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  1. @Kit_L thanks Kit! I suffered a fascia strain on my left knee a few days ago (needle prick like sensation, my patella feels fine and most ranges of motion do not bother my knee). Your feedback has been very helpful and appreciated. I am determined to stay consistent with the hip flexor / quad stretching while maintaining my awareness and listening to my body. I will report back in a few weeks. Jake
  2. Hello @Kit_L, I updated my original post with new video based on your reply above. I noticed that in the kneeling or grounded hip flexor stretch if I allow the front knee to travel slightly past mid foot and if I place my hands far forward (and traps and shoulders elevated), that position seems to allow me to relax into a hip flexor stretch (see picture above). If my front foot is too far in front of my front knee or my hands are too close to my hips that seems to increase the tension in my body and there is some strain above or below the kneecap. I noticed that in the standing
  3. Hey SwissDanny! Thank you for the advice. I have been exploring using a false grip and it has really helped! Jake
  4. Stretch Therapy has been so helpful! I recently purchased Master Shoulder Flexibility. I had the "concept" that I need to stretch my pec minor and long head of the biceps (which makes sense to me). However when I do the Partner Stick Pec Stretch with straight arms the inner part of my elbow (golfers elbow area) gets irritated. It appears me that in that stretch my arm muscles (bicep, tricep, maybe forearms) will tense up to help "protect me" which then puts a lot of strain on my elbow. Do you recommend avoiding the Partner Stick Pec Stretch for now and explore the Pec. Stretch With Fas
  5. Hello Tones! Thanks for the idea about flossing my knee. I have played around with voodoo flossing, banded distraction, patella self massage and a few other ideas in the past. Flossing the knee using your forearm sounds interesting! For inflammation I have taken Curcumin supplements orally and different essential oils topically. I have noticed the biggest thing for daily exercises is a good warm up including things like knee rotations and some hip openers. Once or twice a week I foam roll or use a massage stick on my quads and calves. If my hips and ankles allow me to get into a good posit
  6. I have been reading a lot of the information on your website and I agree with everything I have read so far! I started going to a Buddhist meditation center about a year ago and find a lot of parallels with my movement practice and my meditation practice. I tried this stretch "Kit demos solo hip flexor stretch" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bWQGIm9raw and all I can mange right now is just to get into the stretch position and imagine letting gravity pull my hip to the floor for about 5-10 seconds (I place a folded towel under my knee). I get a good hip flexor stretch from just that. If I
  7. I was just playing around with a lot of movements today and I have noticed in the past that my gluteus medius is really ropey and gnarly in both legs. If it is helpful my current guess is that in any kind of hip extension movement my quads are overcompensating for my gluteus medius. Most of my glute activation drills previously were targeting my gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus (if I am correct with my anatomy).
  8. 2016 Hello! I am nervous about adding any hip flexor stretches into my movement practice because I developed patella tendinosis in both knees about a year ago from stretching my hip flexors and quads too intensely. My quads are very strong from a lot of heavy squatting in the past (I have not squat heavy in a few years). Instead of stretching my hip flexors the last year I have focused on strengthening my core and glutes, relaxing, and gaining body awareness and my range of motion in a lot of movements has really improved! --- 2017 After posting on the forum a year ag
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