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  1. HI all. Hope someone can provide some insight on this. I have some snapping in my right knee when I squat past about 95 degrees knee bend. It is audible and palpable...very close to the surface of the structure. SImilar to what some folks get when the IT band pops on the outside of the knee. It feels like one of the patellar ligaments snapping across the medial condyle of the femur. This has happened for a few years now with no acute injury or fall. It only does it on the eccentric portion of the squat but not concentric which I find interesting. If the knee is just passively moved throught its ROM it won't do it and the only squat variation that won't pop is a fast deck squat due to I guess decreased muscle tension. There is not much pain if any when it does this but if there is a way to stop it I would love to! It is very distracting as I like to exercise. I have done Ido's 30 minute daily squat deal for 30 days which didn't affect the snapping knee in a good or bad manner but I did like it. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hi Kit, Yesterday I worked on speed skater squats as 10 seconds on each leg then rest for 10 seconds. 5 sets. Then did cossacks 5 x 5 each leg switching legs each set. Finished with 2 sets of 10 deck squats (2 leg) and some practice with the 5 second holds in the bottom pistol position ala Maxwell. Glutes, groin, and hammies are all pretty smoked today but joints feel good. When you typed this portion I qoute below there are 5 separate "activities". Did you intend all 5 of these activities to be done 2x a week? Its a large volume of work but I need the practice...just wanted to clarify before upping the activity next session! Thanks for any help:) The deck squats were great fun, what an awesome exercise for general agility. Speed skater squats: done the way I demonstrate, work up to five sets of 30" holds Cossack squats: work your weaker leg first, and only match the reps with your stronger leg. 5 sets x 5 reps, maintaining perfect ankle alignment and going as deep as possible Once you feel comfortable with both of these, then try super-setting them: SSS followed by alternate legs Cossack Squats: you will definitely know where your glutes are the next day! Two leg deck squats: 5 sets x 10 reps; Single leg negatives: these can be increased in difficulty by increasing the weight you hold; 5 x 5, in any case Timed hold: start with five seconds x 5 on the weaker leg, and just match this on the stronger one, and do five sets of this element, too.
  3. Great feedback and cueing advice Kit. Any thoughts regarding foot width (laterally speaking...like hip width or shoulder width)? Also do you have a preference regarding the shoulders on the floor version or shoulders elevated? I usually do em with shoulder elevated as I can see how I am set up easier and get more ROM.
  4. Hi Kit, Hope this is of some help to others on the board as well. Here goes. When doing glute bridges and hip thrusts to workout, my right hamstring and adductor magnus get overworked compared to the right glute. The left side seems to work as it should with the glute and hamstring sharing the load but it could be better too regarding glute usage. HIp flexor flexibility is fairly good and even side to side so I would assume this is a motor control "glute activation" issue. I found this article on Bret's site and a useful comment you put on there. http://bretcontreras.com/abc-ask-bret-contreras-hamstring-cramping/ Anything useful to add to that worth trying to get the right glute firing more strongly, in particular regarding1) width of foot placement and 2) hip thrust versus normal shoulders on the floor bridge? I am working on the single leg squat progression from your vid and Steve Maxwell's site. Also doing learning cossacks and speed skater squats which seem to help the glute much more than the bridging/hip thrust. If Im already doing those is it still worth the time to be doing the hip thrust? Hope this makes sense, if I need to provide more clarification Ill be happy to do so. I can feel the right glute working when I put my hand on it but those hammies and adductors on that side just are trying to do too much! Thanks!