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  1. Sorry to hear Mintathea. I´m also a bit skeptical to surgery and really want to try out other things before to see if I can improve. I practice a lot of capoeira (brazilian martial art/dance) and really need flexibility in the hips, especially for kicks. Hope you get better.
  2. Really inspiring SDowd. Will definitely have a look at your website. Thank you!
  3. Hello, I first experienced some pain in my right hip last year, thought it was something temporary and went on with exercising. Capoeira, skateboarding, GST training and some running. Sometimes after exercise I could feel a sharp pain in the right groin area of my hip, the pain was often there for just a couple of hours after working out and then went away. After some time I decided to visit a Physiotherapist and took an MRI on both of my hips. The difference was clearly between my left and right hip. The physio suspected hip impingement on my right side. He gave me a couple of exercises in order to build up strength in the glutes and around the hips and told me that surgery was the last option. After some months with these rehab exercises I could barely feel any difference at all, the groin pain was still there, especially when rotating the hip inward. It's really frustrating because of the limits in range of motion I have on my right hip. Sometimes I can hear a snapping sound coming from the femur and it doesn't sound god. I'm in the thoughts of having surgery because I feel there is not much that I can do to make it better myself. Tried foam rolling, stretching and different mobility exercises for the hips. When i'm for example stretching for middle splits, specially the frog stretch, I can feel a sharp pain in the right groin area. So now to my questions: Can impingement in the hips be treated with stretching over a long period of time? Anyone else here on the forum dealing with the same or similar problem? Have anyone done surgery? If so, how long was the recovery time and how did you feel afterwards? Thank you. Best regards Andreas
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