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  1. MTB Back on the (metaphorical) horse Monday - Cornubia. Did three laps of each of the Blue trails. Again, tried to take it relatively easy, but also slowly build intensity and commitment. A little tentative, I have to admit. But shoulder held up well. Wednesday (this morning) - Nerang. Hit each of the gravity enduro (really Blue XC) trails. Same same, re: intensity and commitment. Wet and slippery this morning, so difficult to gauge against usual efforts. Quite unexpectedly quick on one of the trails, and not too shabby on the others. Missed the turn-off from
  2. Bit late with the update, partly for reasons that will become apparent. MTB Riding has had its ups and downs Friday - Castle Hill. My first time out there, and I loved it. They have 4 Black Trails heading from (almost) the same spot at the top of the hill, and each meet at the bottom at the skills park. Two each on either side of the central fire trail used for climbing. Very sensible layout. Trails are all quite short, but lots of fun. Will be back, and probably race there later in the year. Sunday - Nirvana (Trail) at Daisy Hill. Final skills course sessi
  3. Same with nutrition (my partner is in the final year of her Nutrition/Dietetics Honours degree). Minimal funding combined with the fact that good research in the field is very expensive.
  4. MTB Consistent riding continues: Sunday - Cornubia. Skills Workshop session 3 of 4. Lots of reasonably technical climbing and descending. One of my regular haunts, so I knew all of the trails quite well. Not my greatest day out, to be honest. While my riding was quite fluid when left to my own devices, I had a few struggles when we stopped and focused on specific sections of trail, that required focus on correspondingly specific coaching points. My brain/body often seems to go to mush when I try to focus on specifics rather than allowing everything to flow. Possibly need to
  5. Same here, but only on one side. This works for me, for the side on which I cannot maintain proper form. The mere intention to reach my butt towards the ground engages and allows the deepening of the stretch.
  6. A little late with what had become the weekly update. MTB Good week. Have ridden 3 days, in addition to a catch-up day on Sunday Sunday - Cornubia. Christened the new full-face helmet. Little hot, little restricted in breathing, but not too bad. Hard day, climbs wore me out. Tuesday - Plunkett. Technical climbing. Had a crack at climbing three separate routes up to Wickham peak. Regular failures to maintain traction and/or momentum, but overall pretty good. Hard work. Had a GREAT descent down the big rocks on the way down and out. Wednesday -
  7. MTB Still minimal riding lately. Combination of last week's lock-down, awful sleep, another extended period of pouring rain. Only ride since last Wednesday, was a short loop at Reedy Creek, local to work (still in the office on Wednesdays). Full-face helmet arrived. Have not yet had a chance to use it. Maybe Friday at Cornubia. Mobility Still getting in the odd Daily Five. Bit of squat practise. Tried some cossack squats the other day. Holy wake-up call. Much lost mobility there. Strength Continued on Monday. Might back-up tomorrow; but pending sle
  8. There is a LOT of information in this review. But with respect to the ubiquity of deficiency, this is interesting: https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/13/4/1136/htm Not terribly surprising really. A typical western diet is likely to be deficient, at best. But with intensive farming practises, mono-cropping etc, the quality of soils is leading to ever-lower levels of nutrients. This will also have a flow-on effect to the animals that eat the nutrient-deficient plant material. Yet another reason to source, wherever logistically and financially possible, a wide range of quality f
  9. MTB Long Hill Reps last Friday - 4 x 8' ascent w/ 5' descent recovery. Fitness is pretty good in comparison with when I was training more regularly last year. Quite surprised. Also tackled the rocky descent at Plunkett on the way back to the car. First time I've cleaned it the entire way down. Actually felt almost "easy". Went out to the local trails yesterday. They are very raw "pirate trails". Ridiculously hard work. Only travelled 5.5km in about 1h23m. But around 319m+ ascent, most of which was hike-a-biking, due to very steep and slippery (loose rocky) terrain. Had a
  10. MTB Got my bike back from the shop last Thursday. Unfortunately, life (dad duties, mostly) then interjected, and I have been unable to get out on it until yesterday. First ride back on the new bike yesterday at Nerang. It has been raining buckets for days, so most of the single track trails are closed and/or too fragile to be ridden. So, I had intended to do some hill reps on the fire-trail. Tore a hole in the rear tyre on the 1st descent, so only managed 1 rep out of 4, before hike-a-biking back to the car. Ugh. Tried to plug the hole, but it didn't take. Played around
  11. I feel this! We bought our first home almost 5 (?) months ago, and we're still slowly settling in. Rad setup! I am quite envious of your stall bars. I bought dowel to make some about... 6 (?) or so years ago, but held off because I didn't want to have to make a standalone structure. Back on the TODO list now we have a place of our own, but it is such a long TODO list. Support (on top) and hanging with false grip (from below) are probably your two biggest bangs for buck, to begin with. We have had some great discussions about training for a ring muscle-up on the forums.
  12. All that said, you would probably benefit (systemically and specifically) from most everything in "Mastering Shoulder Flexibility".
  13. I second this. My ex-wife is a belly dancer. I used to play around with some of the isolation movements, because they're fun. Chest circles, belly rolls etc, are very foreign movements to most people's bodies. Such will be awkward and stiff, until you "wake up" your musculature and nervous system enough for it to start listening to what you're telling it to do. That is not to say that you won't have mobility restrictions that prevent a full range of motion. You probably do. Only that consistent regular practise of the movement(s) is what will give you the greatest gains. Sa
  14. MTB Bike is still in the shop. Apart from the skills workshop on Sunday, I only got out on the old bike once since last Wednesday (this morning). Workshop on Sunday was all about log overs. Hopping, bump jumps, drops. Went reasonably well, despite being on the old bike. Exhausting though.. Hit Nerang this morning. Very hard work, especially with all the rain we've been getting. The always rooty, rocky Nerang becomes very slippery in the wet. The ancient geometry and small wheels on the old bike all make it that much harder. Lots of lost traction. Still, good practise
  15. MTB New bike is in the shop being serviced. Started the skills workshop on Sunday, only to find the dropper post no longer worked. Not great timing considering we were working on jump technique. Tried to fix it on Monday with no success. Also tried to reset the sag in my rear suspension only to have a shock pump failure that caused all the air to be released. Anyway, that is now the bike shop's problem. Hopefully fixed and serviced by Friday (almost had it 6 months, so it was about due). Hit the local (to work) trails at Reedy Creek again this morning. First ride on the old
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