Could you give a bit of detail regarding the difference between stretching 'in the meantime' and starting to push ROM more aggressively? I don't mean general principles. I mean specifically for you & your situation at this moment.
  6. Below is the C-R session I did on Friday (time-marks underneath). It was a shorter session in the midst of a few days of bayram family gatherings here in Turkey. On one day, we hosted 25 people for a big Turkish breakfast on our not-so-big verandah. Catering and/or operating a restaurant would be tiring, unending work. But for that one time it was a pleasure to see the family together, especially after so many months with everyone isolated. My left hamstring is not pulling up unoperably tender after the last few C-R sessions. Feels like it still needs more strengthening and release in the hip/TFL though before I will notice any massive increases in ROM. For the moment, what is catching my attention is how good I/my body feels in general after a C-R session. SL RDL 0:00 Left 0:29 Right 1:10 Left Assisted Squat 1:46 Kettlebell Swing (3x15) 1:56 Lunge Hamstring – Floating Piriformis – Bolster Piriformis – Lunge Hamstring 2:52 Left H 4:29 Left FP 4:47 Left BP 6:10 Left H (7:01 Rest) 7:24 Right H 8:45 Right FP 8:54 Right BP 10:18 Right H (10:59 Rest) Dog Loving 11:36 Lunge Hamstring 12:36 Left Frog Pose 14:10 Assisted Squat (knees together) 12:55 Floor Folded Leg Calf (soleus) 15:59 Left 17:03 Right Elephant Walk 18:12 Wall Quad/Hip-Flexor 18:37 Right 21:00 Left
  7. Below is the C-R session I did on Saturday (time-marks underneath). The tenderness in the hamstring following these sessions isn't as pronounced. Nor is the tightness/cramping in the left hip-flexor. However, I'm still quite conservative with the hamstring contractions I'm doing in the sessions. Whereas for hip-flexor, adductors, piriformis, for example, I feel I can (and for my body, should) do 100% contractions. Warm-up / Prep 0:00 Downward dog 1:04 Upper & middle back 2:17 Backward bend from floor 3:38 Child’s pose 4:16 Downward dog 4:35 Hindu pushup x 5, last one static hold 5:09 Assisted squat with knees apart 5:48 Elephant walk SL RDL 6:11 Left x 10 6:46 Right x 10 7:22 Left x 10 Lunge Hamstring 7:52 Left 9:12 Right (10:37) Left floating piriformis into Lunge hamstring Wall Quad/Hip-flexor 12:38 Left 14:40 Right SL RDL Left 17:16 Lunge Hamstring Left 19:01 Static Goblet Squat w/ Kettlebell 20:10 Advanced Piriformis sequence 20:40 Left 22:33 Left Lunge Hamstring 23:21 Floor folded calf (left) 24:29 Left hip-flexor 25:18 Right 27:09 Right Lunge Hamstring 27:45 Floor folded calf (right) 28:19 Right hip-flexor Tailor Pose 29:09 Hip-flexor Loosening 30:42 Right 30:51 Left Hanging Side Bend 30:59 Right 32:00 Left
  8. I've been following the same sequence the last few days but in addition to the normal set of SL RDL I've started doing a set on the right leg then another on the left. Yesterday I did a C-R session. Editing today and uploading hopefully by tomorrow. I fell into a natural sequence after doing advanced piriformis stretch on the left leg. I raised my body into a left lunge hamstring position then into a left floor folded leg calf stretch then switched up into a left hip-flexor stretch. With the right leg forward I then grabbed the support cushions and placed them so I could rest down into a right advanced piriformis stretch. Then followed the same sequence after that. It was very satisfying! It's still morning here but after I took the dog for a stroll in the park I used the kettlebell to sink into a goblet squat position and stayed there. With that feeling I mentioned a few days ago of the tightness in the left calf fueling the tightness in the left hip (particularly the left hip-flexor) while in a squat, I was able to play around with shifting my weight from left to right and, on the left foot, shifting my weight more forward. I mean I'm feeling a bit more freedom in the left calf where I can actually shift my weight. I will persist with this, using the kettle bell. It seems like it compliments the SL RDL quite nicely.
