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  1. Hi Kit, I've been getting what I believe is left SIJ pain on and off for a year or so. Usually happens when lifting heavy objects or kneeling with with my right knee down and my left knee up too much. The SIJ pain is currently while bearing more weight on my left foot, like getting up from a chair. The SIJ pain is quite bad that I'm actually getting pain while pedaling hard while out of the saddle. I never thought tight lats could be a contributor but mine definitely are and cycling probably contributes to that. Could you please elaborate on how this can effect the SIJ? I understand the physical connections you mention. I was wondering whether my left glute which doesn't tend to fire as well as my right is linked to these issues. Thanks Ed
  2. I tried slacklining yesterday for the first time and it was as hard as I expected it to be but very rewarding. I eventually managed a max of 7 steps which I was happy with. Afterwards I cycled a very short distance home which I felt a lot more planted on the pedals. My feet and ankles felt really good when I woke up in the morning (1st MTP taking some load rather than just my 2nd and 3rd which usually take the most of my weight). Will definitely be doing more of this over the summer months. Like others have said, its very good for finessing breathing & stability together as well as the mind.
  3. Has anyone come across this? - https://www.gutsense.org/fiber-menace/what-is-so-menacing-about-fiber.html In a nutshell it seems to be about the rife marketing and paid studies promoting the benefits on fiber when there doesn't actually seem to be benefits, just a fiber dependence that comes with having too much fiber due to damaged nerves (lack of feeling the need of a bowel movement). I quite like the logic as compares a lot to evolution, natural tendencies and instincts - What I base a lot of my life choices on. Personally I don't get on with much fiber in my diet and have more fiber is the usual advice from health professionals when talking about IBS or constipation etc.
  4. I'm not much of a forum poster but my view is that of course podiatrists will on the whole be against minimal / barefoot as this is an argument directly against their profession is founded on. However you can't say everyone would benefit (at least no immediately) because people have worn shoes for most of their life or may have had accidents at birth such as structural defects. If most people never wore shoes from birth I believe most functional physical ailments (especially related to the feet) would not occur. Evolution is (was) survival of the fittest and for most of this there were no shoes! On a personal note, I was prescribed orthotics in my teens which made my foot ailments considerably worse. Only in recent years have my feet been better than when I was a teenager since wearing five fingers / the occasional barefoot walks.
  5. Hi Iva, I do indeed have similar feelings and was excited to experience everything differently post the weekend's workshop. Even directly after I walked the 6 miles to their airport in my five fingers taking a lot more appreciation over what I was feeling throughout my body. Since then, whether limbering / stretching at home or yoga classes I've felt so much more in tune with what my body is (trying) to tell me and a huge amount of apprehension in my movements has vanished. What was previously perceived as negative sensations has mostly changed to greater feedback and dare I say pleasure! I'm also a lot more inclined to just do things very free-form, leading from one movement to another unplanned position which I experienced this morning before work. Hurrah for flexible work hours as I had no pressure this morning to cut short what I was experiencing :-) Ed
  6. Ha thanks! That went straight over my head like all gym talk. I just skimmed over that presuming it was some reference to doing it in the morning :-) So a single leg good morning looks similar to warrior 3 in yoga. Whenever I do that I often end up sore in the belly of my hamstrings so weakness it probably is? Glutes work solidly.
  7. Hi Craig, What actual exercise are you suggesting? :-) I'm guessing it is obvious but clearly not obvious enough for me. On the 4th day my hamstring soreness had gone but I was left with just pain - Slightly more on my right side despite the soreness feeling equal the first few days. Yesterday (7th day) the pain was still affecting my cycling a fair bit but today I woke up feeling a lot better and cycling felt almost normal. I guess it was more than just micro tears of the muscles.
  8. This subject is quite relevant in that I've experienced severe / strong feelings of DOMs in many places of my body including my glutes and quads and this has been from cycling or jiu jitsu but generally only due to the intensity being out of the ordinary. I notice in Hatha yoga I sometimes get mild DOMs in the belly of my hamstrings and I believe it is mostly from holds where my hamstrings are contributing to holding the weight of my torso up while in full or near full extension. It is usually after a session of feeling more flexible than usual but the next day my flexibility is worse while sore. This was the most I've ever experienced DOMs in my hamstrings until: A couple of days ago I did 108 sun salutations which is definitely out of the ordinary for me! This resulted in severe hamstring DOMs which today the 2nd day being worse. Also affected was my glutes to a lesser degree and triceps, deltoids and pectorals. Now I've never had such DOMs in my hamstrings and for me it severely restricts my flexibility. I was about a foot away from touching the floor the following morning and walking a bit robotic. Is this due to weak hamstrings? I was doing a lot of bent legged forward bends due to my flexiblity (most days I can't quite get my palms flat to the floor when straight legs). My glutes usually seem to work well enough and my hip flexors are in fairly good shape - I've had DOMs in my glutes many times on and off so they definitely activate enough. I'm just wondering whether strengthening my hamstrings may help with improving my flexibility as I've typically found breakthroughs in flexibility once I've managed to strengthen a muscle group. My hamstrings don't seem to like being loaded up while being stretched.
