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  1. Dear Kit, Thank you very much for your great advice. I hope to report back in some weeks of time for any improvement of my elbow. Yes, I mean my elbow. When I try to (fixing) traight my right arm and lock the elbow. I can "feel" the bones (Humerus & Ulna?) making contact at the elbow joint, which (I think) is the "reason" that stop the hyperextension of the elbow. According to your kind suggestion of doing the biceps' stretch on the floor, does it means the extension restriction of my elbow is due to the shortening of biceps? Then for the flexion restriction, would it be possible due to the shortening of triceps? Would any photos of my elbow be able to specify the situation? Thank you very much for your time and kind consideration.
  2. Dear Kit, I learn very much from your books and videos. Thank you very much. Here is my problem: my right elbow has the tennis elbow syndrom and I have stopped playing tennis for a few years. Now, the pain is almost vanished. However I cannot fully straight my right hand, about a few degrees less compared to my left hand. Besides, when I try to do a forward punch, I can feel the like of bone to bone contact which stop the full straightening of my right hand. Moreover, when I bend the elbow, I cann't touch my shoulder with my thumb, again, I can do it on my left side. When I press the bended elbow trying to increase the flexion, I feel pain in the elbow. Therefore, the mobility of my right elbow is largely reduce and also affecting other stretching activities, such as the "Cow Face" yoga pose. I would like to know how Stretch Therapy can help fixing the elbow mobility. Thank you very much.
  3. Hello Kit, This series of videos are so great. Well, I have a question that might not be so related to flat feet but I hope to know how you see the problem in your perspective. The problem is that the heels of my shoes are always worn on outside (left side of the left heel, right side of the right heel). The uneveness can be as much as ~10 mm. Is there any way to change the way of my walking and fix the problem? Thank you very much.
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