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  1. I just think he said this to sell his stretching programs and to trigger you ;-) Keep in mind that this guy teaches gymnasts and not powerlifters. So those "strongest people" probably aren't even the strongest people :-)
  2. @Kit_L thanks for taking the time and explaining all these things so detailed. This discussion is a great. I have some reading to do on this matter. Yes! Thanks for linking the five precepts, I wasn't aware of them. My thinking did not take the precepts into consideration. Again, many thanks! 🙂
  3. Thanks for your thorough explanation @Kit_L. Misunderstanding from my side, I get it now. So what you are saying is that western psychology/psychiatry questions the reality of thoughts and emotions but still assumes that one has a "problem" whereas in reality everything is just as it is. This is a very interesting view I am recently trying to wrap my head around it. In a way as my own mind has strong objections to accept this approach even though I am pretty open about it. The main point that puzzles me with this way of thinking (or: not thinking) is the following: What do you base your actions on? How can any moral hold up if everything is just as it is? Aren't those problematic thought forms what make us human in the first place? In the boyfriend/girlfriend example it is relatively easy. But if we take it to the extreme how can, for example, violent actions be "bad"? I could hit somebody and it would just be as it is. Don't we need some kind of thought forms to function as human beings and as a society? I hope I get my point across and you understand what I am after.
  4. I disagree. There are many forms of therapy in psychology that question thoughts and emotions. One example would be treatment of anxiety disorders in behavioral therapy through exposure. Or let's take the treatment of depersonalization disorders (feeling unreal). I agree with your overall statement though. Being present is key.
  5. Hi, some more thoughts on this. It depends a bit on how you actually stretch. For end-range strengthening stretches like standing side splits multiple shorter holds are likely more efficient than going all in in the first set if your focus is strength in that position. On the other hand, for remapping purposes in CR stretches you might want to build up to a deep and intense stretch with the sole purpose of a achieving the deepest position possible in that session (and holding it for a while 🙂 ). This is where the magic happens. Building up to such a deep stretch usually takes a couple of rounds after which further stretching will not be necessary. Here you want to listen to your body. No timing and set counting required (even though normally three to four sets are sufficient).
  6. This I would say. How is your hamstring flexibility? Quite a bit more HS activation in external rotation. Try to start with one foot externally rotated only and then slowly slide into it. You can use the other foot to push of the floor sideways to get a bit deeper. A drill that works well for me is to start with both feet internally rotated and then alternatively rotating one foot out and back in. A nice CR in external rotation is the foot hooking action known from the hamstring lunge stretch. Try to hook your heel into the floor and try bend your knee (without actually bending it). Quite a different CR than with both feet parallel. Cheers
  7. This can work but keep in mind the actual Piriformis contraction is used to override the stretch reflex in the Piriformis. Your contraction is targeting different muscles. I guess when lifting the foot you will also get some kind of hip flexor contraction, which will also pull you a bit deeper. I would say this is more "end range closing" than C-R.
  8. Welcome to the forums Scottie. Teaching ST is a wonderful thing to do and you will learn a lot across many domains, do it! No need to be sorry though ?Combining Stretch Therapy and Original Strength is a good choice. I like the OS stuff too.
  9. No, it would not show that you would reach far better results using the whole toolbox. Who builds a house only using a hammer? Good luck with that. Use specific tools for specific jobs. E.g., training dynamic high kicks only by isometrics will be less than ideal. I have the impression you are not considering the whole picture here. Flexibility training is a bit more than just doing the splits.
  10. Why would you not want to build strength along the way? As for staying relaxed, just keep breathing.
  11. Hallo :-) I haven't done it myself yet but I am planning to. I will not freestyle it, especially in the beginning. I will use the script from ONBP as a general guideline and go from there. More importantly I have to work on a calm voice!
  12. @Nathan I don't feel a big difference. I think it looks nice though. Probably less time consuming to just go for the version posted by Kit and Craig. I have also seen versions where the whole surface was one piece of thin wood but I cannot find a picture right now. If those bars would be spinning however, I think it could be an interesting add-on. ?
  13. Nice Kit, looking forward to this! Focusing on good form is the way to go for me too and has proven to be very beneficial. A nice book to complement this challenge is Matt Perryman's Squat Every Day: Thoughts on Overtraining and Recovery in Strength Training.
  14. How is your strength in that position? I would try to break it down into partial poses first for stretching and to strengthen the range with cossack squat variations and squats with a wider stance. I am assuming here that your pain is just a strength deficit and no other problem. If it is a sharp pain I would probably try to get that checked out by a professional first.
  15. Yes for sure. As always, it depends on many factors. I am not saying I do not recommend this style and agree with what you say :-)
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