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  1. Noone can stop me or hold me back unless I allow them. I do not pay attention to what other people think and say about me and what I am doing with my life. They judge from their own perspectives and living their own lives. When someone matters enough for me to start paying attention, that is a concious decision to balance between personal growth and mutual growth (eg in a relationship).
  2. I have posted three links to courses just a couple of posts above. I am attaching a few downloads from those courses that are relevant and may be of interest. Additional Information to Add to Your Images.pdf List of Position - Rank Tracker Tools.pdf stepbystep_SEO_Reader.pdf Back Link Analysis and Link Outreach Tools.pdf Competition Analysis Tools (Free & Premium).pdf
  3. I watched Marcus's voice over - my first impression is that it was spoken extremely fast (we also speak slower here ... and of course my German is not anywhere fluent as my English). I would suggest that Kit instructs in the coming videos with non-native English speakers in mind as audience: keep it simple, precise, less colloquial and more standard English, and slower than usual. It will make the job of the translator so much easier.
  4. Skillshare courses I liked: (I focused on Local SEO ie optimising a local business site for the search engines) a long but productive course for local SEO rankings, from A to Z how to use Google Search Console SEO tips for sites based on Wordpress
  5. @Jim Pickles The fonts is where I spent minimum time contemplating and deciding - as you said, I used simple rule of thumb serif for the body text, sans serif for headings. Have you tried running this on the mobile phone too? I had to check both versions and I got OK within 10 min of trying different fonts, and left it there. The fonts come as part of the Premium WP Theme called Antenna, all of them are fancy and there is no the usual ones like Times New Roman or Arial. So I picked the least fancy fonts ))) Attached below.
  6. In the meantime, I largely finished my own website update. Key changes: -split into two separate sites, one for German and another one for English (by way of subdomain) - got through many hours of SEO-tutorials (free month membership, so free) on Skillshare.com. I can post here those I found most useful - ran many tests via SEO-related tools available for free on internet, starting from Google Search Console and sites like MOZ - updated pages and texts for both DE and EN sites based on what I learnt in those tutorials: keywords, internal links, headers etc - ON PAGE SEO
  7. Thank you! I think most posts from that of November 25 (see link below) can be moved to the new thread.
  8. I second that - this thread "feedback on my site" could fit well under Promoting Our Work. We could also collect links and addresses of ours on Instagram, Facebook etc so we don't have to work hard to find each other on Social Media )))
  9. The menu looks more structured but still overcrowded - an inconsistent: on the Classes Page there are 7 submenu items under Dance and only 6 on the Home page (by way of an example). Another consideration, do you really need to keep all this stuff in one website? What is the purpose of this website - an online filing cabinet (for you) or a presentation of your as a XXXX to the internet audience? If second, then perhaps you could move your dance photos to a separate photo-hosting site or a WP photo-based blog and keep the Stretching info in its own separate place. If first (filing cabinet f
  10. @jaja Start here http://dianelee.ca/article-training-deep-core-muscles.php#pfm (Pelfic Floor) and then TA http://dianelee.ca/article-training-deep-core-muscles.php#transversus these are good explainations and exercises that follow them. Because you are training very deep core stabilisers, it should feel more like fine-tuning the body (getting the feel of those muscles to learn to activate them) than strength-training. In fact, in my classes I use very light resistance but lots of instability in the exercise to train deep core. Here are my own: My favourite is lying down on
  11. @Jim Pickles I like the minimalistic look (plain background, one text column, menu on one side). Can't comment more on the design elements as I am not a good designer myself, and for me content has always been more important than the design around it. So now to the content. The menu looks very confusing to me. And the menu is the first thing I look at when I want to find out what I can get from the site. There are several levels of the menu items and some of them are URL links while some others are not: what does that supposed to mean. A quick test such as: I am interested
  12. The main site corepilates.at is the German language version and it is consistent with the .at domain extention (Austria = German-speaking area). This is where all visitors are directed to. The English version is a subdomain en.corepilates.at. It can be arrived at by switching the language in the main domain version or by doing seach on Pilates in Vienna in English (ultimately, when this version picks up some traffic and becomes more visited by the search engines). Other ways of doing it would be registering a brand new landing site for the English version: corepilates.com or co.uk or .ne
  13. This week I have finally split the languages and made two different language versions of my site. These are not obvious to the reader, the reader can simply switch between the languages via a button on the menu. But behind it are two different sites and will be maintained as different sites (sigh...). The final straw that made me do it was the SEO impact of mixing languages in one site. Apparently, not recommended. And I made a clear German version (with German Keywords) and English with the English ones.
  14. I see you are now fully on it ))) a couple of more ideas: - to link stretching to a super-trendy topic like yoga (comes first in the similar hashtags in that Hashtagify link). So, #stretchforyoga, #yogastretch, #yogasplits, #yogahamstringsstretch etc. - to link stretching to athletic pursuits like #stretchforrunners, #stretchforgolf or even simply #golf and #mountainbiking if a particular body part can be relevant to some sport You are allowed 30 hashtags per post.
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