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  1. Thanks for posting this Jim. I've started playing with this, as I thought it may be something I need. First thoughts are positive. This lead me to find bit more on subject, some examples: Few more breathing exercises, in different positions with/without balloon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HzKNLzrP7A&list=PLm4GCUOEg-qBETPjwty5u4bvi3diriEe- "Exhale making an 'ah' sound", sounds familiar :): https://www.posturalrestoration.com/resources/dyn/files/1247116z3ce3861c/_fn/PRI+Breathing+Techniques.pdf
  2. Hello, All the best for the successful fibro fight :). Best method for achieving these? Probably to experiment, find right tools and do them correctly and systematically :). Kit has good foot sequence on his youtube (linked below) it has ideas for stretching toe point, starting at around 11min mark.
  3. You can read that earlier review here, for example: http://archive.is/sSSiv
  4. Hi, Good, I would try, probably drop-ins, unfortunately having to miss Olivia and Kit in person - your classes would be the closest, Camden Town location works for me way better. Just need to fix my lower back first&again...
  5. Hi, Craig has moved his programs onto different platform, see here:
  6. So, I've been trying SFlow1 for a short bit, and I think it is great. The standing twisting sequence is a goodie, that could easily be missed in its simplicity. It may be the amount of time spent moving to the end of the range, but I have a feeling it has already did a bit of good to my very stuck T-spine region. The "stroke victim" sequence is brilliant, I'm also using it as one of the tools I'm trying to fix my lower back problem (stopped flexing few weeks ago), still I haven't been able to do it in full without coming out of few times ;)... I haven't played much with remainin
  7. That short clip of her warmup shows a very active approach (strength/muscles)
  8. That Fighting monkey stuff is great, as Joachim I wish I had people around to do this with. Goes with what I would like to work on, on getting the brain to be able to effectively and quickly improvise (improvisation more as creating stable options in response to random situations). Beginner, adult circus fun for me recently (NCCA).
  9. Thanks, another very interesting one. I have to watch it again (and again) though, to try to understand some of the points mentioned (some of the things you talked about I can relate myself to quite strongly).
  10. Thanks Jim for reply, appreciate your time. I found that if I try gentle hip flexor stretch (lunge, but with knee on the ground), there is a point with pain/discomfort half way through the range, but if I gently get pass that it actually doesn't feel bad there. My walking capacity was decreasing from day to day, but it seem to have stabilized now on some not great level . Regarding OT comment, I have no problem with that. Fact is, I'm on the same page as to what a&e should be used for (in contrary to what a lot of people around think). Yes, I limped there; yes, I wasn't expecting any
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