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  1. Seen this one so many times, Bboy Junior has a disability because of childhood polio
  2. Craig, I really like this one too, thanks for the upload. I've been trying to do as often as possible. I realized one could also do isometrics along the way when coiling down or up too, especially around the areas where need some work. Hmm will give that a try.
  3. Update on my knee, day 83 - My knee feels very good for most of the time even when doing leg work. - I can squat almost as low as before my surgery, only issue is I feel something stiffy in my calf and the anterior part of my knee, the feeling is degrading though. - I get that same feeling when I my bent my leg, surround it with my arm and pull my heel to my butt. - PTs said that there is some point in my calf that I need to work with rolling/stretching, it's going down for sure. - I have jumped lightly on several occasion with no much issue, but not gonna push it - I'm still not doing rotational movements around my knee, may start playing lightly with that soon. As a whole, for the lack of better term, I feel my upper body movement is way more precise, I can stop and hold a position for a while without trembling, my rotational spine mobility is way better, definitively feeling the gains from Daxuan training. I am excited to see the changes in 9 months time! I may put those gains to some good use and go to a popping class soon!
  4. At the end of this past week, I decided to sign up for Daxuan's Natural Boxing and Nei gong courses. So, I'm making changes to my Daxuan training. For wai gong, I'll pick up 15 mins of one of the Basic hands, and then do 30 mins or more of Natural Boxing's wai gong, do 3 of the Heavy hands. Natural boxing training is very interesting, it basically gives you some sort of hands movements where you first do it in a relaxed way for a while until your body has assimilated it. Then comes more... You can do those movements walking normally, walking in circles, standing, I'm even doing it pivoting sometimes. The first rule of Daxuan's Natural Boxing is you don't talk about Daxuan's natural boxing, so I won't be giving many details here, maybe already saying more than I should ... but if you are in the Daxuan distance course, contact me privately and I'll be able to give you more details For Nei gong, I still have to decide what to do, so I'll keep doing the static posture until I know and then do! Sunday - 18 mins of Basic hands - Stretching - 30 mins of Zi Ran men (Natural boxing) - 30 mins of Shen gong - 18 mins of Nei gong static posture - 25 mins of Nei dan - Handstands - Hanging - Bent arm work Monday today AM - Shen gong 30 mins - Handstands - Hanging More training to be done ...
  5. It's been a busy week Everyday up to Saturday - 45 mins of wai gong: 17 mins of Stretching, 14 mins of Pushing, 14 mins of Opening - 30 mins of Shen gong - 30 mins of Nei dan - 18 mins of Nei gong static posture - 11/12 mins of balancing on rail: At this point the rail is very low, so I'm just balancing standing either sideways or with the ball of my feet on it. After a week, I've already seen improvement! Tuesday - Leg work: - A1 Romanian Deadlift 55 pounds 5x6-8reps - A2 Split squats 15 pounds dumbbell on each hand 5x6-8reps - B1 Active pigeon stretch 60s - B2 5 step horse stance 40s - Kit's HF solo stretch, can manage 1min 20s on each side. Did it 3 times. - Advanced Piriformis stretch 3.5 mins on each side. Getting more relaxed and deeper into this - Squashed frog for 5 mins, doing pulses and moving my spine and staying for a while. Very nice. Wednesday - Handstands: getting more solid time away from the wall in the pulses - Hanging, mainly dead hanging, to decompress from handstand work. - Bent arm work: Doing slower eccentrics for ring chin ups and dips. Feeling stronger there Thursday - Handstands - Hanging - For wai gong only did 18 mins of stretching this day Friday - Straight arm work Saturday - Handstands - Hanging - Leg work 80 pounds on the RDL, 20 pounds dumbbell in the split squat - 1.5 mins of Single Leg Downard dog, 2 times on my right leg, 1 time on my left - For wai gong this day, I only did 18 mins of stretching this day too
  6. I once did Nei gong with jodorowsky's dune's soundtrack. Felt like going into another dimension through space ... different feeling from Alice in Chains and Wai gong of course
  7. Not sure if you are already aware of this
