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  1. Hello Friends, Anyone have experience with AC joint injury/separation? I had a little too much fun with side levers on the stall bars some time ago and noticed a bump on my left shoulder. No real pain, but rather discomfort, feeling something was wrong in the area of the scapula also. I tried to ease off the heavy training and see if it would heal by itself. It has gotten better but the healing seems to have stalled. I'm going to see a specialist soon but would be interested in hearing your thoughts and experiences.
  2. Thank you, I do what I can living in Sweden but longing for hot climate. Thanks for the input. Would be very interesting to hear your thoughts after trying it!
  3. Danny, you don't have to do the lean or think about the free arm's position. Instead of waiting for reincarnation maybe a good starting point for you would be the table position. Then a one arm table with free hand on chest, and take it from there. Just some thoughts.
  4. Hello! I've been playing around with some stretches to cure a certain tightness in the shoulders and arms that irritates my wrists. I found this one recently and thought I'd share it here. Some focus points: Try to keep the free arm out to your side and parallel or closer to the floor Press down into the floor and arch your back as much as you can Lean for load Hope someone here can find it helpful!
  5. Good point. It's hard to be violent though since every little move you're trying to do to put your opponent off hurts you just as much.
  6. I didn't read through the whole thread yet so I might be repeating someone's idea, but a friend and I found a funny little thing while going through the series today. In the squat version of the RollStretch, if you can fit two people on the stick, facing the same way or opposite each other, you can definitely feel more by moving independently or even doing it as a game: whoever gives up first loses. And twisting around to induce pain on your friend is permitted, it's even the whole point. Pretty fun.
  7. Had a very nice session in the September sun yesterday, first an hour of rings, then stretching and locomotion in the grass. Here are some photos from it: http://instagram.com/p/tDZr7Husq5/ http://instagram.com/p/tFhO1wusva/ Sharing some photos and clips these days since I just can't follow a program. I failed once again at being true to GB Foundation. Play is too fun.
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