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  1. I'll drop him a message. ---- Deadlift: 1x6x130kg + 1x7x117,5kg Wouldn't say it was easy, but reps were rather smooth. I'm stronger than last time, for sure! Time to increase the weight. Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (12-8-7-5) Dead hangs: 2 sets 1m20s + 1m ; those numbers are always lagging behind. Wonder why… Ankle mobility
  2. Bench Press: 1x6x75kg + 1x7x72,5kg + 1x6x70kg Decreased the weight and switch back to my previous form (higher arch, ball of the feet). Aside from some mildly discomfort in my left shoulders, it was a good session. I can activate the pecs much better this way. Chin-ups: 1x5xBW+15kg + 1x7xBW+7,5 + 1x8xBW Yeah, this was to be expected. Next time I'll do better. Anti-pronation exercise: 1x10x16kg
  3. Interesting read! My only problem with that is the training frequency: I'm having trouble finding time for three sessions a week, training five days it's too much at the moment.
  4. Quick session:+ Deadlift: 1x5x130kg + 1x7x107,5kg Should have increased the weight, but I misread my notes and kept it the same as last time. Couldn't perform the 6th rep, but reps were smoother and I managed to increased them in my second set. So I'm still getting stronger, right? Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (12-8-6-5) Numbers going up, I hope to get to15 soon!
  5. What's “bothering me” is that I no longer have a beginner's mind (although I'm very much one). I have a benchmark of my past experience and…I kinda want to get there. I'm trying to let go, but it's not an easy feat.
  6. I've chosen to try this style because it's easier to use leg drive. I'm tempted to switch back to forefoot contact, though. ---- Squat day: Squat: 1x4x115kg + 1x6x105kg + 1x7x95kg + 1x8x85kg Felt solid today, hopefully my strength will come back soon. Bent Over Row: 1x8x72,5kg + 1x9x70kg + 1x10x67,5kg Dead hangs: 2 sets 1m40s + 1m20s Overhead Press: 1x8x30kg + 1x9x27,5kg + 1x10x25 Let's try again this thing. Solid, strict form. Felt good in my shoulders ------ I'm still meditating daily, as well as practicing yoga nidra. The latter is very useful to recover after a long workday, or to gather more energy during lunch break. As for my sitting sessions, I'm kinda disappointed. Don't get me wrong, they're usually very beneficial and help to calm down my mental chatter (albeit after quite a long time). But I'm struggling to build focus and I get distracted too easily! I mean…I'm using breath counting as a way to keep a sense of “progress”, but I still can't go past 30 breaths — and even those aren't usually fully experienced.
  7. Chin-ups: 1x6xBW+15kg + 1x8xBW+7,5 + 1x9xBW Bench Press: 1x2x80kg + 1x°°°°°°°x77,5kg Shitty first set, during the second one the bar hit the bench and that threw me out of balance. Had to do the roll of shame. My ankle mobility is too poor to correctly bench with feet flat on the floor. I don't know if I should keep trying this style. Anti-pronation exercise: 1x8x16kg
  8. Sunday I had a productive stretching session, where I especially took care about my neck. I used a modified version of Dave's single shoulder push-down stretch to explore every possible line of tension. As a result, during the past two days my neck felt free in a way I didn't recall possible! Sadly there's still some unwanted tension somewhere in my left side. Today's training log: Deadlift: 1x6x130kg + 1x7x117,5kg Progress! Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (11-7-6-5) Maaaayybe my wrist is healing completely: I felt close to no discomfort today.
  9. Friday's training, after a long day and with an empty stomach: Squat: 1x3x115kg + 1x5x105kg + 1x6x95kg + 1x7x85kg Something felt off (and the numbers show it), but I don't know what exactly Bent Over Row: 1x7x72,5kg + 1x8x70kg + 1x8x67,5kg Dead hangs: 2 sets 1m50s + 1m Finger curls: 3x12x50kg Overhead press: 5x5x30kg Tried this exercise again, with strict form in order to keep my spine safe. Felt good! ---- Yesterday I was massaging my feet and I noticed my right achille's tendon is noticeably harder than the left one. Is there a way to make it suppler? I feel it could be the key to unlock that ankle.
  10. Good to hear! These days I'm able to train only during lunch-break, so I don't have much time. Today: Bench Press: 1x3x80kg + 1x4x77,5kg + 1x6x72,5kg Was going for the 4th rep, but halfway through the weights hit the bench and the impact threw me out of balance. Chin-ups: 1x5xBW+15kg + 1x7xBW+7,5 + 1x8xBW I was quite tired, so nothing special here Anti-pronation exercise: 1x8x16kg
  11. Deadlift: 1x5x130kg + 1x7x117,5kg Noice! Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (10-8-7-6) Not so noice… No time for more, sadly.