  9. Oh this is really interesting. I've always had trouble breathing through my nose, but not generally - yoga is OK but anything cardio wise I end up breathing in through my mouth. By sticking my little finger up my nose my left nostril is so much smaller than my right. I think I'll give the jala neti and sutra neti a go. I can't stand coconut so can't imagine I'd like that up my nose but can give it a go.
  10. A bit of background to why I'm asking the question: I've had problems with the arches of my feet for most of my life and especially the left main arch - Extremely sharp pains I now believe from too much collapse. In the past year or so I found out my left leg is the longer leg. I injured my big toe of the left foot several times around 3 years ago which led to the end joint not moving. I've managed to get a little passive movement back and lately a tiny bit of active movement. I hadn't had that arch pain for about 10 years but it came back a couple of weeks ago. The compensations were huge as I guess my CNS really didn't want it to happen again? I started bearing weight on the outside of my foot and got outside knee pain. I just couldn't walk naturally at all, all the memories of over 10 years ago came flooding back. What I believe contributed to the pain returning was I bought some new minimal shoes and unlike the rest of my shoes I forgot to put a 4mm heel raise in the right shoe. I had been wearing these a lot and had been on my feet more than usual. Also I had been trying to gain some flexibility in the dorsiflexion of my toes so perhaps overstretching my weak arch? So getting onto the subject question, I noticed my left foot is a lot weaker at 'scrunching' the toes/pushing through the toes. When walking, should I be pushing through the big toe (or any toes)? At the moment I don't with either foot, my toes are pretty much passengers that just get walked on. The ball of the foot behind my big toe is baby soft on each foot and looks like I've never walked on them, wheres behind the middle 3 has a fair bit of callusing - Collapsed front arch I guess. I feel that if I were to more actively use my toes / big toe I'd actually bear some weight behind the big toe and not so much weight through the ball of the foot behind the middle 3.
  11. More props to find! The end of my bed has a rail so I'll try that if it's strong enough. I need to fit more balancing into my routines. My right foot seems to be really starting to wake up compared to my left, so much so that I can balance a lot easier on it now whereas they used to be both equally useless. I guess it's a good sign that my feet are making new noises (clicks an crunches) which feels like new ROM. The feeling of foot stimulation is one of the best feelings for me as it is something I've not had enough of.
  12. I think about cues from time to time while walking in my vibram kso evos for posture reasons and I remember Kit saying about about walking silently and so I bend my knees slightly. It doesn't work too well due to my pronation / lack of ankle dorsiflexion as bending the knees requires better dorsiflexion. I suppose I'd get benefit if I walked very slowly with bent knees pretending to be a ninja. Maybe I should just dress as one so I don't look strange. I've gone from wearing vibrams for the first time a few months back when I had to walk very slowly and purposely with little distance due to hard working feet to being able to walk what feels as easily as with prior cushioned shoes although probably still a bit slower. I feel like I've plateaued in regards to improving my feet / posture while walking so I was wondering whether I should start some gentle jogging/running in my vibrams (I don't run at all currently) in an aid to strengthen my feet and ankles and hopefully gain some mobility? I know that due to my feet / ankle limitations I'll be landing mostly on the forefoot of my feet and expect extremely sore calf muscles. When the summer comes around I'll try some actual barefoot walking like I did as a kid when walking home from the beach!
  13. I've been thinking I really need to make some progress on my ankle dorsiflexion (actually been thinking this for at least 5 years). After doing those anti pronation exercises I've got a better awareness and understanding of the pronation mechanism. So while in yoga when my knee is behind my foot but still heavily loaded I noticed my arch was a lot higher than when I'm stood up. It appears my feet pronate strongly just from standing because of the huge lack of flexibility. So I started from no. 1 and made an effort to keep weight on the outside of my foot / rotate the whole leg out, instantly I felt a stretch which vaguely recognised but because my awareness / connection to that muscle is so bad I've thought it was stretching a hamstring but gave it more thought and realised it is from the lower leg and I believe the outer gastroc? I then switched to a tame single leg down dog with my hands about a step and a half high and breathed into it and the stretch just got stronger and stronger, not like I was going to do some damage, it was an overwhelming type feeling. So for me this is a major breakthrough! It might come across as stupidity that I've only just figured this out but I believe this is connected to when I had excruciating arch pains in my feet nearly 20 years ago and problems began. Back when compensations started perhaps? Perhaps even then I was tight in the hip flexors?
  14. This isn't adding much but from my perspective as someone (a beginner, typical modern day stereotype who has sat too much) who has various muscles that need awakening / strengthening the cues are spot on. That's not to say my lower back muscles aren't working in the back bend because they are and despite the cues they did feel like they had worked (spending 5-6 hours going through the videos / taking notes probably contributed). I've never suffered with lower back problems in regard to spinal pain just the feelings of my lower back muscles being overused/sore because they are so over dominant in a lot of actions. No doubt to protect my spine which they've done a good job so far! Without the cues my overworking sore lower back muscles completely detract from the rest of the back bending.
  15. Craig: Done Ed's progress towards full back bend and ABH log Yeah, starting something even if only by a small amount seems key because it then becomes habit and should manifest itself further. I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it so I'm sure I'll get there eventually.
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