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  1. I've recently discovered this gem of a stretch. I've named it the Slingshot ! There is also a longer post in German on my website about it and also more pictures which might be helpful. The thing that excites me the most about this stretch is that solo hip flexor stretches hardly can get you the intensity of the Slingshot. The ST partner HF stretch still is the best one, but few solo stretches come close, if any. Standing variations can come close to the intensity but they also have some strength or balance component that doesn't allow for full relaxation (though these exercises of course
  2. Thanks Danny! I will add that to the confirmation screen. I might come back to the offer when I get to the translation, taking a short break from this now. Thanks Kit!
  3. Hey Nathan thanks a lot! I'll let you know when I get to it. 🙂
  4. Hi Stretch Therapy community! I am happy to announce that I wrote a little guide for the German ST community. It is now available on stretchtherapy.de for FREE! The topic is the "Daily 5" and the guide contains pictures as well as a written description of each exercise. There is also an introduction to Stretch Therapy and general advice on a safe and effective stretching practice. Here are some impressions how the guide looks like: So, should you speak German, want to learn it, or just enjoy looking at the guide, you can get it here: https://stretchtherapy.de/dehnen-ler
  5. Fully agree! I just wanted to point out that even the best chair isn't good for the body if one sits in it 12 hours a day without doing anything else 🙂. I'd argue that this can be prevented by a sufficient amount of "forearm hygiene". It's the same as with sitting. I wonder how many of these people actually work out their hands and forearms in some way. Getting up won't fix it, as the arms will just dangle around. Even simple strength training is probably not enough. I type for 8+ hours a day and play the guitar. But I also train my grip strength on a hangboard and other tools. I'v
  6. Hi @Maro Excellent advice here already. While it may sound silly may I suggest stopping to think of yourself as inflexible? 🙃 Once you let go of that picture in your mind a whole new world opens up. It will also affect the way you stretch and your ability to let go in stretches. The mind plays a role too in all of this and it is not to be underestimated. Think of yourself more cat-like. Enjoy the stretches, reach into new territories but never get frustrated when you do not get to a specific range yet. You will get there!
  7. Hi JB Any position held repeatedly for an extended amount of time will cause issues. It doesn't matter if you work on a standing desk all day or sit on a 5000 bucks chair. And watch the people sitting in these expensive chair (I did, no difference!). It's not like they have less issues. I am with @Nathan on this one. Get up often and switch positions from time to time. Do some stretches. I would say the money is much better invested in an electric standing desk that can be converted to a normal desk. I have an electric standing desk and switch between sitting and standing up often. Just get
  8. It seems to work for him 😅. I've noticed that too, however the concept is intriguing. His only measure though seems to be the gain train 😅, not other things like joint health, for example. I also don't see me doing that with any kind of warmup 😁. Let's assume we speak of general training and not extreme results. I have seen cats so sprinting like there is no tomorrow directly after lying lazy in the sun the whole time. On the other hand they stretch all day which cannot be said about the average office worker 😀. I agree, that's probably what it's boiling down to. However i have
  9. Hello bendy people! I came across this post on Instagram today and was wondering what you guys think. The main argument is that warm-ups might be skipped altogether for strength training. I find the statement a bit oversimplified. I am mainly talking about the application of skipping warm-ups to strength training. That is, does one actually need to perform an exercise at considerably lower intensity before moving on to higher loads (lets say >75% of 1RM). I’m already ignoring inefficient warm-ups that have nothing to do with the actual exercise here (e.g, treadmill before a streng
  10. Is there a way to upload the recordings as some kind of playlist to Spotify/ITunes? I think this would be the most comfortable way for people to listen to them. The suggestion from @Nathan is also great if one uses a podcast app. Not sure if you'd reach a bigger audience directly via Spotify/ITunes; I think more people use those than Podcast apps?
  11. Hey Dan, no reason to be concerned.This is a completely normal response to this stretch and nothing to worry about. If it gets too intense gently come out of the stretch and repeat.
  12. Because Piriformis is an external rotator. Check the standing piriformis in MTS. Its actually the counter-pose to your problem. I second what @Nathan is saying. 🙂
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