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  1. Abstaining from physical activity doesn't do good to my body: last week I had all those minor annoying sensation in my back and neck — a symptom that my body was de-conditioning. Luckily my vacation wasn't all relax and no activity. I did a lot of hiking (some of it wearing five fingers), but that doesn't really count as exercising. I had a blast, though. Anyway holiday season's almost over, time to resume my training! Deadlift: 1x3x130kg + 1x4x117,5kg I lowered veeeery slightly the weight and managed to perform the same number of reps as I did my last training. I expected that, but it's a bummer. Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (13-8-6-6) Not bad, all things considered! Overhead press: 3x10x30kg Dead hang: 1m30s Single arm dead hang: 20s + 20s
  2. Last training session before my icelandic vacation (I have a flight this afternoon). Had to cram in quite some stuff. Deadlift: 1x3x132,5kg + 1x6x120kg That top set. I'm stuck at three reps. Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (13-9-6-6) Overhead Press: 1x7x40kg + 1x8x37,5kg + 1x8x35kg Solid performance here! Single arm dead hangs: 30s Right arm is slightly stronger. This shouldn't come as a surprise, but somewhat it is: the musculature of the left side of my body is more developed. Finger curls (pronated grip): 3x8x52,5kg That's it. I probably won't resume my formal training until August 20th. I hope not to lose much strength.
  3. Today I discovered my gym has adopted a new schedule for the upcoming month: 9am - 9pm. With my working hours I cannot abide, so I'll be lucky if I'll manage to train once or twice before my vacation. I still have not regained the level of strength I had prior last summer's vacation, so I'm a little concerned about what a 2-3 week stop will do to my performances. ---- Today a client complimented with me for my handshake — a real world test for my grip training regime!
  4. Squat: 1x5x115kg + 1x7x105kg + 1x8x95kg + 1x10x85kg Bent Over Row: 1x6x85kg + 1x7x82,5kg + 1x8x80kg Overhead Press: 1x6x40kg + 1x7x37,5kg + 1x7x35kg Dead hang: 2m Single arm dead hang: 30s Finger curls (pronated grip): 3x8x52,5kg
  5. Ahaha let me rephrase: I don't know if I should have pushed harder, despite what I was feeling during the exercise (all my sets are AMRAP).
  6. My holiday begins next thursday and I'm fully committed to complete this training week AND the next one. Let's see how it goes. Today Chin-ups: 1x6xBW+17,5kg + 1x7xBW+10 + 1x8xBW+5 Good! Bench Press: 1x5x77,5kg + 1x6x72,5kg + 1x7x70kg Probably I went a little bit. conservative, here I'm not feeling tired, don't know how to interpret this. It's positive, I guess…
  7. @Nathan I'm trying the hardest to track my belly, but I'm facing a wall right now. I know I can be present all the time, yet I feel I need a proper daily sit. I've meditated while on holiday with friends, before, but never “on the road”. Ouch, this hurt man!
  8. Within a week or so I'm going to have a short holiday on the road with some friends. I'd have no “me-time” and little rest in general, so…how could I keep practicing in those conditions?
  9. Single arm dead hangs: 2 sets 40s + 20s Deadlift: 1x3x132,5kg + 1x5x120kg Due to some changes in my gym, I'm finally returning to deadlift from ground level (no more padding, apparently). I'm actually impressed by my form and the relative ease of the lift. 3 reps are far from ideal, but today I don't want to be too harsh on myself. Plus, I can appreciate a moderate increase in dorsiflexion, which is nice! Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (13-9-5-5) Overhead press: 3x10x30kg
  10. Ankle mobilization Squat: 1x6x115kg + 1x7x105kg + 1x7x95kg + 1x10x85kg Bent Over Row: 1x8x82,5kg + 1x9x80kg + 1x10x77,5kg Overhead Press: 1x6x40kg + 1x7x37,5kg + 1x8x35kg Dead hang: 2m Single arm dead hang: 30s
  11. Second training day in a row: Ankle mobility Bench Press: 1x7x77,5kg + 1x8x72,5kg + 1x7x70kg Not bad! Chin-ups: 1x4xBW+17,5kg + 1x6xBW+10 + 1x7xBW+5 Decent, I'd say
  12. Dead hangs: 2 sets 2min + 1m30s Deadlift: 1x2x132,5kg + 1x5x120kg I can't believe it. I'm actually getting weaker… Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (14-9-6-6) Overhead press: 3x10x30kg
  13. Today I trained after a long workday. Low energy, empty stomach, quite tired. I shouldn't be surprised by these low numbers. Ankle mobility Squat: 1x3x115kg + 1x6x105kg + 1x7x95kg + 1x9x85kg Disappointed Bent Over Row: 1x7x82,5kg + 1x8x80kg + 1x9x77,5kg Overhead Press: 1x4x40kg + 1x7x37,5kg + 1x8x35kg Disappointed Dead hangs: 2 sets 2m + 1m30s Finger curls (pronated grip): 3x7x32,5(+20)kg
  14. Yesterday's training: Chin-ups: 1x5xBW+17,5kg + 1x7xBW+10 + 1x8xBW+5 Decent, I would say! Bench Press: 1x3x77,5kg + 1x7x72,5kg + 1x8x70kg I can't believe my first set sucked so much! Anti-pronation exercise: 1x10x18kg Today: Push-ups: 3x15 Just for fun
  15. Deadlift: 1x3x132,5kg + 1x5x120kg Meh Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (13-9-6-6) Overhead press: 3x10x27,5kg Dead hangs: 2 sets 1m30s + 1m Ankle mobility
  16. Bench Press: 1x7x77,5kg + 1x8x72,5kg + 1x7x70kg Nice progress! Chin-ups: 1x4xBW+17,5kg + 1x6xBW+10 + 1x6xBW+5 Meh Anti-pronation exercise: 1x10x18kg Scalenes Stretch
  17. Quick ankle mobilization Squat: 1x5x115kg + 1x7x105kg + 1x8x95kg + 1x9x85kg I finally ditched the plates under my heels and it felt great! All things considered, I'm happy even with the numbers. Bent Over Row: 1x6x82,5kg + 1x7x80kg + 1x8x77,5kg Overhead Press: 1x6x40kg + 1x8x37kg + 1x8x35kg Things start to get difficult. Dead hangs: 2 sets 2m10s + 1m30s Finger curls (pronated grip): 3x7x52,5kg
  18. Chin-ups: 1x6xBW+17,5kg + 1x7xBW+10 + 1x8xBW+5 Sweeeeet! Bench Press: 1x6x77,5kg + 1x7x72,5kg + 1x6x70kg Nice! I can feel the 8 reps coming! Ankle mobilization Low Bar Squat (feet flat on the ground): 1x6x50kg + 1x5x90kg + 1x2x115kg I might consider trying ditching the plates under the heels in my net squat day.
