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  1. Dtaylor.shaut

    Craig's Ballistic Stretching

    Any news on where these ballistic stretching follow-along videos have been/will be posted? I'm very interested but am late to the party. Thanks.
  2. Would it be possible to film a front splits Mastery series? I like all of the current films. They are great and so thorough. To me, the front splits would really complete the package. Just my two cents. Cheers. Keep stretching.
  3. Out of curiosity, I just bought all of these and am looking to progress on all of them. I see that each series in entirety is about 80 minutes. Would it be recommended to train all of them concurrently (M- Pancake; Tu - Bridge; Wed - Squat, etc.)? Or to focus on one until it's pretty clean and then maintain it while improving a second movement pattern (Pancake everyday limbering and the C-R work once or twice per week for a month or two and then go on to a different series)? I hope that's clear. Thanks. Edit: Nevermind. I couldn't see later posts, from this second page, originally. I'm going to focus on Mastering the Squat and either the Backbend/Shoulder flexibility for now. Cheers.