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  1. I have just about every VOD save a couple follow-alongs and I easily work most with the Mastery series. Slow Flow is second, but I prefer to take my own notes and jot the order of exercises so I don't have to rely on the follow-along and can go at my own pace. With the Mastery series, I have a TOC note in Evernote which links to a dedicated note for each Mastery series. In each dedicated note, I have a list of all the exercises and my own description of the exercise and anything to look out for, with certain exercises highlighted in yellow (meaning to focus on) or in red font (meaning the
  2. I notice that in the Master programs, the exhalation right after a contraction is made - in order to then go deeper into the stretch - is through the mouth and made audible. Is there a reason behind this? I'm wondering if I should be exhaling this way for ST C-R cycles. Also, sometimes the exhalation is very quick, maybe 3 seconds. Should the exhalation be as long as is naturally possible? I'm used to just exhaling through the nose as relaxed and silent as possible, as if in meditation. I tried the audible exhalation through the mouth and notice it produces a certain type of tension in gl
  3. LOL hahahaha ok reassurance acquired! Thank you @Nathan!! I will do some research into Emmet's H2T protocol
  4. I had no idea what the Year of the Rooster meant, but I just read this and it auspiciously is aligned with the theme and timing of my log for this year: That brings us to the possibilities for 2017. This year’s theme is “application.” The Rooster has one special super power—the ability to delay gratification and focus on the long term goal. Roosters can actually separate the reward from the work required to get it, and they can do this over long periods of time….like years. So whatever feelings you may have about the upheaval created in the Monkey year, the qi will now support you to focu
  5. Did craig’s wrist conditioning tut for the first time a couple days ago. forearms have some DOMS. I notice, what feels like a bony restriction, on my left wrist, the area closest to the thumb. will continue to learn more as I continue to do wrist prep. pretty excited though, basically most of craig’s tut is new material for me, and I’ve played with Yuris, kit’s, and GMB’s wrist prep in the past. I had to stop for one reason or another, but actually with craig’s I feel is friendlier on my body, which I’m pretty excited about. perhaps a wrist conditioning workout I can stick with! also, act
  6. Conscious walking as in alignment between heaven and earth? So you no longer do the 'fall forward' diagonal force vector walk, but the 'down and forward' horizontal force vector walk? I've done some feldenkrais walking lessons and have learned some subtle ways of making walking even more conscious, besides vertical alignment. Namely, at least right now, being hyper aware of relation of shoulder to how the pressure in the bottom of the foot changes (e.g. does shoulder begin its forward swing as soon as same-side heel strikes the floor? and playing with all variations of that). greater cudi
  7. I've gradually noticed how my feet have gotten beefier, but I didn't notice how much more vascular they've gotten. my feet are fookin shredded! training the feet & toes may be like doing the laundry, washing the dishes, vacuuming, dusting, going grocery shopping, AND taking out the trash but i’m always rewarded at the end of the session I have been slacking off though, not making it a daily thing. need to get back on course! one thing I’ve done lately is, since the hands/fingers tend to mimic the feet/toes (this was a useful trick to increase the feet maps at first), and sin
  8. SICK kicks dude are those the 2017 Air Zhuangzis or the Lao Tzu IX Wuji's?!?
  9. @Francesco See here: http://kitlaughlin.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33-flat-feet-pronation-in-response-to-a-q-from-coach-sommer/. Most of it is in there, but there’s also some stuff in SF. I mainly do the drills in simon’s first video, and adduction exercises putting a pencil between pinky toe and ring toe, also between ring toe and middle toe. those are weakest maps. there’s a ton of exercises though. and then ankle and toe stretches (side ankle, front ankle/anterior tibialis, etc.) Also diaphragm stretches: I need to find some lol. There’s one I learned a few years ago, basically you ar
  10. just to give an update on the past couple months, from what I can remember… craig reminded me of the ’letting the pelvis hang’ cue along the same time I actually began committing to nei dan. since then, connection to the center line has been stronger than ever, spine lengthened more than ever, and I hit an ‘energy awakening’ and very clearly leveled the f*** up in everything and energy seems to be increasing daily for a while I just stopped stretching piriformis because I no longer felt any stretch from the "Beginner" piriformis ST stretches and the advanced piriformis on a bolster w
  11. “The ARC of Mountain Hammer is long, but it bends towards Physical Alchemy” On my self-healing journey I discovered ST in late 2015, and found it to be one of the best communities I’ve ever come across. Everyone has been extremely helpful and generous with their time and knowledge. The ST system in itself has been transformational, let alone all the other practices I’ve discovered through the ST community. I’d like to dedicate this year’s fire rooster log to Craig and remembering ARC! Craig not only introduced me (us) to DX, but has been supportive by way of answering a billion quest
  12. I have not received the BH 2 exercises yet, but I did receive the shorter video on adding qualities & some lower body stuff to the wai gong. Also, I've only ever, and continue to only, seriously practiced BH ex. 1-6. Wouldn't moving to BH2 be getting ahead of myself if I don't at least have a good proficiency in all the BH1 exercises first? Meaning I have the technique down to a point where I can make any of the BH into nei gong, the lat is fully activated in all, and I can do any of them for at least 10 minutes (easily)?
  13. at some point I might take up xingy too... all it took was experiencing a 'stiff-arm attack', my chest barely prodding into a knuckle whose arm was stiff like a spear, once and it was just too cool and powerful to not want to learn!
  14. @Nathan How long or seriously did you practice it?
  15. @Nathan thanks. The lactic acid buildup or lack of muscular endurance in the wide-leg EW is much worse than regular, but like the regular, I do believe it will improve as well, and rather quickly as you say. As for postures, it's described a bit in the Shen Gong/Nei Dan book of Serge's, but a picture really would best do it justice. There are a number of variations, but the two biggest ones are hands up, palms facing you, maybe 1ft from your face, index fingers at chin height, finger tips facing each other and slightly tilted up, hands maybe shoulder or slightly wider length apart, elbows
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