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  1. Hi Craig, Thanks for including this type of work. I'm really enjoying the ever evolving nature of ST, particularly this functional style of stretch. My class is going to LOVE this tomorrow night Hol x
  2. Have used that video for our students too, Kit, thank you. It's a like a special message from you, direct to our students (or potential students). All very helpful, thank you.
  3. "This is what I came up with for my upcoming classes for Crossfitters. I have called it Stretch Mobility, because mobility is a buzzword Crossfitters will understand and secondly I do not yet feel I can offer anyone therapy." -Danny Love it! I love the use of the term 'mobility' with Stretch. It can also appeal to a wider or more specific range of people. Also allows exploration of other classes and programs, say a 2-4week program of Neck & Shoulder Stretch Mobility, Hip and Lower Back Stretch Mobility, etc Good explanation too, Danny. Thanks for joining the conversation and contributing.
  4. As part of our commitment to growing the ST community, we have an exciting opportunity for fellow Stretch Teachers. If you're aspiring to teach your own classes, either on your own or for a studio but find the idea a little daunting, we may have just the thing. Develop your confidence and gain experience teaching classes with a Stretch Teacher Intership with Bodyline Health. We'll help you build confidence and put the skills you learned at the workshop to the test to get you class ready. You'll get exposure to many aspects involved in being a stretch teacher and running your own classes; from building your following to promoting your classes right through to class planning and of course, actual teaching experience with a qualified Stretch Teacher working right next to you. Internships are 5 wks and available in Adelaide and the Barossa Valley. To learn more, please contact me via h.hicks@bodylinehealth.com.au Holly PS. Our business is growing and we're on the lookout for talented, dedicated Stretch Teachers to join us. Please get in touch if this sounds like a movement you'd love to be a part of (see what I did there.. With the pun..hehehee!)
  5. Hey Andrew, have you looked at pec major/minor/ subscap/ teres/ lat dorsi (basically chest/ anterior shoulder region)? May need to release these areas to assist in a) relieving upper back but also prevent from re-occuring....
  6. This is great, thanks for posting Kit & Liv. Would love to see more! Am really enjoying the dynamic/ mobility style. Looking forward to incorporating some of these themes into this Term's classes! Thank you!
  7. Hi guys! We're in need of a ST for 3 x classes/ week commencing (wk beg) 5/5/14! The 3 x classes/ week are just the start. We have many exciting plans for the right candidate! For all enquiries or to refer someone you think may be suitable, please contact me on 0429 825 549 or email h.hicks@bodylinehealth.com.au Thank you! Holly Hicks Bodyline Health Int. www.bodylinehealth.com.au
  8. Hi Ben, Thanks for putting these up, they're fantastic and very helpful. I get a few enquiries here in Adelaide re: Monkey gym but don't have a) a monkey gym or b ) much equipment so this is especially helpful. Please keep it coming! Thanks, Holly
  9. Oh, P.P.S. Thanks for popping the article up here again Kit. Have a few referrers on board now, thanks to that article
  10. Hi Ali! Great to hear from you! Congrats on starting your classes, that's fantastic! I ran into one of the students from our Sydney course last weekend and she has found it very difficult to get started and has pretty well given up. Made me feel sad because although it's really tough initially and it definitely takes time, eventually it gets enough momentum to become viable. Poor Kit & Liv (and the rest of the online ST community) - I've asked the most random, possibly novice-like annoying questions on here but everyone's been really supportive and hopefully there are others who have the same questions, just haven't asked yet. So, I shall continue asking my random questions and hopefully that helps you too! Remember to ask random ones of your own! Good luck Ali. I wish you all the best with your ST career. Holly x P.S. 2 things I have learned - persistence and consistent execution
  11. Hi guys, Is there a directory that exists anywhere to refer to stretch teachers interstate (and even o/seas)? I've been getting lots of requests from visitors who want to take up classes in their areas. The most recent is Mandurah, WA: does anyone know a ST in the area? Thanks team! X
  12. Hi David & Kit, Thanks for asking that question, David. I wouldn't have thought about it in as much detail had you not posed the question. Kit, thank you for including the link for the Schroth Method; very interesting and makes perfect sense. I'll be able to include these principals in my own practice (both classes and clinically) - I'll be buying that book. Hol
  13. Hi Rachid, First of all, I watched your video, some very impressive work! I'm not 100% sure but I have personally experienced a very similar sensation early on. As a remedial therapist, I often find this is a partcularily stiff area for me as well. I found that the more spinal stretching I was doing was awesome initially but made me really stiff the next day. It was shirt lived though (the stiffness) and the eventual release of the spinal muscles outweighed the day-later stiffness. What I discovered was my spinal muscles were so tight, once these were released (through stretching), i almost seemed to 'destabilise' my spine, thereby transferring the load more onto my facet joints and spine itself as well as other muscles that had 'forgotten' how to work. This meant I had to re- discover what should be working Vs what was actually working (muscular-wise). In my case, it seemed to be a significant muscular imbalance that, over time and practice, has reconfigured itself. I'm now much free-er and don't get to the same level of stiffness I used to experience. I hope this has made some sense to you or has been useful in some way. I'm sure other ST's will jump in with their ideas also. Keep me posted with what you find out. Holly
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