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  1. Today I did another C-R session. Started with: Limbering with soleus calf, lunge for hip-flexor and hamstring, floating piriformis Assisted Cossack squat SL RDL with 20kg kettlebell (L+R x 7/8) Then moved into stretching: Bent-leg lunge hamstring (L, R, L, R) Supported advanced piriformis (L, R, L) Wall quad/hip-flexor (L, R) Soleus calf (L, R) Bent-leg hamstring (L, R) Still limbering every day, although less since the last C-R as I'm trying to give my body sufficient rest between C-R sessions. I could be doing SL RDLs more frequently, I
  2. Today I did another C-R session. Started with: Single leg RDL with kettlebell 5 minutes of squat with kettlebell Then moved into stretching: Wall quad/hip-flexor (left, right) Lunge hamstring (left, right, left, right) Bolstered piriformis (left straight after 2nd left hamstring stretch, right straight after 2nd right hamstring) Lunge hamstring (left) Bolstered piriformis (left) Frog Pancake with cushion (actually wasn't C-R, just tried rolling hips forward & back, with slightly bent knees) Soleus calf (left, right) I fini
  3. Today I started with: Single leg RDL with a kettlebell (left side is feeling very similar to right side, whereas when I first tried it, it was much weaker) Cossak squat with support as in this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAeU-4QDl1I Squat for 5 minutes with a kettlebell Then I did a C-R session with the following stretches: Wall quad/hip-flexor Single leg downward dog Lunge hamstring (x2 on each side) Cushion-supported advanced piriformis Frog Tailor I am feeling more freedom to explore with the hamstring, particularly t
  4. Yes, false grip as well. Those two are what I gathered were important from the YT videos I watched. I started by hanging with a normal grip with one hand and false grip with the other. Now I can hang by false grip with both hands, arms bent, with my feet resting on the ground, legs straight like an L-sit. So still a long way to go Thanks for the links!
  5. Hello all, I’ve been MIA for several months. Big news for me and my family is we bought an apartment. Much of the time since my last post has been sorting all that out in amongst biding time in our old cramped house for a couple of months with all our shit packed and ready to go. Fortunately it’s all sorted now! Unfortunately, in that time, I haven’t been following a regular C-R session every 7-10 days. However, I have been limbering regularly with occasional deeper stretching. I did write about 4 paragraphs in Word then came here and was gonna post but realized it was essentially
  6. First post for a few weeks. I haven't done any C-R sessions. However, I've regularly been 'keeping in touch' with my ROM. To my surprise, I've discovered some fundamental shifts in a couple of positions. I can now squat without falling backwards. My back still has a bend in it so a lot to explore yet. Every day, though, while walking my dog in the park I enjoy squatting when I feel like it. I am also randomly sitting in a very rudimentary pancake position on a slight slope in the park. My hips aren't quite rolling over like I've heard will eventually happen. But I'm feeling a relat
  7. For the last week of my summer holidays I binge-watched Game of Thrones. I would do some limbering every now and then. And on two days I also did the following: - SL RDL; left, right, left (10 reps for each set) - 5 x 10 Kettlebell swings (20kg) - Static goblet squat while holding kettlebell - Hip-flexor limbering - Lunge hamstring limbering into floating piriformis; left, right, left Then today I did that again (but 6 x 10 swings) and afterward I did a mini C-R session. All I did was the lunge hamstring then a deep floating piriformis; left, right, then left again. I was feelin
  8. Today I did my regular limbering of hip flexors, hamstrings, piriformis, adductors, calves after the following: - 1 x 10 SL RDL on left side - 3 x 15 Kettlebell swings - Static Goblet squat position while holding kettlebell Later on I tried the following back bend variation with a wooden chest and heavy wooden table in our living room (even though it is perfect and was literally right in front of me, I didn't think of using the wooden chest until after I had walked around the entire house looking for possible stools/devices I might be able to use, which could be a possible metaphor
  9. Mick

    Nathan's Nook

    Thanks for sharing, much appeciated! After watching a video snippet of you doing Jefforson curls a while back with what seemed like full range of motion in your hamstrings, I had assumed you would be able to do a front split already. Is it because of restrictions in hip flexors? Or could you do front splits in the past and just didn't maintain it? These are simply curiosity questions. On a more practical note, I have been waiting for a friend of mine to make a baby whale (he just finished my Sheena board!). But it might be a couple of months before he's done (or gets started!) s
  10. Mick

    Nathan's Nook

    Could you give a bit of detail regarding the difference between stretching 'in the meantime' and starting to push ROM more aggressively? I don't mean general principles. I mean specifically for you & your situation at this moment.
  11. Below is the C-R session I did on Friday (time-marks underneath). It was a shorter session in the midst of a few days of bayram family gatherings here in Turkey. On one day, we hosted 25 people for a big Turkish breakfast on our not-so-big verandah. Catering and/or operating a restaurant would be tiring, unending work. But for that one time it was a pleasure to see the family together, especially after so many months with everyone isolated. My left hamstring is not pulling up unoperably tender after the last few C-R sessions. Feels like it still needs more strengthening and release in the
  12. Below is the C-R session I did on Saturday (time-marks underneath). The tenderness in the hamstring following these sessions isn't as pronounced. Nor is the tightness/cramping in the left hip-flexor. However, I'm still quite conservative with the hamstring contractions I'm doing in the sessions. Whereas for hip-flexor, adductors, piriformis, for example, I feel I can (and for my body, should) do 100% contractions. Warm-up / Prep 0:00 Downward dog 1:04 Upper & middle back 2:17 Backward bend from floor 3:38 Child’s pose 4:16 Downward dog 4:35 Hindu pushup x 5,
  13. I've been following the same sequence the last few days but in addition to the normal set of SL RDL I've started doing a set on the right leg then another on the left. Yesterday I did a C-R session. Editing today and uploading hopefully by tomorrow. I fell into a natural sequence after doing advanced piriformis stretch on the left leg. I raised my body into a left lunge hamstring position then into a left floor folded leg calf stretch then switched up into a left hip-flexor stretch. With the right leg forward I then grabbed the support cushions and placed them so I could rest down into
  14. The following is the C-R session I did on 18th July (time-marks underneath): 0:00 Upper & middle back 0:38 Backward bend from floor 0:55 Child’s pose HF loosener into Lunge Hamstring 1:06 Right HF 1:48 Left H 2:24 Left HF 3:05 Right H 3:22 Right HF 3:35 Left H (4:53 Knees together assisted squat) 5:05 Right H 6:17 Left H 7:56 Knees part squat on toes into downward dog 8:30 4 Hindu squats with my brand-spanking new Sheena Board! (Last one I held in backward bend static position) 8:51 1 x 10 SL RDL Advanced Piriformis 9:51 Left 1
  15. The following is the C-R session I did on 13th July (time-marks underneath): 0:00 Upper & middle back 0:27 Backward bend from floor 0:48 Child’s pose 1:10 Reverse wrist 1:23 Knees together assisted squat 1:44 Elephant Walk 2:14 1 x 10 SL RDL 2:54 Left HF into right floating piriformis 3:47 Left lunge hamstring 4:44 Right HF into left floating piriformis 5:23 Right lunge hamstring 6:09 1 x 10 SL RDL 6:53 Right HF 7:09 Left lunge hamstring 8:38 Left floor folded leg calf (soleus) 8:48 Knees together assisted squat Advanced
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