  8. PM - Wai gong 12 mins of Stretching Eng at work, got interrupted by a work group that meets for guided meditation at the place I was training, so I joined Evening - 16 mins of Nei gong - 30 mins of focused breathing (nei dan) - 10 mins of balancing on the rail. This is something I'm gonna do as often as I can. Right now I'm side and forward balancing. The former is just balancing with one foot on the rail and the other one on the side, the latter one is balancing with the ball of my feet. Parkour-inspired This should help with my knee rehab too. - More Wai gong 13 mins of Pushing eng and 13 mins of Opening eng. Opening eng is awesome, the more relaxed I become before explosively opening the arms, the more explosive the opening is. This makes me sweat a lot. I'm also feeling both of my shoulders kinda hurt a little whenever I do specific movements, I got the feeling that they are releasing tension ... will explore this in a later day, got some ideas. - Straight arm work -> working towards the L-sit, have begun holding with legs extended, not straight yet but not tucked either. - Pec stretch against the wall - Lat stretch on the ring
  9. I'd say their main horse stance was more of a 3 step horse stance, you sit deep with feet pointing forward and knees going inwards, your arms are extended in front of you, your palms are facing away from you, your left fingers are pointing to your right, your right fingers are pointing to your left. Your left hand is beneath your right hand (they were very particular about this). Your gaze is between your index and middle finger of your right hand. KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT! The other one you start with your feet separated 1.5 shoulder length facing forward, standing with your knees lightly bent, your palms facing you with your fingers separated as much as possible, imagine you are holding something big and heavy: Your elbows are lightly bent, your palms are slightly concave. Keep your back straight and think that the object is getting heavier and heavier, so you'd start lowering down more and more I saw people all the way down hip same height as knee. Also, he said that none got it right at the end of every qi gong exercise we did, so there ... Maybe I'll video these guys, if I do I'll post the links here. The link to the FB event for anyone's interest https://www.facebook.com/events/450915358428279/
  10. Day 76, Monday Everyday - 42 mins of Wai gong: 16 mins of Stretching Eng, 13 mins of Pushing eng, 13 mins of Opening eng - 30 mins of Shen gong - 30 mins of Nei dan - 15 mins of Nei gong static posture The sweet order of things for me these days: Wai gong -> Nei gong -> Shen gong -> Nei dan. Shen gong calms the mind a little and set me right for nei dan. Friday - Handstands in the AM - LPS work in the evening (like in post #37 Saturday) Saturday - Hanstands in deload - Knee rehab work: A1 Walking sideways with resistance band around ankles 12m each way x 2 A2 Unweighted split squats 2 x 10 reps B1 Romanian deadlift, 70 pounds 3 x 10 reps , 4 sec eccentric, rest 90s B2 Unilateral Farmer walk with a 55 pounds, 30m walking forwards, 30m walking backards x 3, rest 90s C1 Peterson step up 2x10reps each side, rest 60s C2 Horse Stance 2x1min, rest 60s - LPS, like in post #37 Saturday, but in deload Sunday - Daoist training only Alexander (zenwoof here) and I went to a workshop named "Daoist Download", the main "master" lives around Seattle and came through one of his students teaching Qi gong in the place. They come from a Korean Daoist tradition. They covered their basic qi gong work, some medicine, their meditation and some drumming! It was interesting to see a different school's approach. They were many things that were said that I agree with, but I wasn't overly impressed. There was something about the master that didn't feel quite right, like "it didn't click with me". They definitively have some good stuff though: - their horse stance ( a little different from the one I do) - A tai chi horse stance (basically as if you were carrying something progressively heavy and you'd lower down more and more through time) - Some bouncing on the ball of your feet with arms extended in front of you and opening and closing your fists - the had a saying out loud mantra for meditation, I think Alexander had a better experience than me on this. I'm sure if I'll give it a go for a while I'd get something out of it but I got many things I'd rather do right now. - One of the things that he said, paraphrasing "You must just do!" is definitively something that is shared across other Daoist schools. I already do what they do in their qi gong in a different way every day, except horse stance I do that every other day; so I'm not gonna integrate it into my practice, maybe give it a go every now and then just out of curiosity. I should just do! Monday today - Shen gong 30 mins straight after waking up - Handstand work, for the next 3 weeks: - Yuri's wrist warm up - first knuckle push ups 10 reps - wrist push ups with wrist rocks 10 reps B1 Lat tri stretch 3x40s rest 15s B2 Lying dislocates 3x 8reps rest 15s B3 German Hang 3x40s (with feet lightly on the floor) rest 30s C1 Hanstand wall support 4x45-70s, today was 50s rest 30s D1 Toe pulls 5x5-10reps , stopping for 2 seconds away from the wall D2 Heel pulls 5x5-10reps, stopping for 2 seconds away from the wall More to come...
