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  1. I think he has done a interesting job with the website & it is quite entertaining to me now, but yeah I had a lot of negative feelings at the start (eg he's too arrogant, have to dig to find information and click too many times etc). Material is solid and works though. He has his reasons for doing it I am sure eg marketing/make a statement/qualifying people etc etc, also is coming from a self proclaimed "position of f--- you" (like taleb/ido), so this comes across. I think his guru parody comes in part from the idea 'don't give the answer to the question someone hasn't asked'. He talks ab
  2. Hi all, been a while since I posted or spent much time here. Thinking of the community of course One of the reasons for absence is doing other stuff! One of those projects: work on my myopia. I made a couple of wrong turns at times which is all good -there are lots of bum steers out there! I believe that endmyopia.org is an amazing resource and Jake Steiner is really next level. The work there is very complementary to the "ST approach". Results wise I am 0.5 diopters down from -1.25/-1.75 to -0.75/-1.0 (and better actually a lot of the time) in a year. Seeing clearly without glasses a signif
  3. AndeL

    Just log it

    Tuesday did 100 handstands over the day. I wanted 108, but decided it is ok to settle for less. This was a great challenge, the counting over the day makes it worthwhile in itself. Last handstand was 44 seconds. Most were just finding balance and trying something, 3-10s - wanted to get some kick up practice in. Pretty informative thing really.
  4. AndeL

    Just log it

    Keeping my training really minimal. 1' wall handstand 1' hanging x5 no rest about 5 days a week. Sometimes 5x1' 1' rest if I am working in other stretching / mobility. Backbending every 7-10 days... quite a good frequency keeping things sort of happening. Today hit my goal of 5 minute hang... video not required but whatevs. https://youtu.be/1qjyglz94YY Little while back did a weekend workshop with Zenthai Shiatsu crew, totally awesome, I recommend these guys, they put on an amazing show.
  5. I had foot pain for quite a while... around the sesamoid bone. I had a scan and it showed inflammation. I did a lot of work on it, self massage/release all over the foot (quite a lot of long holds on pressure points), barefooting, foot strengthening, stretching, moving the feet trying to get more control. It lasted quite a while (from memory around ~6months). At one stage, I was wearing more normal sneakers to pad it & it was pretty distressing. All healed and much better for the experience it seems. I know people who have this type of thing stick around, so I recommend to do the work to t
  6. I think primary mode of learning is monkey see monkey do. So classes with friends which encourage full range are great (gymnastics, ballet, martial arts etc etc) & I would argue of primary importance. School seems woeful on many counts - too much sitting/reading/close work. A lot of sit down and be quiet as well. They do copy what parents do also, if the parents really value and do it with sense of fun. I recommend having rings/monkey bars/trapeze & trampoline at home, minimise screen time.
  7. I have personally observed Kit using a chair in the standard way, it was an enjoyable experience. Stretching with a little intensity of course will be good for the body that sits too much. If you sit for 8 hours a day for years and the next minute you stretch your hip flexors for 15 minutes you will be much better off (infinite gains). The best time to start stretching your hipflexors was when you were 5.5 years old. The next best time is now.
  8. AndeL

    Just log it

    Finishing the week with... It was happening on the grass, so why not on the wood?
  9. AndeL

    Just log it

    Trying to work out a strategy to get 5 minutes hanging: -one arm 30/30/20/20/10/10 -2 minutes of two arm with short one arm shakes to freshen up Total 4 minutes. This is a pretty cool little workout 2 minutes each arm, 2 minutes on two arms. Started the week in a similar vein 5x1 min hangs with 1 min rests. Then the same 5x1 with wall handstands. Proceeded to have gastro which wiped me out until now.
  10. AndeL

    Just log it

    Barre work. This stuff is awesome.
  11. AndeL

    Just log it

    Eye training going well. -focus on clouds is probably one of the best things ever, it is relaxing and infinitely interesting. For training purposes it strikes a good balance as the problem with more distinct objects is that I tend to think it should look a certain way (not the way it actually appears, which creates a feeling). -stars good too -3x36 single eye work -pairing movement/meditation/breath etc to distance Keen for the next eye test
  12. AndeL

    Just log it

    Acting on desire to dance. Did salsa class Saturday, private ballet / pilates yesterday. Three years out from first ST workshops, the desire to do is strong. Ballet bar work. Trying heavier dislocates @ 8kg 5x3, seems like a decent path. A bit more motivated to improve rings routine, which I have not added to in a long time. Though casual hanging toe point, leg raises I think is a good continuing interim thing which doesn't take energy.
  13. AndeL

    Just log it

    Backbend workout today. Need to do these +3s. Thought I could kick off the ground after doing the lower rung. Close, but no.
  14. Tones I agree with your point, but I believe showing can absolutely happen in talking and behaviour. A lot of people in my area know me (be the weirdo), they know my feet, movement, training, play, interactions with others & kids etc. As humans we take all this in. Basically all the kids at my kid's schools/kindies know of me as well, because I am pretty uninhibited in a sea of uptight rigidity. People want to lose their inhibition, is my belief. I know it is also easily achievable & it feels amazing. How much stretching (limbering/range of movement) do we see in public for instance?
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