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  1. Interesting. I began with lying relaxation (which is similar to nidra) long before I ever sat for the first time, and I think it influences how I sit quite a bit. I tend to search out tension and focus on deep relaxation of the body before moving into concentration-type practices like feeling the breath even when sitting. It's too soon to tell for sure, but I think this is actually improving my lying relaxation sessions as well. It's more difficult to achieve that state of deep relaxation while sitting with an erect spine, so getting better at doing that seems to be making it easier to move into the state when lying down. It might be interesting for you to try approaching a sit like a nidra session and see how it feels for you.
  2. Nathan

    Swiss Danny Workout Log

    Enjoy it! And happy birthday to Jane!
  3. Nathan

    Joe's Joint

    I have no experience/knowledge about this specific issue, but with many of these types of lingering "injuries" it is often simply a matter of time. The body will rebuild itself - it's doing so constantly. Some tissues take much longer, but we are completely new material within a matter of years. It's really amazing. Move the tissues in diverse ways as much as possible without pushing into pain, and give it time. And look at it as an opportunity to learn what you can from the experience. That's my general advice for pesky injuries, anyway
  4. Nathan

    Nathan's Nook

    01/15/2019 Past few days have been a bit of a blur as I buckled down to make quick work of a job. Limber sessions were pretty short. Still did my daily guided sessions, some length of unguided sit, and the 15-minute challenge sessions in the evening, which just came to an end. (It was a 14-day challenge.) Gave my body a bit more attention in my limber session this morning, which was nice. Still a bit sleep deprived, so hoping to catch up on that tonight. Lots of significant changes happening in my life at the moment. Some are accompanied by a sizable amount of uncertainty, but I think they will all be good things in time. Will give more details as things develop.
  5. Interesting. What makes the yoga nidra better for you in the mornings? Do you find sitting more effective following a nidra session (either immediately or some time after)?
  6. Nathan

    Cam's Log

    I was thinking... Polish? Some type of donut? Oh, wait...
  7. Indeed, but it can still be intense. But it will get you stronger for sure! Let us know how it goes.
  8. Perhaps it would be wise to work on the basic hip flexor lunge stretches for a while since you might have strained something only recently. This can be a very intense stretch. If you do try it, listen to your body very carefully and try not to push your limits. No rush
  9. Essentially, yes. For the torso to remain upright as you descend further into the lunge/front split, you will need either extension at the front of the hip or compensation from somewhere else - in the lumbar/lower back for many people. The posterior pelvic tilt that you were focusing on is meant to reduce that compensation in the lower back. Here is our very own Stretch Jesus (@Emmet Louis) with a much better demonstration of using the long lunge for strengthening the front splits position:
  10. Nathan

    Joe's Joint

    Yes, she is demonstrating SMR (self myofascial release), which is what I suggested. No need to stretch it directly, but no need to intentionally avoid it either. It will likely get a stretch when you work on your piriformis. I wouldn't focus on strengthening the TFL, but you could definitely make the med glutes a focus since they tend to be weak in most people these days. Have any friends you can bring too, @Naldaramjo?
  11. Nathan

    Joe's Joint

    For sure. The piriformis is deep inside of the hip, while the glute med is much more superficial, so it's one of those peeling-the-onion type of deals Instead of trying to stretch the TFL/glute med separately, you might instead focus on giving them some SMR (rolling) love, and then go to work on the piriformis (which will still hit them).
  12. Nathan

    Nathan's Nook

    01/12/2019 Another quick limber this morning - will probably continue like this for the next few days. Guided sit in the morning, and two 40-ish minute sits on the train. 15-minute challenge sit in the evening. Nothing significant to report.
  13. Nathan

    Joe's Joint

    Perhaps the IT band, which should be quite dense (but not necessarily taut, like mine tends to be ).
  14. Nathan

    Joe's Joint

    It's probably symptomatic of you holding tension there I'm guessing you've read this thread, for example. There are many others here that discuss the value of suppleness, which is not the same as flexibility. If you are palpating a muscle (and not a tendon, bone, etc.) and it is not soft at rest, then you want to look at developing suppleness. But I believe you already have a sitting/lying relaxation practice, so you're headed in the right direction. Stretch Therapy is open to all effective techniques Banded distraction is used and appears in some ST videos, but often a partner takes the place of the band in ST work. If you don't have a partner, it can be very helpful. Definitely give it a try and find out if it works for you. (I have used it a bit for dorsiflexion work, but I personally found that I prefer just finding ways to relax more.)