  19. @Kit_L I'm not worried about this, I know it's “normal” to experience weight fluctuation. I'm just pissed because I'd like to reach my bodyweight goal of 65kg. It's an arbitrary goal, mostly derived from comparison to others. Also: currently I don't feel very robust. I hope a moderate increase in lean mass would help in that regard. Back to training: Deadlift: 1x2x132,5kg + 1x4x120kg This is disappointing. My legs were still fatigued from my squat day and that's probably the main issue. My lingering back pain could maybe take part of the blame too. Anyway, not happy with the numbers. I don't think I really have lost strength, though: at the end of the exercise I wasn't as exhausted as I usually am. Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (13-9-6-6) Slight improvement, here. ----------- My quest to track the abdomen is harder than expected. I keep forgetting the task.
  20. @pogo69 Glad to hear I'm not alone! (PS: “LSD running” sounds a lot like something it's not) Today's training: Squat: 1x6x115kg + 1x8x105kg + 1x9x95kg + 1x10x85kg Squatting the day after a partner HF Stretch feels amazing: so much posterior chain activation! Some numbers going up despite the tiredness. Bent Over Row: 1x8x80kg + 1x9x77,5kg + 1x10x75kg Overhead Press: 1x6x40kg + 1x7x37,5kg + 1x7x35kg Dead hangs: 2 sets 2m + 1m30s ; this was difficult, today. Finger curls (pronated grip): 3x7x52,5kg Unsurprisingly, my back pain got better during (and after) training.
  21. @Kit_L A little provocation. What would be the correct approach towards self-improvement, according to this logic? If I'm ok with what's happening, what's the point of getting better at anything?
  22. Sunday Stretching. Partner HF Stretch Partner Piriformis Stretch Partner Lumbar Stretch Shoulder Pushdown Stretch I explored the sensation that's bothering me so much, but still couldn't figure out the exact spot to treat. There's piriformis involvement, but I suspect the quadratum lomborum should get most attention. Didn't train today because I wanted to be careful, but I don't know if it was the right decision. As for now, sitting is uncomfortable and driving is almost irritating. ------ Yesterday I didn't meditate, which is unfortunate. Today I still have to sit, I'm gonna do it before bed. ------ I weight 60kg. I don't know what to say, if I eat slightly less than usual for a couple of days I lose 1-2kg, it's insane!
  23. I actually almost never train with a full stomach: I can feel my body is less powerful than usual. However, I must adapt my training regime to the schedule I have. Thursday's log: Bench Press: 1x6x77,5kg + 1x7x72,5kg + 1x6x70kg Chin-ups: 1x4xBW+17,5kg + 1x6xBW+10 + 1x7xBW+5 Had to keep it real short because of time constraints. --------- My job requires a good amount of time spent driving and this is taking a toll on me, despite my training. My left HF are tight and I haven't been able to do a partner stretching in a while. What's bothering me the most is my lower back, though. I have a sharp sensation in the area around my left ilium. It has something to do with the latissimus dorsi, for sure, but I've come to the conclusion my piriformis plays a huge role. It's the upper part of the muscle, though, so it's difficult to isolate the area. This weekend I'm going to play around with my sensations a little bit. --------- I'm not sure if I'm going to train, today. Last night I went out partying and now I'm a little hangover. Maybe I'll hit the gym in the late afternoon. -------- Keeping track of the abdomen is getting harder with time, instead of easier.
  24. Super quick lunch break session, with a full stomach Deadlift: 1x5x132,5kg + 1x6x120kg 5th rep was really hard Chin-ups: 4xAMRAP (13-8-5-6) Slight performance loss, here ------ A couple of days ago I had an anger outburst, I totally lost it and wen in auto-pilot. Words were coming out of my mouth without any real awareness. From that day, I struggle a lot to keep a second attention in my abdomen. It's crazy, really. It's like I have to re-learn the skill.
  25. I'm writing here because I don't know which section is more appropriate and I think the topic is correlated to this thread. While talking with @Kit_L about some personal issues of mine, he told me this: On the spot, I wholeheartedly agreed and didn't comment on that. Later one, some considerations popped up in my mind, though. Where does therapy fall in this? Therapy is regarded as an effective tool to deal with mental health and I know few people that hugely benefitted from it. But…psychotherapy is, for the most part, talking about your problems and finding ways to fix them. I myself used blogging as a tool to get express feelings and thoughts, with great benefits. Someone I knew used to say: “joy increase by sharing, while suffering diminishes”. Anecdotally I find this true. Is it an illusion? How can this conundrum be solved?
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