  12. Squat: 1x3x115kg + 1x5x105kg + 1x7x95kg + 1x8x85kg Probably the setup of the first set was a bit off and this resulted in an embarrassingly sub-par performance (albeit with full depth). Anyway the last set was actually two different sets: one of 3 and one of 8 reps: during the first attempt I was thrown out of balance by an impact between the barbell and the squat rack. Bent Over Row: 1x6x72,5kg + 1x7x70kg + 1x8x67,5kg Dead hangs: 2 sets 1m40s + 1m10s
  13. Embarrassingly quick session: Chin-ups: 1x7xBW+15kg + 1x8xBW+7,5 + 1x8xBW Progress! Maybe because of super-empty stomach, but…progress! Bench Press: 1x2x80kg + 1x3x77,5kg + 1x5x72,5kg Maybe I was tired, maybe I need more time to let the new setup sink, but holy hell! Disappointed.
  14. Super quick session during lunch break. Deadlift: 1x3x130kg + 1x6x117,5kg I don't know what happened, but I'm not happy with it. NOT AT ALL. I must find a positive note, right? Well…at least my second set was as good as last time. Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (11-7-6-6) Because of my wrist injury I had some difficulties in completing the movement by “locking” the bar to my chest. I hope to recover completely, it's becoming annoying.
  15. Wrist's getting better. Bench Press: 1x3x80kg + 1x4x77,5kg + 1x6x72,5kg Alright, the numbers aren't great, but I'm happy. Why? Well, my wrist is still aching a little and I modified the setup to keep the feet flat on the ground and make a better use of leg drive. This was a difficult feat because of stiff ankles and tight HF, but allowed me to unrack the bar without help, which is pretty damn great! The arch was way less pronounced than usual, hence why I'm ok with those numbers. Chin-ups: 1x6xBW+15kg + 1x7xBW+7,5 + 1x8xBW Progress! Some crepitus from the injured wrist, though. Anti-pronation exercise: 1x8x16kg Ankle mobility Lowbar squats (with feet flat on the floor): 3x8x70kg Tailor pose stretch ---- I noticed my injured wrist “gives” a little when I traction my hand with the opposite one. I definitely need more strength there. Hope everything's good.
  16. Yes, highly dynamic exercises stress the body in a peculiar way. Even if I'm now decently strong, my legs (and even torso) are aching in very specific spots — probably the body parts that are under-stimulated in my usual training. I probably need a bit more dynamism in my routine. I'm gonna try the jumping exercise and maybe even some sprinting (if I manage to free up some time). Do you have some suggestions for wrist conditioning? It's another weak link of mine. Currently I'm only doing dead hangs and occasionally finger curls.
  17. Still recovering from the soccer match: legs suffering with DOMS and right wrist still aching. Decided to postpone my bench day and do the squat day first. Squat: 1x5x115kg + 1x6x105kg + 1x7x95kg + 1x7x85kg Wrist didn't like it much, but I kept going. Legs were sore, I'm not sure about the depth in my first set. Bent Over Row: 1x8x70kg + 1x9x67,5kg + 1x8x65kg Wrist fine, it suffers only when compressed. Dead hangs: 2 sets 1m30s + 1m10s. Meh. Wrist fine, but felt some sensations in my left forearm. Attempted a warmup set for the overhead press, but stopped immediately: wrist in pain. Ankle mobility Calves quite sore, didn't accomplished much Weighted calves rises Messed around a bit, nothing serious Wrist conditioning: Wrist curls: 2x10x6kg Finger curls: 2x10x6kg Felt confortabile with those, despite the sensations. I hope doing stuff like this is helpful to accelerate recovery. I've also put some ointment (ketoprofen) on it.
  18. @Kit_L calf rises could be of any help?
  19. So…tonight I played soccer for the first time after 5-6 years. I was severely de-conditioned, but my body held up quite good, regardless of the occasional rough play. Some considerations below: I'm not even remotely fast as I used to be. Maybe I should consider a sprinting training, this summer. I could feel my breath was constricted. I'm tired of this, I need to let go of the tension I hold in my torso. My whole right leg is weak. Not just weaker than the other one, but too weak to remain injury free in the long run. Interestingly the weakest link isn't the knee, but the ankle. I could feel it struggling to keep the ground or to propel me properly. It's at risk of spraining, really. Question is: how do I condition it? Discomfort in my right ankle. I've probably lost some degree of dorsiflexion. The knee suffered a bit, I need more muscle mass around it. Left leg was a beast. I could feel the fibers of my quad contracting to preserve the joint, as I stopped and suddenly changed direction. Overall I'm now much more aware of my body than I was 5 years ago. I ran out of breath quickly. I now can't stop coughing. As long as I can remember, after a long time spent running I've always had this problem. My shoulder joints felt vulnerable. I need strength there. Near the end of the game, while I was playing as a goalkeeper, the ball hit my left hand hard. I was not prepared and I suffer a mild trauma. I'm no experiencing pain/discomfort when I bend and rotate the wrist, as well as when I grip hard with a pinching movement. Probably nothing than some active rest can't solve…but I don't know if it's a good idea to hit the bench, this week. We'll see. Anyway, wrists are another weak link I need to strengthen. I need more coordination. A lot more.
