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  1. Good evening kit Hope you're uk trip went well, heard all good things from Regan and Christine. I wondered if it would be ok to ask you to remind us of something you mentioned on an mg workshop in relation to squat's. I recall you going into some detail about the benefits of a full squat (all the way down) over a half squat, ie squatting only as far ad a 90 degree angle at the knees. You mentioned something about it and I made perfect sense. If you have 5 minutes spare could you elaborate again. in the past doing half aquats has killed my knees, my knees don't like half squats at all (yes there was alignment). Personally i never do them with clients. But was interested in your take on how holding weight at a 90 degree squat effects the knee Jade and Nolan
  2. great reading and educational as always, what i'm most curios about is the 'pancake' this is new to me. Hoping you share this in March Kit Jade stretchtherapyspain.com
  3. I have been apprached by a massage therapist specialising in lymph drainage who has lots of recovering cancer patients. She wants me to work with a lady who has had a mastectomy, has fibrosis, limited arm movement, but otherwise healthy, fit, and does some pilates. She has deep fibrosis in the chest and ribs. She is having lymph drainage massage but long term physical imbalances have developed and a shoulder-drop on the affected side. Also with irradiated neck she has terrible trouble with neck rotators There are other women in her group that have the same or similar issues and the therapist would like to combine ST work with hers for this group. The prevailing philosophy in the treatment of lymphedema is go slow and it is very important not to irritate or cause inflammation in any therapy because this then overloads the lymphatic system and aggravates the lymphedema. But, I think that if we could stretch the fibers, fascia and muscles and then directly after treat with MLD (lymph draainage massage) - which by its very nature is anti-inflammatory - we could get positive results. Should we try? i already have thought about what particular stretches to do but would welcome anymore pro imput before I take this any further. Any input, suggestions or recommendations?
  4. Noted and implemented, the shoulder contraction is very, very helpful. Also the positioning of the foot greatly improves the sense of feeling secure and solidly positioned in this stretch as when I do this solo in the class people often reprot feeling unstable, this will help immensely.
  5. I would have to disagree whole heartedly with the article. For many reasons, but though there may or may not be an absence of ´statistical or scientific´data, there is the presence of common sense, and in my experience and knowledge, using an educated common sense approach often produces better choices in application than scientific data (which I know as a previous scientist of psychology that ´data´is often flawed and most often finds the results it sets out to seek). I´d have question anyone's motive in not wanting to promote work that makes a body more flexible so that it moves more freely and efficiently ... even if it doesn´t shave 5 mins of a run, swim or cycle ... it sure does feel good (well Kit´s method does) ... science gripe over. In my experience, tri athletes mainly neglect a stretch program because they already do so much training that they they report not having the time to fit stretching in. And in order to do SOME stretching they tend to engage in stretching that is dated, minimal and methods that achieve nothing worthwhile and fail to improve ROM or address alignment. It doesn´t then take a genius to discover that this type of application of 'stretching' improves nothing. Had this scientific study used Stretch Therapy as it´s control group, very different results may have been recorded. Though I have convinced a handful in the last 2 years to try, which they have come for 2 classes at the most and then drop it due to time factors. One of 2 have then reported that it didn´t help them after this ... Hello! However, I have worked with 2 triathletes recently and one retired (retired due to pain etc) and of the 2 still competing who took the time to attend consistently reported the following: No noticeable differences in times after regular stretch classes. However, less discomfort experienced after training, less pain and soreness after competition and as a result they were able to maintain their training programs with out have to take time off the recover from back pain etc. In addition, the retired triathlete (who was in a concrete like mess as a result of such intense training in this sports with no true stretch program) began to rapidly feel much more comfortable in his body, regained movement and has said to myself and many others, that if he had discovered this method of stretching WHILST he was in competition and training he would have been able to compete for longer. I would therefore say that the proof is in the pudding and not the Statistics. I´ve never claimed to any athlete that I work with that this work will improve their times / performance but by addressing biomechanic issues and limited flexibility (where flexibility is needed) they will be more comfortable in their bodies while performing and pain associated with their sport will lessen as a result. My clients who are half marathon runners always send me their times when they are away on races. The times are consistent but what they always report is things like ' my knees did not hurt at all after´... ´I wasn´t laid up with lower back pain like I normally am´... etc etc Also, the article makes no reference to type of stretching that has been studied. I´m not going to claim at all that stretching improves performance in triathletes (though I know in many cases of other sports it does), but surely if a body is performing with less pain, better biomechanics and recovering with less pain after races then surely this permits training to continue, less recovery time is needed to recover from pain. When this is the case training can resume more quickly and even more intensely. Would common sense then imply then that performance can improve if training can resume ??
