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  1. interestingly enough, after going through Jason Morris Kawazu Gake material from his seminar, I have zero discomfort in my knees. I wish there were something for the slams tho #DropItLikeItsSeoiNage
  2. to anyone interested, I 've been experimenting with developing focused lower leg training for strengthening my feet for toe holds/straight ankle locks, ankles and knees for heel hooks(outside and inverted) and knee bars. here's a clip I posted up on my instagram of some of the movements i go through. nvm the jump at the end tho xD the results have been pretty super. technique trumps preparation but that little bit of wiggle room to work on escaping has been absolutely golden to practice with my training partners in prep for competition. for reference, I am a white belt under Coach Francisco Muniz and Coach Firas Zahabi of Tristar MMA Puerto Rico.
  3. aahhh, how time flies! nowadays, I jokingly say "me? a yogi? if I were, you wouldn't see me out of the Ashram!" kidding aside, microcosmic orbit / small circulation practice has been pretty staple in my "mind" training. I sense this is some of the cooler stuff that Sihin Dave W & Sihin "Mountain Hammer" Craig work in repurposing for our time within their practices. just the other day I kept going in circles about the "why" of a particular thing that was bugging me. immediately, like trumpets announcing the coming of a saviour, I heard "the entire purpose is to adapt, so that you may be re-enchanted in the ways of living in your world." relaxation IS the way we dehypnotize ourselves from habitual actions. to reach this conclusion after steering away from reading about ST only to come back full circle to it after months of intense psychology, psychometric and psychoanalysis study/research is so satisfying to my inner nerd and training geek. ST is such a great modern take on something so ancient. the word re-enchantment brought a smile to my face, as well. Dave and Craig are clearly on to something marvelous with their work. we are surely walking with people who walk the talk and talk the walk. Oss!
  4. i have seen tho one of my girls in the GST class I give have almost full pancake, front split, close to touching thefloor side splits and have a tight p.
  5. ive had a huge disparity in hamstring and adductor strength/flexibility for a huge chunk of my life. just today, i felt a non threatening readjustment of my pelvis high up close to the femur and it brought a lot of relief to my right leg. even sitting for meditation used to be uncomfortable. now for the first time ever i can sit in meditation without having a slump and feeling comfortable. before this was impossible.
  6. well, whatever this contributes (since my undertanding of anatomy is not on par with the norm here) is that seated figure four with a contraction of sinking my knee into the floor, relax, sit my glutes on the ground and repeat has had THE most significant impact on my pancake lately. ive been focusing more on front split flexibility in place of pancake for the past several months tho i occasionally visit the ROM while doing press headstand. I think a gentle introduction of piriformis + other straddle elements following front split would help. gotta check and see thought id share
  7. wow, jaja. that reminds me of one time meditating (lying down) where I started tearing up and feeling the overwhelming relief of getting something off my chest, only without having the stressful event occur. it felt nice. how did the experience make you feel, before you got worried? i would offer seeing this as the indication of what to do. i too carry tension and frequently get bursts of flexibility in intervals. everyone has more or less the same stuff, with slight variations. whats fascinating im finding, is that like in chemistry, sometimes small variations can produce different results. still, sounds like an interesting experience nothing to be alarmed about, i feel.
  8. Luke, I share craigs interest in seeing how you progress with gb, st, parkour + daoism. i've been practicing qi gong for a while and i practiced it especially during a time I was active on my bike and everytime I ride mine, i feel a great connection to it. I've been slacking since i started jiu jitsu and feel i could really use the breath work. i can keep calm for a while, but after a certain point just like breaking the 15-30min meditation barrier, i feel myself get very anxious and loose focus. i should get back to practicing. its been a while since ive been back on the saddle and heating up my room.
  9. i'll take the post repatterning numb feeling after coming out of long stretch over the drawn out dull ache of a joint left withouth a surplus of movement capacity any day. especially the shoulder stretches! my right shoulder loves them
  10. Alex I experience a pain in especially my right shoulder after going to hard ro heavy on weighted shoulder mobility. i found one stretch that relieved this area substantially after a couple minutes accumulated total. once i can post from my comp, ill take a picture and edit it onto this post.
  11. no wonder! i had purchased all of the mastery series from Kit and didnt see them on vimeo last i logged on. lame!
  12. morswin, my full squat has definitely helped me learning the bicep ride transitions between a few guards, just gotta keep working on piriformis passive and active flexibility to be able to snake my legs like those miyao guys! inapired to hear another brother taking up ST flexibility for the mats btw, stretching out the trapz and the pike program is pretty good stuff for getting comfy while inverted, aside from getting inverted while grappling.
  13. i'd go for everything Kit has out hip related. as emphasis for rolling, piriformis for sure. im not very good at piriformis stretches but working on them during pancake stretch days really helps me for those awkward moments my butterfly hooks fail to sweep the guy and he ends up on top of me with my leg externally rotated. i've seen this helps me also for developing butterfly, halfguard, also getting my knee in the right place when someones passing my guard. not a lot of people have strength in this position and when I do get passed, i've felt my knee get very uncomfortable. so i focus on this one particular spot for that reason, aside from working on my calves for foot lock, heel hook protection. the instep stretch particularly from the pike series has been a nice way to limber up before rolling because my friends do go for foot locks. still figuring out how to stretch out the right spots for heel hooks though.
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