  20. I know, I know. I know this since the very beginning. Yet I manage to always get frustrated by “bad sessions”. 😓 Stretching, this evening Wall quad stretch Sensations in my right leg were much less detailed. It felt somewhat numb. Strange. Tailor pose stretch Getting better with this! Stick calves roll Calves stretch Scalenes Stretch Already stretched them yesterday. Tried it again today because I wanted to dig deeper on my left side. Something was still off, maybe I missed the right angle. The “Partner Unilateral Shoulder Pushdown (with neck flexion)” I did yesterday was killer: today I experienced a great freedom in my neck! There's still a knot I need to untie, but maybe I'm on the right path!
  21. Given my upcoming soccer match, I decided to train on Sunday instead than on Monday as I usually do. Deadlift: 1x5x130kg + 1x6x117,5kg My gym decided to add some padding at the side of the DL platform. As a result the barbell isn't at feet level anymore, it's slightly elevated (2cm). I don't know how this will affect my training, nor if there's some downside in terms of strength gains. Today I felt the exercise a bit more on my mid back than usual. Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (12-7-7-5) Slightly worse than last time, but I'm ok with it Dead hangs: 2 sets 1m30s + 40s ; saaaaaad Ankle mobility Low-bar Squats with feet flat on the floor: 3x8x70kg Squatting with elevated heels has primed me to initiate the push with the balls of my feet. Doing this while squatting with feet flat on the floor causes the bar path to not be vertical. From now on I'm gonna focus on pushing through the heels. Overhead press: messed around a bit with the movement. Sunday Stretching: Partner HF Stretch Scalenes Stretch Human Crossbow Table chest opener Partner Shoulders Pushdown Partner Unilateral Shoulder Pushdown (with neck flexion) ---- 30 minutes of meditation: was too distracted, I'm not even sure this session counts
  22. Squat: 1x4x115kg + 1x5x105kg + 1x6x95kg + 1x7x85kg Felt my right leg firing much more than usual. Good! Bent Over Row: 1x7x70kg + 1x9x67,5kg + 1x8x65kg Dead hangs: 2 sets 1m30s + 1m10s --------------- Yesterday, at some point during yoga nidra, I felt a restlessness I've rarely experienced (if ever). It was like my body didn't want to stay still, I was impatient, I wanted to move. I was able to relax only for 10 minutes or so. ---------------- Got invited to play soccer with my coworkers. I accepted because it's an opportunity to socialize and because it's something slightly out my confort zone. Yet I am afraid to damage my knee in some ways. I'll try to be cautious and I will wear my knee brace, but I'm still worried. Is there anything else I should do?
  23. Short workout during lunch break. Bench Press: 1x4x80kg + 1x5x77,5kg + 1x6x72,5kg Same Numbers than last time, but I felt more in control of the movement Chin-ups: 1x5xBW+15kg + 1x7xBW+7,5 + 1x8xBW Failed my 6th rep, so no progress. However I trained with a full stomach (and hopefully I’m regaining some weight), so I’m positive Anti-pronation exercise: 1x8x16kg Deloased a bit to focus more on muscle activation on my weaker side
  24. I hope to reach this state, someday. (And hoping so will of course move me away from it).
  25. Last week I couldn't train 3 times because I was too busy (and my gym close too early in the evening), so I skipped my squat day. Today I resumed the training. Deadlift: 1x4x130kg + 1x6x117,5kg An improvement over last week, albeit still quite far from my pre-sickness numbers Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (12-8-7-6) Happy with this! Dead hangs: 2 sets 1m20s + 1m ; I wonder why my grip got this bad: I remember few weeks ago I got like 1m40s! Ankle mobility Really quick session, I was running out of time Low-bar squats (feet flat on the floor): 3x8x70kg These were supposed to be paused squats, but the load was a bit too challenging to do a proper pause and still be focused on equal weight distribution between my feet. My LLD makes difficult to proper force distribution.
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