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  1. Hey Dan, no reason to be concerned.This is a completely normal response to this stretch and nothing to worry about. If it gets too intense gently come out of the stretch and repeat.
  2. Because Piriformis is an external rotator. Check the standing piriformis in MTS. Its actually the counter-pose to your problem. I second what @Nathan is saying. 🙂
  3. Work on your hip flexibility. Piriformis more specifically. That should be contained in the MTS program. It will take some time to clean this up, be patient. 🙂
  4. Try this, something like an 'standing pancake elephant walk': - stand with legs apart, same angle as seated pancake - go down into a horse stance - bring the upper body forward, hands on the floor and upper body parallel to the floor by the end (the legs are still bend but can be extended a little) - Try to keep a hollow back and focus on as much anterior pelvic tilt as possible. Keep that while slowly trying to extend your legs all the way - bend the legs again and repeat this a couple of times This one really frees the hips and is a nice limbering exercise. I will try to film this if i get to it. 🙂
  5. Hi Nate, how is your ankle flexibility? Feet normally turn out in the squat when you do not have enough ankle dorsiflexion. You can work on this separately and add some support under your heels to get your feet more parallel if that helps with your knees.
  6. In a squat or when standing? I am not sure if I understand the problem here. Can you post some pictures? :-)
  7. ST's partner hip flexor stretch is the best of them all. I would try to find a partner at least once a week for it. It's pure gold. There are solo versions that work well, check the mastery series, but they are not as efficient. One I recently tried is from @Emmet Louis front split video with the kettlebell over your head, I really like this one, even though it can be a bit unstable.
  8. Hi I would add isolated hip flexor work. Are you doing the tailor pose with weights? It doesn't look like it judging from your picture. You might want to put some kettlebells on you knees. Some partner work might be helpful, too. Enjoy your journey. :-)
  9. Nothing wrong with some muscles. Some more is nothing to worry about. But you don't want to end like Juji I guess 😂. No need to look like Adam Ondra to climb decent though. Skin takes a while to get used to it. Also beginner friendly holds destroy your skin more towards the base of your fingers. Once you get better that will change.
  10. I agree with Kit 🙂. From my perspective, having a body in that one can climb well is a great test whether that body is in any way 'functional'. Any excess in weight, even muscular will give you a disadvantage. Any lack of flexibility will make your climbing so much harder. To be fair, their is a big amount of specialized skills as well. However, if you complement with proper leg training and counter all the pulling with proper pushing movements you will have a more "useful" body than just lifting weights up and down, imho.
  11. Excellent progress Marcos. Bent legs are the key to getting a nice pike. I find bent legs also help a great deal in the pancake. Give it a try. 🙂
  12. The material is already underpriced imho. Maybe a black friday promotion should increase the prices haha :-)
  13. Mainly partial poses, partner poses, the C-R method and the utilization of several reflexes. Moreover as already stated development of strange in end ranges through C-R. ST gives you tools for very specific problems. If you know a specific muscle or muscle group is the problem, there will be a way to specifically target it. Yoga poses are much more global. All stretches can be scaled precisely to the need of the individual. I would suggest to familarize yourself a bit more with the system to deepen your understanding, the differences will become much clearer. There is plenty of material 🙂. Moreover it is worth stating that ST is a system that keeps evolving over time and nothing will be done because "it has always been this way". If an exercise shows to be more effective than another exercise it will be added to the system.
  14. Simply put: The primary goal of Yoga is not to become more flexible and the goal of ST is not enlightenment. What is the goal? Feeling good in your supple body or a spiritual practice? If you want to convert yogis to stretchees then first figure out why they are doing Yoga in the first place. There might not be a reason to switch. However, there might not be a reason to do Yoga in the first place.
  15. Here is a video of the internal rotation described above which I just took. It is harder than it looks like to even get the foot a tiny bit off the ground. One or two kilograms will do. It really hits the final part of the range of motion which is exactly where we want to become strong.
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