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  1. Noted and honored, Kit! I have purchased several of your Vimeo products and seen many YouTube videos but I will familiarize myself at a deeper level with your material so I can have a fuller understanding of the entire system! Thanks for that request! On that note...if I already have several of the "Mastering" videos and a handfull of other shorter vimeo videos...what would you recommend for me that would give me the most comprehensive / best understanding of the "big picture"? A book perhaps? Thank you!
  2. Sometimes changing positions or trying a different variation can make a difference. Here are a few variations to try: Strangely enough though... I've found that sometimes my piriformis stretches / pigeon pose can be limited (and thus put weird stretches / sensations on the "wrong" areas) if: 1. Hamstring attachment points are tight / dense 2. IT Band is tight / dense Maybe try rolling out your ITBands and hamstring attachment points and then re-trying the advanced piriformis stretch after.
  3. Kit's point is well taken - I don't think he has a forum but "go and try it out and report back" is a fair statement... The only reason I asked first is because of what some people have alluded to...namely, when I watch his videos I'm left with..."well that sounds scientific...but what did you just say?" (hard to decipher sometimes...) I was hoping someone had already attended and could put his terminology into laymens terms so I could see what he's actually teaching before dropping a bunch of cash. :-) Not to mention visiting Kit and all you Aussies or even attending an Ido "Corset" workshop are higher on my priority list...just hadn't seen a discussion on Spina / FRC on this forum so I raised the question :-)
  4. Has anyone attended one of these live seminars? http://www.functionalanatomyseminars.com/functional-range-conditioning https://instagram.com/drandreospina/ I've only seen various videos around the internet and it looks like he takes a someone different approach to "mobility" training incorporating things that he calls "PAILS, RAILS, Passive Range Lift-offs", etc. I'd be curious to hear anyone's feedback about his live "functional range conditioning" seminars as I'm always curious in learning new techniques and methodologies!
  5. When I had plantar fasciitis the quickest fix for me was tissue work on the bottoms of the feet and the calves themselves, maintaining a natural arch in my foot, and getting rid of the cushioned shoes I had just bought. Here are some videos that might help with the tissue work / stretching part: Ankle tissue work stretch (starts at about 1:35) Another stretching option in this video: When you restore adequate length in your lower limb fascia...usually that helps the plantar fasciitis a lot! Good luck!
  6. LMAO that 3-man stretch is too much! You're a madman, Dave! (In a good way! :-P) If you don't have the luxury of partners here are a few ideas to play with on your own: POSTURE PLAYLIST:
  7. I will throw in one additional piece: incorporating tissue work to supplement and support the stretching. In my worldview they are inseperable (like two sides of a coin.) I think the tissue work is especially for people who are older or who have done a lot of sports or weightlifting. The reason is that you can't out stretch density. This is my personal bias from what worked best for my body and from teaching weekly mobility classes and working 1on1 with a bunch of massage clients. For a 38 year old who has some experience stretching but with unsatisfactory results I think their program should focus on: 1. Basic contract / relax / PNF style stretching 2. Mixed with long static holds and "wriggling" 3. Tissue work on stubborn areas 4. Very light micro bouncing (wushu-ish) whenever it feels intuitive but don't force yourself to rigidly follow a wushu routine entirely by itself.
  8. So many great suggestions already! The only thing I would add is some targeted tissue work (at whatever level he can tolerate...foam roller, lacrosse balls or "other") for the muscles alongside the spine (to release their hold!)
  9. So cool! Just the other day my chiropractor (who actually only does deep tissue therapy) showed me a several thousand dollar vibrating device he picked up at a Chiro conference. He said he used it for tendonitis primarily. He also has a massage chair which has a vibrating function that I used on my neck which feels amazing. I feel like vibrating (either external or vibrating you do on your own) is very useful for: 1. Relaxation 2. Increasing sensory input from your body (your body sends you more feedback.) Has anyone else noticed that after gaining some experience in stretching / with tissue work that they intuitively started doing mini vibrations / oscillations as part of their practice?
  10. Ahh, tight ankles - a very personal issue for me! Kit - did you ever release your post-fatigue stretching protocol that Olivia used to get her ankles more flexible? I played soccer my whole life and I have high arched feet so my ankles are super stiff compared to my hips!
  11. To my logic...the only way scar tissue is going to "disapear" is via massage / tissue work. 2 ways of doing it on yourself: Softball on a box set a barbell up in a rack and sit on it right near the ischial tuberosity and grind away!) Also having a skilled manual therapist glide distal to proximal with enough depth of pressure to really get in there can be magically terrible! I've felt like I was almost tearing a hamstring variously over the years of working on my front splits / middle splits and every time I felt that sensation in my body, when I went to go do tissue work on that area - there was junky tissue there. When softened up the scar tissue / dense tissue - it felt like a normal muscular stretch again! Good luck!
  12. Those are nice stretches, Olivia! I also like just your basic "downward dog" while dropping the chest OR kneeling with elbows on a bench / chair, hands behind head and then dropping your chest through your arms towards the floor. Also, freeing up the paraspinal tissue has been immensely helpful for me to make sure that I'm getting thoracic extension uniformly along all the thoracic vertebrae and not just hinging at 1 segment: Thoracic Spine Playlist: (I do these daily!)
  13. Kit - convergence indeed! I figured you'd probably experimented with almost everything under the sun having been immersed in this world for a long time! (Notice how nicely I just called Kit "old"? JK! But I am curious to see how it goes for you. Side-note: I'm day-dreaming about how I can get out to visit ya'll in Australia for a week or more and mess around with all these things! I think it would be great fun!
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