  9. The following is the C-R session I did on 18th July (time-marks underneath): 0:00 Upper & middle back 0:38 Backward bend from floor 0:55 Child’s pose HF loosener into Lunge Hamstring 1:06 Right HF 1:48 Left H 2:24 Left HF 3:05 Right H 3:22 Right HF 3:35 Left H (4:53 Knees together assisted squat) 5:05 Right H 6:17 Left H 7:56 Knees part squat on toes into downward dog 8:30 4 Hindu squats with my brand-spanking new Sheena Board! (Last one I held in backward bend static position) 8:51 1 x 10 SL RDL Advanced Piriformis 9:51 Left 10:55 Right (12:30 Right lunge hamstring) 12:37 Left (14:14 Left lunge hamstring) 15:09 Floor folded leg left calf (soleus) 16:29 Left HF loosener Wall Quad/HF 16:54 Right 19:14 Left Hanging Side Bend 21:37 Right 23:16 Left 24:55 Frog Pose 26:37 Reverse wrist 27:31 Knees together assisted squat Lying Rotation 28:04 Left 29:12 Right 30:15 Piriformis looseners
  10. The following is the C-R session I did on 13th July (time-marks underneath): 0:00 Upper & middle back 0:27 Backward bend from floor 0:48 Child’s pose 1:10 Reverse wrist 1:23 Knees together assisted squat 1:44 Elephant Walk 2:14 1 x 10 SL RDL 2:54 Left HF into right floating piriformis 3:47 Left lunge hamstring 4:44 Right HF into left floating piriformis 5:23 Right lunge hamstring 6:09 1 x 10 SL RDL 6:53 Right HF 7:09 Left lunge hamstring 8:38 Left floor folded leg calf (soleus) 8:48 Knees together assisted squat Advanced Piriformis 9:12 Left 11:25 Right 14:01 1 x 10 SL RDL 14:41 Left 16:42 Loosening 17:15 Tailor’s Pose Wall Quad/HF 18:54 Left 21:52 Right 24:39 1 x 10 SL RDL 24:49 Right HF into left floating piriformis 25:09 Left lunge hamstring 26:22 Left floating piriformis Hanging Side Bend 22:46 Right 28:10 Left 29:39 Lying/resting 40:44 Child’s pose
  11. For the most part, I’ve been continuing roughly with the same sequence each day: - 1 set of 10 SL RDL - Hip flexor position for right leg - Sinking my torso as much as possible onto the front left thigh - Light exploration of the left upper hamstring - Moving into a floating piriformis, playing around with the position, including going back to a standard bent-leg hamstring stretch by extending the front knee …as well as some others, eg. hanging side bend, upper & middle back, backward bend from floor, standing calf stretch. I’ve noticed slightly more ROM in my left calf. I can actually feel the stretch when I want to now! I’m also noticing the tightness there is largely what has fueled the tightening up of my left hip-flexor area when trying to squat. The other day I also tried a pancake position and I have much more freedom with the left ankle compared to the original photo in the first post of this log. I’m feeling a little more control/sturdiness while doing the SL RDL on the left side too. On Monday I did a couple of hours of hoeing up and shoveling dirt. The DOMs I felt in the last 2 days has been quite satisfying in that it feels like the rigorous exercise helped to open up imbalances in my body (as opposed to making them worse, as would have been the case in the past). Yesterday I did a couple of sets of quick tricep dips on the park bench. Didn’t count, just pumped them out. Tomorrow I will probably do another C-R session. In the meantime I am uploading/editing the other C-R sessions I have done.
