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  1. On another note, I have 4 more days left at my job!
  2. Haven't been keeping this up as I have a personal journal/log and have been trying to limit internet time! The retreat was amazing. 8 days of having no set routine, no normal sense of time and no technology. Surrounded by genuinely great and interesting people with similar interests, activities going all day. A day might look like this: wake up > swim > quick stretch > food > morning group class > capoeira > food > wrestle > swim > food > food> balancing > neiq/qi gong > meditate > hot food next to a campfire under the stars. My focus changed a bit, coming into camp, during camp and post camp. I have signed up for a 10 day Vipassana retreat for Jan 5th, and the retreat really has increased my motivation and interest in pursuing meditation further. I missed a couple days on retreat, but December has been solid, actually looking forward to sitting and most days multiple sits from 20min-1hour sessions. Legs - My left leg/knee has always been the dodgy one since my injury, but I felt some pain in the right for the first time ever from the capoeira in the sand. This R leg has taken most of the load for 8 years and held up well, time to give it something back haha. Good timing with Simons post about legs, as I will be focusing on getting them as strong as possible - the left leg is still severely limited and has plenty of room for improvement - even the unaffected L glute is weak from disuse/poor motor patterns. Flexibility - have neglected it for a while and the retreat reminded me. Adrien you flexible bastard! Have been doing a bit of yoga and longer stretching sessions incorporating play - something I had left behind as I was focusing on techniques/specifics/structure. Very fun and the sessions naturally last longer. Also another great take home from the retreat - approach everything with joyful curiosity.
  3. Yep! Was mostly in open C doing those. My knowledge of standard tuning is really poor so I'm working on that now, but some of the patterns carry over well.
  4. Haha you are taking it in an interesting direction! Yeah I have played on/off for about 11 years, though I'd say I'd im closer to about 5 years of actual playing/practicing. I can't think of any crossovers from guitar to other physical practices, apart from mayb typing and possibly some finger/forearm strength. I have decent finger control and individualisation while on guitar, but in general movement my fingers are terrible. Can do many basic hand signs for example. So I'd imagine this finger fitness stuff could be a great help ads my 'general movement capacity' of the fingers is pretty poor. I have found movement crosses over well into music, playing guitar and creativity. Earlier this year I was playing around with some different ideas - thinking in terms of concepts or movements and just letting the hands motion guide the sound e.g. making a wave shape/pattern that ran up the fretboard that then 'rebounded' and washed back down the guitar turned out pretty cool haha. And other shapes or patterns like spirals, zig zags etc.
  5. Going through the video now and that crossover warm up exercise is the most impossible thing ever! I've always been bad at making those gang signs/hand gestures but this is next level haha.
  6. NIce! Yeah I found my first handstand in the workout was smooth, light and easier to balance, but the fatigue quickly took away that feeling as the session progressed. Was a productive week, unfortunately didn't always get my morning routine done in the morning but I got them done at some point. Problem has been late nights and lack of sleep due to playing guitar for too long late into the night! So the focus this week is early to bed, early to rise! Been struggling with it all year haha. Daily must dos! - Morning routine of circles/jt rotations, spinal waves, dynamic stretching and limbering. - Handstands - 9 Palms Nei Gong we learnt at Serges workshop - Guitar
  7. Are you training this for anything other than curiosity or the pleasure of this training of itself? If not would be cool to implement into anothr practice, as youve said like learning an instrument or art and gauge the carry over directly. Have you seen liquid/hand dance or gloving? They both require crazy hand and finger dexterity and would have very direct carry over while adding another layer to the training. Like Ido says 1. Isolate 2. Implement 3. Improvise