  6. Tucking the tail has become so automatic for me in my own training and when teaching. However, over the summer I traded a 6 week block of my classes with a local Pilates Guru for 6 weeks of hers. During her sessions she was constantly putting my lower in back in, what she deemed, a neutral spine, for certain exercises. I told her on each occasion this was straining on my lower back, that I could not engage my TA or my glutes fully. She insisted this was correct but could give little reason as to why other than explaining that this was the neutral spine and my lower back needed that curve, so simply explaining what it was but no rational as to why. I couldn´t figure it out either ... I just knew it hurt! So I went along as she promised the pain I was experiencing would go away once my lower back muscles had adjusted from what she referred to as ´my bad habit´´ (thus referring to my tail tuck in certain exercises). But it didn´t go away and my back become daily painful, my glutes weren´t active and it just felt all wrong. I discussed this with her trying ascertain her bio mechanical reasons for this position, but she could not provide any. I noticed other ladies in the classes (who had been going for months) had no glutes or core stability even after going to classes twice a week for a year in a couple of cases) Then it came to her attending my 6 weeks of classes using the tail tuck. She protested but did it anyway and i pointed out to her that even if she flattened her back completely against the wall and shot an x-ray from the side she would still have that natural curve in the lower spine. She continued with my 6 week program as agreed. At the end of the 6 weeks she made no complaints of lower back pain, I personally saw an improvement from TA activation. Sadly despite all this she was still not convinced and I was somewhat disappointed in myself as, like her, I could not not voice the bio mechanical reasons for the tail tuck, I just knew that it worked. I did however, explain that tucking the tail activated TA, Glutes and protected the lower back (and it was the biomechanics of protecting the lower back that I could not explain). So, could the rational behind the tail tuck and it´s reference to protecting the lower back be explained a bit more scientifically? I know if works, i´ve seen it and felt it and had the back pain from the wrong way to prove it. But when asked again I would like to be able to give a bit more science to it ....... cue KIT ! Incidentally and in contrast the the PIlates classes I attended my clients have great glute activation and core, manifesting in a matter of a few weeks and the effect of significantly noticeable and also felt by my clients, a couple also report disappearance of niggling lower back pain. I´d also like to add that there are some Pilates teachers out there that are turned on to the tail tuck method and have great classes.
  7. A picture paints a thousand words. Photo´s from Stretch Teacher workshop Hege Tovik, physio therapist from Luxembourg What an opener - Clare Brown, Pilates teacher, Nottingham UK Alia Al-Yafi - Pilates teacher, Texas, USA Anja Brinkman - Yoga teacher and artist, Germany Tone Ostreim Frostad - Rock climber and Padel player, Norway Alina White - English teacher, Romania Nolan Foster, MG instructor, Stretch teacher, FIFA referee Alicante, Spain Miss O in action
  8. Jade L sit ... you have no idea how much excitement I have over being able to do this! Tone rocking this How´s this for an MG studio ??? shoulder mobility work down on San Juan playa (a dunk in the ocean on coffee breaks ... lovely The future´s so bright ... i gotta wear shades ... MG beach style baby ! No walls, no limits Studio with walls ... optional
  9. Stretch Teacher course is going amazingly well. Day 3 of 5 starts today and oh boy do I feel loose (and flipping knackered lol). There are so many great shots of progress in people to show. We have shoulder pains that are years old disappear, people who never touched their feet have their hands on the floor. Back pains and leg pains disappearing ... it has truly been mind blowing. I will d o a full write up with the pictures I post after the workshop but I can honestly say that every person on the workshop is releasing years of built up tension patterns and literally remaking the body. Little fact to keep you going. Every 7 years you have an entire new body because every single cell is replaced with a new one. We literally have an entire new body every 7 years. So why then do wrinkles and old injuries, aches and pains persist ? ... it´s because we don´t change the patterns of tension, stress and emotion held in the body and the brain and so the memory continues to exist and passes it onto the new generated cells. When we release, alter and correct these patterns with stretching then these old injuries and tension maps are literally forgotten from the brain and the cell memory. We truly can make a new a better body as we progress in years ... In fact ... hold that thought 'PROGRESS in years' ... we don´t have to 'age' ... we really can PROGRESS in years. So start telling your self that next time you find yourself thinking about aging. You can switch that thought pattern. Jade Day 4 - rest day ... or so I thought ! So today I´m am feeling my upper body soooo much. The traditional words used to describe would normally be sore, achy etc. But it´s beyond this, i´m not going to call it soarness because that doesn´t seem to justify the work, I´m changing my perception on this because it is such a welcome feeling. My entire upper body has come into my awareness, everything so so switched on and feelings in the muscles are telling me they are still alive and active. When you are innactive nothing feels 'sore' because nothing feels, your body becomes dormant and you disconnect from it. This feeling from just 3 days so alive and connected and aware. I love it. Day 5 and 6 still to come ... and photo´s of course
