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  1. Rik

    Joe's Joint

    If you have the stick close to the knees, it's applying a distraction there!
  2. Rik

    Shaping the body; adjusting the mind

    Don't think it's the caffeine content. I do fine having had a mug or even two of coffee on an empty stomach. But a single cup of tea will make me nauseous. Or maybe that's because I'm used to coffee?
  3. I'm sure Malcolm Gladwell is not the source of Roman's assertion. He was talking about reps, not hours.
  4. Something that Roman Pallesits (a very good physio from Austria, Emmet knows him and Ido used to visit him as well) says the following: first you do 10000 reps. After that, training starts. I think his point was that when you are not intimately familiar with the motion, there is a very important learning component that will make your results vary more.
  5. I restarted doing some meditation last tuesday because I was really stressed out all the time. Really quite true what you're saying, Scottie. Took some sitting to remind me of that.
  6. I have anecdotal evidence to the contrary! Literally all the ROM gains I made over the past year have been due to shortened ROM strengthening. This varies from pulling deeper into a seated pike using the hip flexors (giving gravity a hand, so to speak) to overhead liftoffs (really working against gravity). Has been working excellently.
  7. Rik

    Shaping the body; adjusting the mind

    I like how you go: "I really should not do that thing" and then promptly do that thing.
  8. Many people have commented on this before, but the issue with stretching studies is that stretching is just so damn personal. There are certain things like extending your spine along your thighs as opposed to in front of it in pike (something I only learned very recently) that make all the difference, and just doing a specific stretching technique is going to get some people to that point, and others not.
  9. Rik

    Shaping the body; adjusting the mind

    Any injury is easily fixed, so don't worry about messing yourself up! (joking, of course)
  10. Does it happen with fresh bedsheets as well?
  11. Rik

    Dexter's Rubber Man Project

    I can do a full bridge (or could, haven't done them in a while), and wasn't able to do front splits. So yeah.
  12. Here's a couple ideas. * Work from home. Saves you about 4 hours per day. * Obtain some type of standing desk, then alternate between sitting and standing every half hour or so. * Work less. Do you really need to work 40 hours a week? What are you doing it for? Do you need that money? What if you worked 36 hours, taking one day off every two weeks? Or even 32?
  13. Some of the forearm muscles attach above the elbow. Tennis and golfer's elbow are relieved by treating the forearm muscles rather than the muscles of the upper arm.
  14. Same thing as always; play, move, explore. Find a limit, and stop. Then start again later.
  15. Rik

    Cam's Log

    This attitude towards injury is something I find most people in the gym lack. When I've made a bad fall or somehow hurt myself, it's "eh, whatever, I'll work with it and it'll resolve", whereas everyone around me seems to think I'm in some kind of depression. Same thing with missing a lift or a skill: just laugh and try again.