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  1. Yep daily practise is the plan. Definitely feeling good from this and nightly lying practise. I'll report come the retreat
  2. Haha very cunning you are. To be honest one I made up. I do some waking practises including your spinal waves. Then take the cues from your standing post post on Dave's blog and combined that with breath awareness and yogamana's body awareness work. Then end using tension and relaxation ideas like the one you showed on the first day at the workshop. Obviously could be improved but just got to do it before worrying about the technicalities.
  3. Thanks for the reply Craig. Definitely creates some interesting sensations that feel lovely. Looking forward to exploring this Ps this is Adrien from Sydney at the workshop a month ago to add some context.
  4. Hi Kit Interesting you mention bouncing on your feet in this context. I've started working on bouncing (or jumping for clarity) in positions of stretch such as Cossack and forward lunges. Very interesting for developing that springiness you and Craig discuss.
  5. Hey Craig. It's interesting that hot sensation you speak of. I've started a standing practise upon rising and it's definitely a noticeable shift in temperature with no apparent effort. Any ideas why?
  6. Hey Kit Just wanted to drop a thanks in for that earlier post. Definitely a clear explanation of the elements I need to work on. Regards Adrien Lalchere
  7. Thanks for the replies Olivia and Kit. Olivia- I completely agree with avoiding imbalances. I will be working at this but time constraints might dictate having some elements pull ahead in the short term and then maintaining them while bringing the body back into balance. Kit- No problem. Here are my very basic attempts at breaking up some body part/stretches per each of the elements. Planche: Hip Flexors/ Hip Extension (both legs together and legs in straddle). Toe Point. Front Lever: Spinal Extension/Bridge. Hip Flexors. Shoulder Flexion Manna: Hip Flexion (legs straight in straddle or pike). Shoulder Extension. Spinal Flexion. Handstands: Straddle Pancake/Pike for press work. Hip Flexors, Toe point, Wrists, OH shoulder/Lats for stacking Push: Pecs, Tris, Scap retraction/protraction, anterior Delts Pull: Lats, Bis, Posterior Delts, Scapular Depression Elevation. Sqt work: Ankles, Feet, Quads (knee flexion), Glutes Things missing: Spinal Rotation/Lateral Flexion, Hip Rotation and legs across midline stretches, Shoulder rotation, Neck work. Hope this list was of some use. Can't wait to see the finish product.
  8. Hello to everyone on the forum After recently completing a Building the Gymnastic Body Seminar that included a Stretch Therapy module, i thought I would ask here how people think ST could best be used to benefit gymnastics. Kit showed us a variety of great stretches and recommended 1 day of real stretching per week. Just wondering what people would think would be appropriate stretches to choose and what order would be they should be done in. I realise this would be fairly individual but hearing some ideas would be nice. Currrently I would be looking to include the hip flexors, piriformis, behind the back shoulder stretch, bridge stretch, straddle pancake stretch and calve/hamstring work for my pike. If anyone has any advice or experiences to share that would be more than appreciated. Regards Adrien Lalchere
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