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    I study psychology and I want to become a bioenergetic therapist after that. I love stretching mainly to improve my posture and it is also necessary to let the energy flow through the body and that is one of the main points in bioenergetics.

    I also do network marketing. I have to build teams and sell my health products.

    I'm basically into health in general, mental and physical health.
  1. Hello everyone, I have a simple question: does the body guide you sometimes; because I get the impression the body tells me where I should be stretching by activating certain parts after I've worked some other parts, now my particular situation is that I was stretching, or working, the piriformis and the adductors. And, what was happening was that after working my left adductor, all of a sudden, it stopped working. It wouldn't do anything anymore, and I had to switch to the other adductor, to then be able to come back to the first adductor. And it'd be working again. When I say working I mean it would stretch. It would loosen up. So, in working with these adductors I had to continually swtich between the two, as if they were telling me, no now that's enough switch to the other side or else we'll have an imbalance. Then all of a sudden it stopped working with the adductors and I had to switch to my left piriformis. I felt it activated. Like I had fallen. To the ground. And I was left with a little bump on it. And it wasn't there before. Now - just now - I've finished with my left piriformis. Or better said, I should say it stopped working. And now I'm thinking it must be like with the adductor business, and I'm supposed to switch, between the two, like it had been the case with the adductors like I said. Is that something that happens? Because I'm just a beginner; I don't know anything; but, what I've experienced, made me think, of what Kit said in one of his videos - on Youtube. I think it was one with the pancake training. And he was explaining that the body or the mind would stop you from doing the pancake, the full pancake, for some safety measure. That you might be able to stretch full each leg, by the side. But the brain stops you from doing so with both legs at the same time; although no connection, muscular connection, exists between the two legs. So you should be able to do it. So It made me think. The body, like in everything, is looking for balance, and is actively trying to keep you from imbalancing yourself, and will guide you - if you listen to it. Hey buddy you might want to look on the other side or else you'll end up Casimodo. Here's the video in question:
  2. Thanks, it helped a bit. What's stange is that my knees feel unlocked. It's like if there were no muscles around my knees, which makes the knee joint overly loose. From what ive been able to gather, this is caused by my knees caving in during the bottom of the squat. Essentialy, all my weight ends up on the inside of my foot, along the big toe. There's a lack of external rotation in my hips. Like this (except less noticeable): https://childdevelopmentresources.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/legtorsions.jpg Is there a way to compensate for this deficiency while squatting? Wider stance maybe? Feet turned outwards a little? I feel like I want someone to kick my pelvis into position from behind, to just open up those hips. Thanks
  3. Do you have a tip on how to lower yourself in a neutral pelvic position while squatting? I've seen people say that inhaling air into your stomach and then squeezing your abs was a good way. I did that but it didn't really work for me, or I did it wrong.
  4. Is the transversus abdominis activated by sucking in your stomach, or by blowing it out? I can't tell which one lifts my pelvis for some reason.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a very very specific question to ask you. I've been reading this article on "understanding pelvic tilt." And somewhere in the article they recommend that you do the following (For fixing your anterior pelvic tilt): They say that it's best to do this while relaxing the gluteal muscles, which I don't understand how that is even possible. Also I have no idea on how to bring together my coccyx and pubic bone by using my pelvic floor muscles. Does anybody understand what is being said here, and how to do it? PS: I know there are a lot of threads on how to fix your anterior pelvic tilt. Kit's videos on youtube have been nothing short of miraculous. But I'd just love to understand the meaning of this quote and I thought maybe in this forum of experts someone could help me shed some light on this mistery. So thank you to whoever answers this. It is greatly appreciated. My Best Regards Claude Borel
  6. Thank you kit! I didn't know it wasn't specific enough. I will do what you say.
  7. The question is in the title. My scapula is protruding and I don't know how to fix it. My kinesiologist says that when I raise my arm I get shoulder impingement because my scapula isn't moving properly. Ideas?
  8. Do you think that ankle flexibility affects knee pain?
  9. That's what I did but I want to get to a point where I don't need the cushion anymore to make the stretch stronger. I can't seem to get rid of this knee pain. I'll try the wall quadriceps stretch.
  10. When I sit in the kneeling position it doesn't hurt. It just hurts when the foot is not directly under the glutes, the way it is in the "solo quadriceps stretch".
  11. It hurts when I'm getting into the position. I experience ankle tightness and inner knee pain. The reason I want to do this stretch is because the other ones aren't strong enough. Also this stretch in the final position is great for the hip flexors as well. With kit's solo hip flexor stretch I haven't been able to completely stretch my hip flexors, when I do the hamstring stretch I still get front hip pain due to tight hip flexors.
  12. While doing kit's quadricep stretch "solo quadriceps variations" I experience knee pain. I try to push the calf out of alignement but it still hurts. What can I do?
  13. That's kinda depressing xd. Is it possible that I'm stretching too strongly? I experienced a similar reaction when I stretched my pectorals, it tightened up.
  14. Hi, I have a problem I've done kit laughlin's hamstring stretch. It's fantastic!! The problem is that I seem to make progress but then the next day when I wake up I notice that my hamstrings have become tense again and I've lost the previous flexibility that I had gained the day before. How do I resolve this problem? Thank you
  15. What I did is simply widen the legs as far apart as I could while standing and doing contract relax in that position. What do you think about that, can you get to a full split that way?
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