  12. The following is the C-R session I did on 5th July (time-marks underneath): Hip-flexor loosening 0:00 Right 0:32 Left 1:15 Right 2:00 Straight-to-bent-leg left hamstring 2:47 1 set of 10 SL RDL Bent-leg Hamstring 4:27 Left 6:06 Child’s Pose 6:34 Frog Pose 7:24 Double-calf squat Hip-Flexor to Straight-leg Hamstring 8:02 Left HP 9:36 Right H 10:48 Right HP 12:51 Left H 14:29 Middle and Upper back 15:37 Backward bend from floor 16:25 Child’s pose 17:21 Reverse wrist (18:00 1 set of 10 SL RDL) Advanced Piriformis 18:47 Left 20:40 Right (22:44 1 set of 10 SL RDL) 23:21 Left 25:20 Loosening Scalene 25:58 Left 26:56 Right 27:56 Left Bent-leg Hamstring 28:51 Left 30:43 Frog Pose Floor folded leg calf (soleus) 31:38 Left (33:06 Left hip-flexor/TFL) 33:35 Right 34:21 Floating piriformis – left Neck 35:29 Back 36:21 Front
  13. The next hanful of posts will be a kind of catch-up of video documentation for my previous 3 or 4 C-R sessions. The first is from 24th June with time-marks underneath: Daily 5 0:00 Upper Back 0:26 Half cobra 0:55 Child’s Pose 1:22 Lying rotation, left 2:39 Lying rotation, right 3:51 Side-bends 4:28 Seated hip, left 5:22 Seated hip, right 6:21 Seated hip, left Hip flexor with band 6:48 Right 8:46 Left Wall quad/hip-flexor 10:56 Right 14:03 Left 17:20 Right Advanced Piriformis 20:09 Left 22:35 Right 24:35 Hip-looseners Lunge Hamstring 25:15 Left 26:35 Right 28:05 SL RDL – Left 28:45 Child’s Pose 29:05 Lunge Hamstring Left #2 Scalene 30:25 Left 31:20 Right (32:11 Front Neck) 32:26 Left 33:21 SL RDL – Left #2 34:03 Lunge Hamstring Left #3 Hanging Side Bend 35:38 Right 36:55 Left 38:39 Frog Pose 39:58 Baby’s Pose 41:02 No idea what that was! But I was releasing the TFL 41:33 Modified child’s pose
  14. I did another C-R session yesterday. Since the previous C-R session I was following pretty much the same sequence as mentioned in my previous post. Again, I was restricted with how much I could do the SL RDL. However, it feels like the lingering tenderness/vulnerability in my left achilles has almost completely passed.
  15. Since the previous C-R session (9 days ago) I have been doing a just little bit each day, focusing on the same things: - 1 set of 10 SL RDL - Hip flexor position for right leg - Sinking my torso as much as possible onto the front left thigh - Light exploration of the left upper hamstring - Moving into a floating piriformis, playing around with the position, including going back to a standard bent-leg hamstring stretch by extending the front knee I have found exploring with this simple sequence to be quite beneficial, often doing it multiple times throughout the day (although sometimes just once). I haven't been doing much else, for example I dropped the Daily 5. After helping my mother-in-law move house my energy has been low. Rather than fighting it I have tried to accept it as my body wanting more rest. Ah also, Tuesday last week my brother-in-law visited and when he was leaving my step-daughter grabbed my hand to run along side his car as he left. We sprinted along the path for about 45 seconds. The next day my left achilles was a bit tender! It has since restricted how much I have been able to do the SL RDL. I can feel, however, the running aside, that the tightness in my left achilles/calf is directly related to the left hamstring/piriformis challenge I am facing. So it's just giving me additional feedback, I feel. Anyway, after about a dozen or so intense C-R sessions (roughly 3 months) I figure this moderate rest week was kind of the end of the initial phase of this stretching adventure. Yesterday I did another C-R session. Without planning anything, it ended up being similar to the sequence I just described above but using intense contractions, multiple times over a couple of hours. There was noticably more space for me to explore sensations while in the advanced piriformis stretch. And this seems to be slowly, slowly disengaging the left hip flexor which is allowing me to explore the stretching of the left hamstring more. The wall quad/hip-flexor stretch is proving to be a gem. Today I can feel my hip-flexors having been stretched well. I recorded the session but haven't sorted out the editing/uploading issues. I hope to get yesterday's and the previous 2 sessions edited and uploaded this week.
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