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  1. Thanks for the quick response! I do have the book, but I have a feeling I will be using ABSS much more just because it's so convenient.
  2. Hi Are all the ABSS exercises safe during pregnancy please? thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks very much Danny, that's exactly the kind of insight I was looking for and it sounds like we have very similar goals. Totally agree on wanting to avoid excessive mobility for powerlifting, however I doubt that will ever be a problem!
  4. I was thrilled to see that Kit & Olivia are coming to London again this October and I will be able to make it this time!! I'm now faced with the pleasant dilemma of trying to decide which workshop would be more suitable for me - ST for GST or Into the Stretch. Any advice would be appreciated... Here are my thoughts so far: - I've worked through the book in full and have studied the ST for GST Vimeo series, I do a few of my favourite stretches daily (ish) and work through one of the mastery series every 1-2 weeks as best I can vs - I'm pretty inflexible and a lot of the stretches in the recent Vimeo series are too advanced for me. Also, the partner exercises aren't that useful for me as I don't have anyone to practice with (really). I don't require super flexibility but I do care about having a decent squat pattern (aspiring powerlifter) and correcting imbalances.
  5. My 'dream format' would be similar to something doyogawithme.com have done, where you can purchase the audio as a separate mp3 download, and once you've followed along to the video a few times, you can do it with audio alone. I then take the audio with headphones and pop down to a stretching area during my lunch break for, say, half an hour. This obviously requires you to shoot the video with this in mind, so that the audio provides enough cues to remind you of what's happening. I imagine it's quite challenging!
  6. I really enjoyed this, thank you. I was able to understand everything and for the first time, the 'underbutt' exercise clicked. I'm looking forward to future programmes but I probably won't get any that are in black and white (sorry) - I just know from past experience that I'll really struggle to process what's being shown.
  7. I'm struggling to understand the "underbutt" exercise. I don't really understand what Craig is doing in the video - when I try to emulate, it's just a cheat's version of the elephant walk where I'm avoiding the stretch by bending my knees. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
  8. Yes, I was about to say the same as Frederik - the muted portions are quite off-putting. There's one point in particular near the start which made me jump both times I listened to the recording when the instructions started up again. Having said that, on both listens I ended up falling asleep before the end, so it can't be that distracting! Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed it.
  9. Ok thanks, I'll give it another go when the backbend video series comes out.
  10. Oh right, so when I thought I was cheating in my backbend attempts by using mainly thoracic extension, I was actually doing it correctly. I had no idea. I still feel like I get the benefits of learning injury prevention and improving proprioception from my deadlifting and other hip hinge movements, where the idea is to keep a neutral spine rather than go into extension.
  11. Hi Keilani, Thank you for taking the time to explain your thinking, very interesting. I should have been more specific, sorry: I can absolutely see the point of thoracic extension exercises to counteract the effects of desk work etc. What I'm unclear on are the benefits of lumbar extension. No doubt due to my lack of understanding, I'm still not sure what you mean by the section you wrote on "lumbar flexion force to keep the lower back from going into extreme extension". You seem to be describing how you have benefited from learning the correct way to go into lumbar extension which has helped you when doing other lumbar extension exercises, but since I don't do any lumbar extension exercises currently, how would that benefit someone like me?
  12. For all other stretches, I can absolutely see their purpose and I have a sort of intrinsic interest in becoming more flexible in those areas - it just feels like it would improve my posture, well-being, ability to move naturally etc. But with backbends - I just don't understand why I should care. I am absolutely terrible at them: I once went to see a physio for an unrelated issue and all he seemed interested in was how remarkably little I could bend backwards, just because it was weird (apparently). But it's not a direction I ever feel the need to move in, I don't understand what issues it might be causing me - I just don't get the appeal. Also, this may well be unfounded but "common knowledge" seems to be that there is a (small) risk in doing this type of stretch. What are the benefits? [For the record - I asked the physio this same question at the time and he said he supposed it didn't really matter.]
  13. Ah, I see what you mean now - that is unfortunate but makes perfect sense. I like the suggestion of just sticking to three stretches at once - that should make it more manageable. Thanks all!
  14. A bit late to the party but I just wanted to give my feedback from a beginner perspective. Overall I really love the program and have been eagerly awaiting it since I first got the book. Thank you! I hate to criticise something I've found so useful but in the interest of making it even better, for me personally it would be more useful to have a "follow along" style where you hold contractions and final poses for longer. (This is already the case for some of the exercises more than others). As it is, it's a bit fiddly pausing/unpausing and rewinding all the time. It's just a lot to think about at once, so my preference is to be spoon-fed! I sometimes have 20 min or so to do some stretches on my lunch break, and it would have been nice to just switch off and just follow instructions from a video on my phone. As it is, I have to use my brain a bit more The pdf notes are really useful though as I'd previously been making my own versions of these from your youtube videos, so it saves me some work. On specific exercises - really feeling the calf stretches a lot more intensely than before, they're just fantastic. I don't get E2 (standing piriformis) at all, but I will keep trying. I just don't feel much, which seems wrong as I find all other piriformis stretches very challenging. I felt that L6 (Yuri Cossack) was too advanced for me because I struggle with knee/foot/hip alignment even in basic movements, and I don't feel able to keep up with a dynamic movement using correct alignment - I was just all over the place. Not really a problem though - perhaps I'll revisit in 6 months. E5A (seated piriformis) is way too hard for me to do, so I was glad to see E5B-D which all give a very strong stretch while giving me tangible feedback that I'm in the correct hip alignment. They just feel foolproof. Regarding future programs, are there any plans to do something for postural correction? I'm thinking along the lines of combating typical desk worker problems such as upper back/shoulder issues. I guess that's outside the scope of gymnastics training, although it's something that I struggle with for my overhead squat.
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