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  1. Day 22, B x 30 x bodyweight, in garage in Coff's Harbour. We drove 1,100km today
  2. Days 18–20, maintenance only, Day 21, SLSS In today's SLSSs, I raised the aerobic step by one support each set. Except for the last set, the alternating leg approach was used. 5 x bodyweight from floor 5 x bodyweight from step, then off step and one support, then step and two supports 5 x R leg off back deck step (these are about 350mm high), then 5 x L leg. Using the supports makes you lean forward more than the floor-level SLSSs, and this has two effects, for me: one, the posterior chain is significantly more involved, and two, balance is easier. Slowing down the descent really works the glutes, too. The three of us are driving back to Queensland today to bring Sea Biscuit back. I expect to be at sea for four or five days. Squats will be done!
  3. Kit_L

    Joe's Joint

    I pretty much demonstrate how to do this on every workshop I present... especially for the ankles. We call it "joint distraction", to suggest the pulling vector that this technique always introduces, and this vector slightly increases joint space—but it can feel like a "miracle". It is a core idea in RollStretch, something I designed way before the current wave of interest in fascia. We were on this way before Kelly S., too. But there is only so many hours in the day! If @Nathan offers workshops this year (which I will be pushing him to do :)) you might consider attending.
  4. No doubt! So, now you have a clearer idea on 'how hard is too hard". This is how this works. And in that position, we are having to control many forces; it is a complex task. I recommend getting back into that stretch as soon as you can; but make sure your weight is partially supported, so you can stop before going too far. Feel how that place above the knee feels—with luck, all you experienced was a bit of fascial creep. And that video you linked to (Tom Merrick's one): there is almost no extension in his back leg's hip. In my view, it's much better to work on that (hip extension) to be able to distribute the task between both legs; this way the standing lunge becomes an excellent strengthening exercise as well.
  5. Day 17, Been a big few days; two parents in hospital. Much time spent in full squat position, waiting for things to unfold; a few bodyweight squats, and again much driving. Today, I returned to the SLSS, but I did them off an aerobics step, and really enhanced the slow, last part of the movement where the quads' leverage rapidly diminishes, and the glutes' increases. All done alternating legs. The step definitely makes you work harder IF you slow down, just like weighted squats. (5 x bodyweight) x 2 (5 x 8Kg) x 2 5 x bodyweight to finish
  6. Kit_L

    Nathan's Nook

    Master the box bridge first (feet elevated), if you are not already doing this; done as recommended, this takes all the compression out of the lower back. Please post the occasional pic.!
  7. Kit_L

    Nathan's Nook

    There it is: the mark of a mature practise. And the main reason we do not favour follow-along classes, even our own. Once you know what you are doing, just get down there and see what the body wants. Go to a real class if you want inspiration or something new, or to be made to do what you need, but what the body doesn't want! Hahahaha!
  8. Day 14 Back to SLSS today. Concentrated on really slow, esp. the last 25%. Same with lifting from bottom position. (10 (5 x 5 alternating legs) x bodyweight) x 2 sets 5 x bodyweight R leg + 5 x bodyweight L leg 10 (5 x 5 alternating legs) x bodyweight Searching on YT revealed that the SLSS is considered a shrimp squat variant by some. In time I will elevate the working leg on an aerobic step (about 3.5").
  9. Most people can tolerate a moderate height difference between heel and ball of foot, but full-length inserts have the problems you described in your OP. Much written about that here; use the search function to find the relevant posts. Use the recommended, and free, relaxation scripts, every day. And unravelling "one piece at a time" is the best way by far, and likely to have permanent effects.
  10. Kit_L

    Joe's Joint

    Which exercise are we talking about here? :)
  11. Day 13; the SLSs did not happen B x bodyweight x 60; that got the pulse going!
  12. Day 12 (really a day off, but a few token squats) S x bodyweight x 25 Tomorrow's plan is SLS of many types!
  13. Day 11, still travelling Driveway squats today (I like the angle of the concrete) V. slow baithaks B x bodyweight + Liv's bag and computer (!) x 30
  14. Day 10; haven't been writing up—been driving instead. Lightning trip to Canberra and back to spend time with a parent. B x bodyweight x 30
  15. Kit_L

    Shaping the body; adjusting the mind

    Please just do the YT jaw sequence from time to time. Many many dentists have said many many things, but only some of them are accurate. Bite is only a function of the balance of forces around the TMJ; and that is 100% under your control, in time.