  10. First ever MG workshop in Spain, Alicante ... and what a venue ... THE BEACH ! First day of Kit Laughlin workshop ... WOW, eye opening as well as body opening. So much learning taking place and so much to share ... watch this space after the course. But if I had to choose 3 words now to describe it so far '' powerful, efficient, essential !! '' Second Day So the Strength & Flexibility / monkey gym course is now complete and now we are looking forward to Monday´s workshop that will focus on the flexibility component more. What I am about to say about this S&F course, which we have just completed, does no justice what so ever in describing the true brilliantness of this man's work. Even though I am a stretch teacher (S&F), this is the first time I have done the MG course with Kit Laughlin, and once again this man has come into my world and knocked me sideways with his brilliance, knowledge, his ability to transform any body and show people the true capability of their physical self once it is educated in real movement. Now let me tell you something. I am already a very physically aware person who is well tuned into my own body and connected with it. But what I am experiencing today can only be described as feeling a seriously deep, cellular embedded education that has taken place through every cell in my body. I was going to say my body felt alive but it is so much more than this, it has transcended beyond this feeling ... (and it managed to dust off a bunch of emotional crap that was sitting in my muscles too and has made me feel so liberated physically and mentally). I have never felt so awake and real in every joint, muscle or bone as I do today. I do feel sore but it´s such a reassuring feeling that everything is switched on and active, and it just wants more. Even though my body has been put through some of the most challenging of movements and holds that I have ever experienced, I still felt completely safe in every second because my body was constantly giving me the message that 'this feels right and so I will do this for you' . The key ingredient in this feeling has to be the focus on the alignment component. Alignment in strength work can only ever feel right. This work truly is the safest, most effective, most efficient and brilliant strength training that you will ever experience in your life ... I guarantee this with 100% belief in it. My words here simply can not describe the true brilliantness of this work and every single day I know more and more that changing my career to teach this was absolutely the right thing, and my goal is to share this with anyone willing to feel and look better ... in fact forget looking better as the primary goal, this happens any way as a pleasant side effect. Even though my body is looking stronger and more flexible, this isn´t even as half rewarding as the internal feeling I get from this work. As with everything in life the only true understanding is gained through experience and my words here have only given you peek into this world. Jade
  11. I find the nausea set in with me when I´m doing stretches with the shoulder (which is where most of my tightness is held and needless to say emotional baggage ) when I really decided to work on this area recently and drive past my fears of it I experienced a range of feelings from nausea, tearfullness, anger) my advice to myself when this happens is to try and stay up right for at least a few minutes, breath through it and most definitely allow it to move through me and try NOT to swallow it back down. I also find that when this kind of break through happens with me I lay down very still and quiet and simply allow myself to process it. I don´t try to understand it, question it or even label it. I´m simply allow the process of freeing what ever it was to happen. I don´t resist anything that comes up, i just allow to move through me. When I take this processing time I can experience visions of different pictures in my mind, emotions, smells even some times. Again, I don´t question any this just allow it to process, relax and enjoy the clam that then follows. Re the client's jaw tightness, I have a lady with the same issue. She came to me complaining of constant neck pain in the front but mostly down the sides. It was evident that her jaw was incredibly tight. And so we have worked on releasing the jaw a lot, this release has definitely resonated down the neck and consequently her recurrent neck pain of a reported 20 years has started to subside.
  12. Brilliant PDF downloads, Nolan has been itching to get his hands on these. Hopefully we´ll get to see some of these people on the full ST workshop in Spain, i´m sure you inspired them to do full work shops. So pleassed that it went so well for you all x
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