  11. AM - 30 mins shen gong - Handstands PM - 15 mins nei gong static posture - 26 mins nei dan ... just gave up, this focused breathing is the most challenging for me Evening - 42 mins wai gong - Knee rehab work: A1 Peterson step up 2x10reps each side A2 Side walk with resistance band 2x until I couldn't do it no more A3 Single leg glute bridges, holding a ball with my lower leg 2x10 reps each side A4 5 step horse stance 2x40s - Calf stretch against the wall 40s on the left only once, 40s on the right 2 times - Wall quad stretch 1.5 mins on each side - Single Leg downward dog 1.5 mins each side ... starting easy on this one Soundtrack of the day: Alice in Chains
  12. As of today I actually weigh exactly 82.7 kg too ... Is that an upper limit for you? For me it's been going down
  13. Day 71, Wednesday, been a busy week with day to day stuff and life. Everyday except Tuesday - 42 mins of Wai gong: 16 mins of Stretching Eng, 13 mins of Pushing eng, 13 mins of Opening eng - 30 mins of Shen gong - 30 mins of Nei dan - 13.5 mins of Nei gong static posture Opening eng is getting interesting , at times my hands go so fast I don't even realize! It's only the beginning, gonna stick with this trio for the reminder of the month. Friday - Straight arm work in deload Saturday - Handstands . Sticking it to 50s at the wall. - LPS Pigeon stretch 5x43s Diagonal stretch 5x10 reps 10s hold on the last one Jefferson Curl 35 pounds 5x8 10s hold on the last one Weighted butterfly 15 pounds on each leg 5x10 reps 10s hold last one Sunday - Bent arm work in deload - LPS in deload too Monday - Daoist training only Tuesday - Handstand work in deload - 42 mins Wai gong - 14 mins Nei gong - No nei dan nor shen gong this day. Wednesday today AM - 14 mins Nei gong static posture - 30 mins of Shen gong - Handstands PM - 42 mins of Wai gong Evening - Lower body limbering and circles including Spina's CARS - Some lower body strength work: A1 Romanian deadlift 55 pounds 2x8reps A2 Split squat with no added weight B1 Unilateral leg sit and lift BW only - LPS as Saturday - Kit's solo HF stretch 3x35s each leg, man this is hard! - Advanced Piriformis stretch - DW style 3.5 mins each leg - Squashed frog 3.5 mins
  14. Day 64, Thursday Everyday - 35 mins of Wai gong: 15 mins of Stretching Eng, 10 mins of Pushing eng, 10 mins of Opening eng - 30 mins of Shen gong - 30 mins of Nei dan - 12 mins of Nei gong static posture Tuesday - Hand balancing work in the AM Wednesday - Hand balancing work in the AM - Bent arm session, managed to do ring chin up negatives without feet on the floor, important step for me! Today Thursday - Hand balancing work in the AM To come: - Daoist practice - LPS and some ST stretches for my hips! I declared victory a little too fast on my knee, the medial part of leg behind my knee is very tight, this is due to the line all the way from the more internal part of hip flexors through my abductors. Definitively hitting the squashed frog, piriformis and HF stretches later.
  15. Day 61, exactly 2 months from surgery - Handstands in the morning. The pulses are getting longer and more solid. - 35 mins of wai gong at work: 15 mins of stretching eng, 10 mins of pushing eng, 5 mins of Pi pendulum. Gonna be careful with this last one. - 11 mins of Nei gong static posture also at work straight after wai gong. - Straight arm session in the PM. Arched pull ins are getting more solid. 30s of tucked L-sit too! - Warmed up with some light capoeira, even did some twisting Aùs - Came up with and did a mini knee rehab workout which I'll be doing most days: A1 Glute bridges 2 x 20 reps A2 BW only split squat lunges 2 x 10 reps each side A3 Weighted bar on shoulders Single Leg Good mornings 2 x 10 reps each side A4 Stand on a high surface with one leg dangling, lower yourself using the standing leg until the dangling leg's heel touches the floor 2 x 10 reps each side A5 5 step horse stance 2 x 30s-45s - Wall quad stretch on both sides - Pec stretch with fascia dimension on both sides, 2.5 mins - Biceps stretch with fascia dimension on both sides 2.5 mins - GB's pec minor stretch, 1 min each side - Spina's sleeper stretch, 30s contraction, 2 min static stretch. 2 times on my right arm, 1 time on my left arm. - Lat stretches - 30 mins nei dan followed by 30 mins shen gong What a day!! Knee is feeling much better these days, rarely get pain in the interior part of my knee. Lately, I have been feeling stiffness in the lower outer part of my leg by the knee. Been foam rolling my IT band more and piriformis stretching should also help.
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