  8. Interesting topic thaks for sharing. I play guitar and occasionaly try finger isolation exercises when I'm stuck with nothing to do. I haven't watched the whole vid yet but I imagine will be nothing as complex as that. For guitar its obviously very important to have individual control over each finger so they do what you tell them to do. I think most great guitarists just stick to exercises on the guitar...Tommy Emmanuel great example and he has talked about how his hands have physicaly changed shape to suit the guitar. Each technique is a new fine motor skill/pattern for the brain to learn and it requires drilling. Strength is also involved but that comes naturally from drilling the technique. The emphasis is on slow refined movement and only increase tempo once you can play it perfectly multiple times. Some of the deeper practice advice emphasise super slow motion and to take note of and release tension in the rest of the body. The finger training products I think are mostly akin to the "6 pack ab" machines. Though this general movement capacity of the fingers would have some useful crossover. These look pretty good and challenging! I might try some out. I haven't read much into this avenue of dexterity training and the benefits for musicans. Playing guitar is a bit different in that your fretting hand has the neck to brace against which provides an external force to work with. I guess you could call it closed chain? The right or picking hand would probably see more benefit as its more open chain, free flowing
  9. So twice in the last week I've done a yoga nidra before bed and had disrupted sleep - one took me a while to fall asleep, the other I woke up wide awake after a few hours which is unusual for me. Last night was more of a 'refreshment for the day' type one it seemed. But both occasions despite only ~4 hours sleep I've felt good and energetic through the day. Two other times I've had extremely restful sleep. These things are good. Trying to get these in each night for at least a couple weeks. Also a quick lunch time Qi Gong was like a quick power nap. Still working on learning the details and refining the movements but starting to feel easier
  10. Hey day 1, 5 and 6 have gone back to the embedded player form and cant be downloaded. Is someone able to upload them again? Thanks Dave for pointing me to these and thanks Kit for the recordings!
  11. Hey Fidel, I was thinking of trying some online coaching with Mindful Mover, how is it so far? Once the knee has healed up a bit, I'd suggest smashing the low squat statics/low gait and stance work. Really helped (and continues to) free up my old knee injury. Best thing I've ever done for it really.
  12. Last night I did a yoga nidra type guided meditation and literally slept through my alarm so I was late for work. So my morning routine became my warm up for lunch time workout (thank you extended lunch break) "Morning routine" today: - Circles 5min - Spinal waves 15min - Limbering 5min + 10min at the end - Ji Ben Qi Gong 35min Handstand work - 50min at lunch +10min evening - Trying alternating OAWHS holds for conditioning, up to 1 set of 5min today. Ido has suggested 30min, we'll see. Not sure if I like the Qi Gong right before handstands (or any strength type work), seems better suited for afterwards or ideally a separate session but might play around with it more.
  13. Hey all! I'm Chris I've met some of you on workshops and Dave's Thursday lunch class. I thought I'd post here for extra motivation and to share with this amazing community of people. I've trained in exercise science and now working in physiotherapy, but am transitioning out of the confines of that box and pursuing my own movement journey. Its something I think I've always wanted and had taken small steps towards but really only fully realised and have made a committed choice mid 2015, and that choice gets . I am now waiting for work to replace me so I can do more movement, learning and travelling! For now I'm focusing on developing routine and structure into my training. I've had good results from just training what I feel like for the day, but usually short term as I lose focus and routine. Im still working out my goals and these will likely change as my training progresses but at this stage looking at these areas, some of which spill into each other: Handbalancing (30-60min 6xweek) and strength (2x week?): Press HS, Hollow back press and maybe eventually OAHS (this might change), Front lever. Mobility: daily limbering, 1-2 focused stretch sessions a week. Pancake, front and side splits. Music/guitar - I think the creative side is very important and obviously links well. 60min/day technique, theory, ear training and improvising. Singing exercises 10min daily. Movement - Experimenting and dabbling in lots of things, still figuring out areas to focus. Likely to include some martial arts (BJJ, muay thai, capoeira, dance, traditional chinese forms), dance, yoga, rock climbing, flow work (improv, object manipulation), surfing, slacklining, and last but most importantly - table tennis - what a game. Meditation/internal work - Mindfulness practice, 10min a day minimum meditation, breathing practices and rekindling the lucid dreaming practice. Will probably change/update this as I get a better structure and understanding to my routine.
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