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  1. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Wed - Rest. Not too many birthday excesses. Right hip much better, having expected to be hobbling. Thu - Upper. Used the machines mostly to minimise hip involvement, but nevertheless it tightened up afterwards. Mmm... Scales packed in (like to weigh daily but only pay attention to the trend over a few days) but making progress I think.
  2. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Mon - Rest. Was expecting to feel stiff after a few hours of unaccustomed movements, but all felt well. Tue - Legs. I hope I havent done myself a mischief; started feeling hip flexor mid afternoon, assumed it was just a bit tight after all the skating on downhill skis and would warm up, pressed ahead.... now hobbling around with both front and back sore... Still sticking to DJ and diet. Tomorrow will be a bit of an cheat day as its Jane's birthday.
  3. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Thu – Rest day. Fri – Skiing. First time out for a couple of years, so want to check equipment and get my legs back before Sunday group skiing Sat – Upper. Strength still feeling solid. Well into day 10 of DJ, and 6 days of my low carb and restricted diet. Sun – Skiing. Probably the most on piste powder day I’ve ever had, snowing all day but passable visibility, not easy to keep low carb in the mountain eateries though, but guess was using plenty energy.
  4. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Wed - Legs, felt bizarrely strong so worked up to BS 5,3,1-1-1 @ 120/130/140kg (5kg off all time 1RM but moving pretty fast still - if I'd spent more time under anything more than 120 recently I'd have gone higher). Some more leg stuff including walking lunges then 20' on stair machine. Suspect will feel it though! Day 6 and getting bored of feeling virtuous especially at this time of day!
  5. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Tue - Upper. Press, and upper. 20' on elliptical. Day 5 of my DJ done, the carb withdrawal and calorie restrictions just added into the mix being way harder, and the work out was one of those bunny without the duracells efforts, but got it done.
  6. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Sun - Rest, considerable DOMS in legs. Mon - Lower. Mixed it up with goblet squats, sumo DL and walking lunges (weighted this time) Days 3+4 done. Moved to low carb diet today, Ill probably stick to same stuff daily pretty much; 3 egg omelette with cheese for breakfast, chicken cottage cheese and homemade soup at lunch and some meat and veg for dinner... no veganuary here LOL!
  7. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Sat (I really have no idea what day it is..) - Upper incl OHP, and 10' on Stairmaster. I think this will be my cardio of choice in the next week as it replicates quite nicely ski leg work. Legs were heavy. Day 2 done.
  8. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Fri - Gym lower plus 10' elliptical, and the customary 1k warm up row. Repeated the 4x4x120kg BS. Got a couple of weekends skiing coming up starting next weekend so going to have a bit of a push on leg lactic endurance; sorely(!) needed based on the 3x20 walking lunge steps. Day 1 of 4 dry weeks in the bag, and will switch to a low carb, high protein diet from Monday, really do need to shift Christmas excesses!
  9. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Happy New Year everyone! Sun - Tue. Still taking it easy to shake cold. Wed - Gym full body including PHP and DL Thu - Travel then Battle of Bulge starts! I'm going to give some thought to a new program focus for the next few months too.
  10. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Tue - Sat - Got a cold from somewhere by Thu, so taking it easy to try and avoid that lingering. Fair bit of DOMS from the squats, looking back at my notes not surprising as way more reps at that weight than for ages as I've mostly been maxing at 100kg recently.
  11. SwissDanny

    100-days of squats: challenge and experiments

    Merry Christmas Kit and Olivia! That will surely make for a few dinner stories going forward! I don't know many folk who would treat such mangled digits without going to A&E. I wish you a full and speedy recovery and safe passage when the elements permit.
  12. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Sat, Sun - Mostly carb loading... Mon - Squats 4x4x120kg, and a 3k jogarun Merry Christmas everyone!
  13. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Wed - Grip work with shopping bags... Thu - Quick gym trip, OHP, DL a few other bits and bobs. Fri - More grip work... 😂
  14. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Sat, Sun - Suffering extreme SIL... seasonally induced laziness. Mon - Dragged myself to gym. Full body session including some OHP and BS. Tue - Travel. Back to UK for holidays.
  15. SwissDanny

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Sun - Rest. Mon - Upper. Built to heavy single strict press 57.5kg Tue, Wed, Thu - Christmas visit to my family in London. Wed, got in one leg session feat. BS 4x4x100kg in at the local chain gym nearby. Fri - Board meeting in the Midlands and late flight back to Zürich. Work year is pretty much over...